Video Games Dunnit!

Last week’s synagogue shooting in the German city of Halle was caused by… video games! Among other things.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this video commentary, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   The killing spree in Halle is still producing a few inconsistencies. Was the perpetrator alone?
00:09   Supposedly there were reports that there were several perpetrators.
00:13   Where did the €700 [$770] Bitcoin donation to him come from?
00:17   And what about the ZDF cameraman who filmed the whole thing? Watch the video from Oliver Janich.
00:25   So not only does that seems to be unclear, but now also his motive.
00:28   According to the Badische Zeitung, the anti-Semitic motives
00:31   are made obvious by the video recordings. However, Stephan B. has clearly
00:36   distanced himself from being a neo-Nazi. His lawyer Hans-Dieter Weber quotes his client as follows:
00:42   “You don’t have to be a neo-Nazi to be an anti-Semite”.
00:46   And that’s absolutely true. JournalistenWatch has posted a few magazine covers from Der Spiegel
00:50   showing evidence that the mainstream media generally hates Israel.
00:53   Left extremists have a hatred for Israel, too.
00:56   They are violent, and aren’t necessarily known for being able to differentiate
00:59   between the state of Israel and Jews, either.
01:02   Accordingly, the perpetrator could also clearly see himself as a left-wing extremist.
01:06   Not only does the motive seem to be unclear but now the cause as well.
01:10   And as with every shooting rampage in Germany since the ’90s, you guessed right:
01:14   it’s computer games that are to blame.
01:18   And that’s why Horst Seehofer now wants gamers monitored.
01:24   You whore! Take that! Eat that! YEAHHH, I killed him!
01:28   On the one hand, he created a giant s***storm for himself.
01:31   Even Rezo (German YouTuber supported by the German MSM) criticised him.
01:34   On the other hand, the hashtag “Gamers Are Trash” has been trending.
01:37   “Gamers Are Trash” is about drawing attention to the fact
01:41   that there are massive problems in this scene, and not to insult every single gamer.
01:45   The fact that you’re only getting upset about that
01:49   and not about the actual problem simply proves that you are trash.
01:52   A really crazy statement from the so-called Flour Princess.
01:55   So a member of the JuLis (Young Liberals) switched out a few words
01:59   to show how radical her statement actually is.
02:02   “Muslims Are Trash” is about drawing attention to the fact
02:06   that there are massive problems in this culture and not to insult every single Muslim.
02:10   The fact that you’re only getting upset about that
02:13   and not about the actual problem simply proves that you are trash.
02:16   You could also exchange “Muslims” with a few other words, so another twitter user did that.
02:21   Sure. Men are trash, gamers are trash, and just recently my mother became trash because
02:25   she doesn’t like gender stars. The best part is that leftists are
02:28   shooting themselves in the foot because they distract from the actual debate.
02:32   In general you can say that games kill and we have millions of potential murderers among us.
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