The AfD Triumphs in Thuringia

As reported here last night, yesterday’s elections in the eastern German state of Thuringia devastated the CDU (Angela Merkel’s party) and the SPD (the Social Democrats). Although it only received 23% of the vote — compared with 30% for Die Linke — the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) was the big winner in Thuringia, since it more than doubled its result from the previous election.

The two videos below concern the AfD and events in Thuringia. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video shows an excerpt from the AfD’s victory celebration last night in Thuringia. The two speakers are Björn Höcke, a leader of the AfD in Thuringia and a member of the state parliament, and Alexander Gauland, the co-leader of the AfD at the federal level and a member of the Bundestag:

The second video shows the reaction of Alice Weidel — the other co-leader of the AfD — when an infiltrator of an AfD event publicly mimes the slitting of her throat:

MissPiggy has also translated this article from the Badische Neueste Nachrichten:

AfD Doubles Results

The Left wins Thuringia election: No government in sight October 27th, 2019

Erfurt — Historic victory for Bodo Ramelow in Thuringia, but great uncertainty remains about the future government: The Prime Minister and his Left Party [Die Linke] have become the strongest force in a federal state for the first time in the state elections on Sunday.

But the current red-red-green coalition lost its majority. The CDU, which had always received the most votes since 1990, plunged to its worst result on Sunday. It was in third place behind the AfD, which more than doubled its result. The search for a coalition is likely to be extremely difficult. The parties may have to break new ground.

According to projections by ARD and ZDF, the Left increased to 31 percent (2014: 28.2 percent) and achieved the best result ever in a state election. The CDU with top candidate Mike Mohring dropped to 21.8 percent (2014: 33.5) — a drop of more than 11 percentage points. The AfD, which is lead in Thuringia by Björn Höcke, the spokesman for the right-wing group know as Die Flügel, jumped from 10.6 to 23.5 percent. The SPD continued to plummet: to a new low of 8.2 percent (12.4). The Greens were at 5.1 percent (5.7). The FDP reached 5.0 percent (2.5). and was concerned about qualifying entry into parliament.

Ramelow, so far the only Prime Minister in Germany for the Left party, spoke in the evening of a complicated task with regard to the formation of the government. At the same time he stressed: “I see myself clearly confirmed. Given the approval rating that my party has received, the government mandate is clear with my party. And I will also accept this mandate.”

The Red-Red-Green coalition clearly missed the required majority of 46 seats in the Landtag according to the projections. In purely mathematical terms, three coalition options were possible: red-red-green and the FDP would together achieve a narrow majority of 47 seats. The Left and CDU (50 seats) as well as the Left and AfD (51 seats) would also have a mathematical majority. All constellations, however, are politically difficult and were partly excluded before the election.

Mohring said this evening that the lack of majorities in the centre calls for new answers. “First, we need to think wisely about what is important for our country and how we can stabilize our democracy.” So far, he ruled out an alliance with the left. CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak reiterated this evening: “Our word after the elections is exactly as we said it before the elections: There will be no coalition of the CDU with the Left Party or the AfD”.

FDP leader Christian Lindner clearly rejected a coalition with the Left. “For the FDP, cooperation with the Left and AfD is out of the question because both parties want to change the economic and social order in Germany,” he told the German Press Agency on Sunday evening in Berlin. The Secretary General of the Thuringian FDP, Robert-Martin Montag, said of a possible coalition with Red-Red-Green: “Anyone who knows our positions knows that we will talk. But from what we’ve seen now, it’s hard to imagine working with the Left.”

According to projections, the new parliament will have 90 seats. The Left will have 29 seats, the AfD 22 and the CDU 21. The SPD could send 8 deputies to the Landtag, the Greens and FDP would each have 5 seats.

Top AfD candidate Höcke commented on the gains of his party: “This is a clear sign from the Thuringians: things cannot go on like this.” The AfD is on its way to becoming the all-German People’s Party. “The fact is that the Ramelow government has been voted out, which is good for Thuringia.”

The provisional SPD leader Malu Dreyer was disappointed by the historically bad election results for her party. The SPD had fought, but unfortunately it had not been able to profit from the polarization between Ramelow and the AfD, Dreyer said on Sunday evening.

Green Party leader Robert Habeck said that Thuringia is now facing “most complicated” negotiations. “In a phase in which democracy is reasserting itself, having exclude-eritis won’t help. All democratic parties must be able to talk to each other.

More than 1.7 million Thuringians went out to vote. The turnout rose significantly to around 66 percent (2014: 52.7).

