Truck Jihad in Limburg an der Lahn

On Monday evening a man driving a stolen truck went on a rampage in the German city of Limburg, running into a number of other vehicles and causing seventeen injuries. Since the alleged perpetrator’s name is Mohammed (giving the incident a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%), and he is alleged by one or more eyewitnesses to have mentioned “Allah”, we may safely label the accident as an instance of vehicular jihad.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the incident published yesterday in the Frankfurt Neue Presse, also translated by MissPiggy:

Accident in Limburg City Centre

by Stefan Dickmann, Frankfurter Neue Presse (FNP)
October 7th 2019

Limburg: The original driver recounts the accident with his truck

The driver stands stunned in front of the accident site after being pulled out of his vehicle by a stranger.

The accident in downtown Limburg that occurred Monday evening at 5:20 P.M. caused 17 injuries, including one seriously injured, and nine severely damaged cars. Six people involved in the accident had to be admitted to hospital, eleven were just slightly injured and were allowed to go home.

The accident was caused by a man driving a white truck. Up until the editorial deadline, the police still had not disclosed his identity. Several witnesses told the Frankfurt Neue Presse that the driver accelerated strongly, driving into several cars, pushing them along in front of him and stopping a few yards before a traffic light.

However, the man who caused the accident is not the original driver of the truck. “A man dragged me out of my truck,” says the legitimate driver in an interview with the Frankfurt Neue Presse. On Monday evening he stood bewildered in front of the accident site, directly in front of the regional court in Limburg.

“He didn’t speak a word”

He was waiting at a red light in his vehicle on the Diezer Straße about 200 yards from the intersection. He was going to turn left and drive in the direction of the motorway. Suddenly a man he didn’t know opened the truck driver’s door and stared at him with his eyes wide open. “What do you want from me?” he asked the man, reports the truck driver. “But he didn’t say a word. I asked him again. Then he pulled me out of the truck.”

The desperate truck driver then ran after his company-owned truck. The man who had hijacked the truck started driving and turned left. From there it was only a few hundred meters to the scene of the accident.

Witnesses told our newspaper that the man who caused the accident got out of the truck and appeared dazed. He is said to have sat down near a tree a few yards away. A witness named Bettina Yeisley from Limburg, who works at a personnel recruitment agency right next to the accident site, heard a loud bang, immediately walked into the road with a colleague, and approached the man without knowing that he had driven the truck. “I approached him,” Yeisley told our newspaper. “He was bleeding from his nose, his hands were bloody, his pants torn. He said: “Everything hurts me. I asked what his name was. He told me his name was Mohammed.”

Perpetrator allegedly spoke Arabic

First responders included a group of joggers. One of the women who also tried to help the person who caused the accident said that he spoke in Arabic. She claims that he tried to attack her and allegedly spoke of “Allah”. The group is said to have detained the alleged perpetrator, according to first responders.

The driver pulled out of his truck describes the suspect as about 30 years old with short dark hair and a full beard. His gaze looked as if he was under the influence of drugs. The man was treated in an ambulance for about 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Michael Wolf, the head of the Limburg Office of Public Order, told our newspaper that the suspect was chained to the gurney with handcuffs. Two policemen were in the ambulance with the man.

At 6.58 p.m. the ambulance departed with blue lights and a siren. Directly behind it was a police car. According to observers, the vehicles drove towards the Limburg police station.

Police spokesman Markus Hoffmann would only confirm that there had been a traffic accident late Monday evening. According to a police press release, Limburg is currently in the midst of a major police operation. The driver was arrested for the time being. The Limburg police requested on Twitter that people not engage in speculation. He said that the police were on the case with a lot of energy and were carrying out extensive investigations.

Video transcript:

00:00   The forensics unit was securing evidence deep into the night
00:03   and witnesses are still being questioned.
00:06   Much is unclear in the hours following the incident in Limburg in Hesse.
00:10   Around 5:20pm, a truck suddenly drove into several other cars
00:14   on a main road in the middle of rush hour.
00:17   Several people were injured. We can say that 17 people were affected,
00:21   eleven of whom were able to be released at the scene.
00:24   The others, some with serious injuries, had to be treated in hospitals.
00:30   The driver responsible for the accident was also injured.
00:33   He is said to have stolen the truck shortly before the serious collision.
00:36   According to the New Press in Frankfurt, he pulled the original driver
00:39   out of his vehicle not far from the location of the accident in front of the regional court
00:43   in Limburg. Additionally, according to first responders, he is reported to have said “Allah”
00:47   several times. This quickly caused speculation as to whether it was an accident or an attack.
00:54   The police, however, warned against drawing conclusions too quickly.
00:57   The investigations are still ongoing; for that reason
01:00   I would ask for your understanding for my not giving
01:03   any further information at the moment.
01:06   Additionally, the investigators have not yet disclosed any details on the identity
01:10   of the driver responsible for the accident. The man has been arrested for the time being.

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  1. If an ululating goat rapist hijacks a truck and smashes it into traffic, does that really count as an accident? The Frankfurter Neue Presse is a textbook example of the term “lugenpresse.”

    • It is an accident in the sense that the zoophile mohammadan did not mean to crash the stolen vehicle where he did. His intention was to run down a much larger group of infidels but he lost control of the vehicle and managed to only wound a few infidels inshallah.

  2. Not discounting jihad, I think it as likely that a refugee, leaving his familiar surroundings and being stuck in a foreign land with different language, no opportunity for self-support or any meaningful activity at all, separated from all cultural or family contacts, will become violent and not care what happens to him. It’s not surprising he anesthesizes himself with drugs. Muslims are generally raised to respond to any conflicts not involving a family member, with violence…and sometimes even with family members.

    The fact is, the responsibility goes completely, 100% to the German authorities and German drone voters who tolerate the importation of hostile, alien, unassimilable immigrants. And these people know by now exactly what the consequences are. But, it’s easier to cover up than to actually change course. Assuming any of the leaders would want to change course at all, which is not at all obvious. It’s a perfectly respectable hypothesis that the “leaders”, almost uniformly communist-leftist, are completely in line with the destruction of German and European culture.

    Ed Dutton has a very interesting video on the genetic basis of self-destruction movements, such as climate change dogmatists (or antifa).

    He calls such people exemplars of a “spiteful mutation” whereby harmful gene mutations seek to increase their incidence, even though maladaptive to their host organism.

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