The Truth Is No Defense

Regular readers are well-acquainted with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who was convicted of defaming Islam in an Austrian court almost a decade ago. For those who joined us more recently, see Elisabeth’s Voice for all the reports on Elisabeth’s case, from her trial in Austria all the way up to upholding of the verdict against her by the European Court of Human Rights.

Elisabeth has now written a book about her experiences. It is entitled The Truth Is No Defense, and will be published next month by the New English Review Press. In her book Elisabeth discusses not only her legal case, but her life experiences that led to her understanding of the fundamental nature of Islam, from Iran in the late 1970s to Libya in the early years of the new millennium.

In the following video, Elisabeth is interviewed on the talk show “America Can We Talk?” by Debbie Georgatos:

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

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  1. I will definitely buy Her book , she is telling absolutely the truth , how west is disappearing, and Islam is taking over Western Europe..

  2. That was a great interview.

    The very important points that Elizabeth made were:

    1) The Muslim “refugees” are actually not happy in the new environment. The women wear niquabs, speak their native language, stay at home, and to the extent they are affected by the new country, are less, rather than more, happy. This is actually a point Lauren Southern was severely criticized for in her last documentary, Borderless. She gave the point of view of the refugee, who had given up his money, identity and life following the siren call of a better life in Europe. Bringing in more refugees and allowing them to practice their traditional Islam is like importing alcoholics and allowing them access to free liquor; they’re compulsive in drinking, but not happier.

    2) The country will change identity and culture with massive immigration. I have a small difference with Sabaditsch-Wolff, who says the tipping point will be when the Muslims are a majority. Actually, given identity politics and the dynamics of welfare politics, the tipping point for overwhelming Muslim influence is far below the 50% point;

    3) We should allow Muslims to be Muslims…in Muslim countries. Sabaditsch-Wolff doesn’t speak directly concerning foreign intervention, but the doctrine of the neo-cons is quite clearly to intervene militarily in numerous countries on the pretext of converting them to “democracy” and “human rights”. Actually, the mission of the US should be to leave other countries alone and protect itself;

    I disagree with Sabaditsch-Wolff on a few points. She says Iran was Zoroastian and Bah’ai before becoming Islamic. Baha’i actually branched off Islam as a heretical sect and made inroads in an Islamic Iran. She also said once Islam gets its hooks in a region, there’s no going back, except for the Spain of the Reconquista. Actually, Israel did quite a nice job of moving Israel territory out of Muslim dominance, and the Muslims are still furious. Serbian forces were on the brink of pushing the Muslim Bosnians and Kosovans into Muslim enclaves, when NATO forces bombed Serbia into submission. Left alone, Serbia would have done the job.

    What accounts for US freedoms is primarily the Bill of Rights, an addendum to the original Constitution, where the federal government was specifically enjoined from taking certain actions: interfering with the freedom of speech or the right to bear arms. As it happens, the constitutions of the original states, particularly the southern states, particularly Virginia, already has such guarantees in their own constitutions.

    • Also, not that I like to contradict Elisabeth, the Ottomans occupied swathes of central and eastern Europe, with extreme brutality, taking many slaves; they were turned back in 1688 at- oh, where was it?- the Gates of Vienna.

  3. Is this a truth? Is it derogatory to Muslims?

    “For the first time the newly built minaret will vocifere that ‘Allah is greater’, the same phrase ‘Allah akhbar’ that Islamists scream as they blast themselves in the air…”

    The Court of Appeal

    frees SD politician for HMF – hate speach.
    Published October 9, 2019 by Fria Tider.

    LAW & RIGHT.
    The Swedish Democrats’ group leader in Karlskrona City Council, Christopher Larsson, is acquitted by the High Court for “hate against apeople group” after criticizing the prayer call:

    “A day of mourning occurs on Friday, when for the first time the minaret will vocifere to Karlskrona that ‘Allah is greater’, the same phrase ‘Allah akhbar’ that Islamists scream as they blast themselfs in the air…”

    This is how SD politician Christopher Larsson launched a longer post, which was published on the Swedish Democrats’ Facebook page in November 2017.

    After being reported by (S )politician Magnus Manhammar, Larsson was indicted for hate against a folk group by Lena-Marie Bergström, a prosecutor who had shared a movie on Facebook in which SD was compared to Nazis.

    In January this year Christopher Larsson was released from the district court. The verdict was appealed by the prosecutor, but now the court of appeals has also concluded that the post falls outside of the criminal area.

    “It certainly has elements that are derogatory to Muslims. However, the text aimed to comment in a political context on the construction of a minaret in Karlskrona, a topic that has been widely debated.
    The post did not go out to a general public, but to people who followed the Facebook page and who may have been interested in following the debate.
    The post is considered to be contained within the scope of what is permitted under the freedom of expression guaranteed by the European Convention”, the court writes in a press release.”

    – I am very happy, not for my own sake, but for democracy and freedom of speech. I want to live in an open and democratic Sweden, says Christopher Larsson in a comment on the High Court judgment to Nyheter Idag (News Today).


    The country is just flooded by ignorant, undereducated, illogical,
    not infrequently stupid and/or evil, PK undercuts like this
    prosecutor as well as the staffing in the courts in general.

    They are products of the persistent social-democratic
    social-engineering of the last 70 years, which was introduced
    by the party ideologs, the couple Myrdal.

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