The state elections in Thuringia end the 2019 election year, in which there were a total of four state elections — including three in Eastern Germany — and the European elections.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I bow my head in humility before the voters of Thuringia.
00:06   Today the Thuringians have chosen the turning point 2.0!
00:25   You were not deterred by the hate or the smear campaigns.
00:37   Never in the history of the federal republic has a single party
00:41   or a single person been so defamed as we have been, dear friends.
00:45   And yet the Thuringians have made this result possible.
00:51   A result that speaks a clear “NO” to our petrified party democracy.
00:58   A result that says “YES” to a new living democracy,
01:01   and that is our mission dear friends. That’s what we want,
01:04   a new vital democracy in Thuringia and in Germany.
01:14   We as the AfD have increased our result more than 100 percent.
01:22   That has never been done before in the free state of Thuringia.
01:28   Next time we’ll get an absolute majority!
01:42   The stench and the staleness will now be cleared out, dear friends.
01:48   We will now continue to take our country back.
01:57   The old and rotten is disintegrating before our eyes. That’s good, dear friends!
02:02   In the east the sun rises, and as a consequence the sun will now begin to shine over all of Germany.
02:08   We have made the east of Germany blue, and in a few years,
02:11   we will be the nationwide German people’s party.
02:14   I’m happy to make this journey with you together.
02:28   I have to say thank you. Thank you to all of you.
02:32   You fought until you collapsed. We had hundreds of
02:37   campaign helpers in Thuringia who really gave everything they had and then some.
02:41   We’ve had such solidarity from the AfD
02:46   from all over the country. The solidarity that I experience here
02:49   makes me happy and proud. This same solidarity that I’ve experienced here,
02:53   the feeling of community, that should be the spirit that carries our new party
02:56   for the people the next few years, dear friends. We will continue to exist
03:00   in unison. Our unity has been strengthened
03:03   once again with these elections in Eastern Germany, and we are going to
03:09   write history together in the Federal Republic of Germany.
03:19   I thank you all. I’m already almost speechless. And now I hand you over
03:23   to my friend and our Federal Chairman, Dr. Alexander Gauland,
03:28   and say goodbye for now. I have to go to the state parliament, but I want to tell you this:
03:32   We fought together. We won together and now it’s time to celebrate together.
03:38   Enjoy the evening! Thank you for coming.
03:54   Dear Björn Höcke, dear party friends from Thuringia,
03:57   you’ve had a great election campaign, and, yes, I’ll repeat it,
04:01   against the hate and against the smear campaigns.
04:04   Basically, showing everyone clearly that this is the future
04:08   people’s party. And dear friends, let me mention two results,
04:12   because otherwise I would only be repeating Björn Höcke,
04:17   because he did and said everything right. I’ll just mention two results.
04:21   The Green Party has only five percent here.
04:32   This party is ruining Germany. In Thuringia, you said it clearly.
04:38   These people don’t belong in any parliament. And, dear friends,
04:45   let me say another thoughtful word. The CDU must also consider
04:49   whether it wants to govern in the future with the left wing,
04:54   the Green Party and the Social Democrats, or with the only real people’s party, namely the AfD.
05:07   The functionaries of the CDU must consider whether they’ll listen on their voters,
05:12   or whether they’ll make their exit out of politics.
05:19   Because like the SPD, the CDU will perish as a popular party if it continues
05:24   along this path. Then we’ll actually end up at 50 percent,
05:29   and the CDU will have only itself to blame for that, dear friends. —“Merkel must go!”
05:35   In this respect, as Björn Höcke has already done, I thank you.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Hanging around the neck were the Green Party, the CDU, and it was the SPD.
00:05   What else was there to expect? Along with the Leftists,
00:09   that is wonderful! That’s really nice, isn’t it?
00:12   That’s the democratic understanding of these parties.
00:21   You in the front there, with the ponytail. You there, with the beard.
00:25   You just made me a “off with your head” gesture. I want you removed from this room.
00:29   Get out! You there!
00:39   Get out! Get out! Yuck! Out!
00:52   I’m throwing you out! Leave the room immediately, along with your entourage.
00:57   We’re the actual democrats here. I’m not going to put up with that from you.
01:01   Get out of here!
01:12   So I’m going to ask now, who else wants to go? Who else want to show me this gesture? Who?
01:16   I’d really like to see it. —I want to ask why we didn’t see it? —Unbelievable!
01:23   Because they sit lower here, you can’t see it.
01:27   Everything’s fine, no problem. Let’s go on. So that’s the democratic understanding of
01:32   our political opponents. We don’t run around at their events making “off with your head” gestures.
01:36   We don’t do that! We are respectable. We are proper democrats. Just get out of here.
01:42   I’m so sick of it!
01:52   Now that really created an atmosphere in here. Yes, get out.
01:57   Yes, don’t upset yourself. Go home to mommy.
02:03   Go home to mommy and daddy, they pay for everything. Even your F*** AfD T-shirt.
02:07   Go earn some money. Yes, go earn some money. Someday your parents will be put on the street,
02:12   because you support the parties that are destroying jobs. Just great! Keep going to demonstrations;
02:17   don’t learn anything in school. The market will decide, and you’ll be unemployed.
02:21   That’s how it’s going to be. Let’s continue.
02:25   Honestly, I have never experienced anything like that.
02:30   While giving a speech at an event, I have never had a “off with your head” gesture made at me.
02:34   That’s really something that makes me see red, and I want to find out who it is.
02:38   Record that person’s identity, please. I’m going to file a complaint with the police
02:44   and press criminal charges. I want to know.
02:49   I want to know which party this man belongs to. I’m seeing red.
02:56   Probably from the local Green party. Exactly! That’s it, that’s how it is, yes.
03:00   I want to know if this man has any party affiliation and I’m going to press charges.
03:04   I’ve already experienced so much, but that, I can’t wait to share my story at the Bundestag.
03:09   That this is what I have to put up with, from so-called democrats. It’s absolutely outrageous.
03:13   You just have to imagine if it was the other way around. Just imagine if the AfD
03:19   were to do something like that. There would be such an uproar. If we did anything like that,
03:24   Such an infantile monkey theatre, just try to imagine that. So now…

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  1. All this traitors parties ( CDU, CSU, SPD, Greens, Linke , FDP) already said then not gonna work with AFD even if they are second largest party ???!!! WTF.. it must be somebody above this freaks traitors who decide they have to cooperate with AFD , are We are leaving in 3th. World already??, maybe , speechless..

  2. And we get a predictable response from people who warmly support mass immigration by Muslims:

    Jewish horror at far-right surge in Germany

    If you don’t like parties like the AfD, supporting Muslim immigration is not a good idea. That’s why Israel doesn’t have an AfD party. V. sensibly, Israel doesn’t allow mass immigration by Muslims.

    • Israel has a muslim minority of about 20%, but they seem to enjoy their citizenship and do not leave for, say Gaza, Egypt…..

      • Exactly Herb! I was in Israel six months ago! I was shocked to discover Muslims are the majority population in Bethlehem, Nazareth & Jericho. Jews don’t really care about Biblical Christian locations unless they’re in the tourist industry. Jerusalem is ground zero for religious & political reasons. It’s the prize possession.

        Muslims in the Gaza Strip are waking up to the fact they elected Palestinian Authority terrorists who use & abuse the residents instead of improving their lives! Meanwhile, Israel is a “blooming rose” sitting on top of massive oil reserves. Russia, Syria, Iran & Turkey are licking their chops. Iran will probably be the first to invade or attack. But the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob will save Israel from the invaders! (Ezekiel 38)

    • For your or rather the Daily Mail’s information: Quite a few members of the AfD are Jewish. Recently they published a collection of essays, roughly translated as “What drives Jews to the AfD”, where they explain why. In their opinion, the real problem for Jews in Europe are Muslims, not the odd native Antisemite.

      • Indeed. And how does the Jewish community in Germany react to the small number of Jews who have joined the AfD? You won’t need any guesses:

        The German far-right party Alternative für Deutschland has provoked an outcry by launching what it called a Jewish group within its ranks that it says will battle against the mass immigration of Muslim men who hold antisemitic views.

        The party said a group of 19 had formed “Jews in the AfD”, and that anyone joining had to be a card-carrying member of the party who was either ethnically or religiously Jewish.

        The move drew a backlash from Germany’s Jewish community, which called the AfD a racist and antisemitic party. About 250 people, many from Jewish organisations, held a protest in Frankfurt on Sunday against the new group.

      • very true ,Lavinia. Our MSM are permanently talking about the rise of right wing extremism and antisemitism. This is just smoke and mirrors, a bogey-man.According to them polls show that 20% of the population are antisemits.How come that I have never known one in my 72 -year-around- a- bit life span?

  3. In 2009 to 2013 i lived in berlin, hennigsdorf, the Last stop north on the
    s-bahn, it was looking scary in berlin back then. Places like wedding, neukoln, kreuzeberg, spandau, etc, were scary places. I spent lot of my time visiting, exploring northern germany, stralsund, greifswald. Usedom, bath, wismar, lubeck, hamburg, the baltic sea islands of hiddensee, and rugen island, sassnitz, and the baltic sea site of “prora”, the location and building of the nazi regimes “strength through joy” program, a nazi holiday camp, to rehabilitate german military and party members.

    Luckily i got out of berlin, before the planned kalergi invasion.

    Germany was a scary place in 2009 to 2013, hennigsdorf was alreadyba dumping ground then for muslims and african savages, gangs and violence i saw.
    While in germany in this period. I met and dated a german woman, who lived
    In freidsrichshein, this woman sas 55 yrs old, still attractive, she had philosophy degree from humbolt university, she was orig from thuringia,
    She had formally been a 2 time elected berlin city councilor for fredrichshain,
    For the political party if “die linke”.
    It was interesting liason for me, she took me to a few die linke party rallies in
    Berlin, and also left wing organised political social events with the asian foreign community in berlin.

    I was introduced by her at one event to the great grand daughter of “albert speer”.

    Eventually i fell out with this woman, she and i were like oil and water.
    I realised that she had been a stasi operative also during the cold war.

    She even took me on a guided visit to some of her stasi training locations north of berlin, where she was a active member of the ddr stasi.

    This woman, was the leader of a integration center office in berlin, near warsawer strasse area, prenzlauerberg.

    I had my own personal insight through this woman intomthe workings of the ddr stasi, and leftist organistaions in berlin.

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