“Swedish” Politician is Exposed as a People-Smuggler

The following video is a report on an undercover investigation by the Swedish newspaper Expressen. The people who worked on this project did exactly what journalists are supposed to do — they investigated. They followed the trail of information wherever it led, and reported on the final result, even though it ended up being extremely politically incorrect.

The journalists set up a sting for a man who placed advertisements on Facebook saying that he could smuggle immigrants from Greece to Sweden — Middle Eastern immigrants, that is, not actual Greeks. When the reporter was finally able to identify the ingenious entrepreneur, it turned out that he was an elected local politician for the Social Democrats, a man named Rashad Alasaad. It will be interesting to see whether Mr. Alasaad is prosecuted, and if so, how many days of community service he is sentenced to.

I must point out that the rough American equivalent of this report would be a definitive exposé by a national MSM outlet of the alleged immigration fraud of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia). I can’t imagine any major media outfit in the USA (with the possible exception of The New York Post) that would be willing to reveal the Minnesota congressmuslima for what she really is.

The first half of the video is a report by Swedish state TV, which pixelates out the smuggler’s face and doesn’t give his name. The second half is an Expressen video that reveals both the face and name of Rashad Alasaad.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Let’s talk about Expressen’s investigation of a Social Democrat municipal politician
00:08   who is suspected of being a human trafficker
00:15   Will it cost me the same amount? —If it’s all right with the passport’s holder.
00:20   I myself have traveled through trafficking channels from Ataturk airport in Istanbul.
00:25   This is Expressen’s footage filmed with hidden cameras showing a politician
00:30   who offers to smuggle a four-year-old child from Greece to Sweden.
00:34   According to Expressen, the politician published an advertisement
00:38   on Facebook, and other platforms, using an unknown account created three months ago.
00:42   He specifically targets people who have succeeded in reaching Greece
00:46   And would like to move on to Sweden.
00:49   He claims that his method involves using only real passports,
00:54   which he borrows from refugees who already have residence permits in Sweden.
00:59   According to Expressen, which filmed him during a meeting on Crete,
01:03   his services cost 30,000 SEK (3,000 USD) for adults and 20,000 SEK for children.
01:08   He says to Expressen’s reporter that he has smuggled a lot of people from Greece to Sweden.
01:12   Have you already tried to do this with other families?
01:16   I have smuggled all of my own family members. And many others. It isn’t difficult.
01:22   When Expressen’s reporter confronts him with the videos in Sweden
01:25   the politician confirms that the filmed person in the videos is him,
01:28   and states that he will leave all of his official mandates.
01:34   Good morning, Kassem Hamade, reporter for Expressen; you lead this investigation.
01:40   We will soon show the video clip in which you confront him.
01:44   What can you show? —This investigation has been going on for two months.
01:51   We scan closed groups on various social media platforms,
01:56   which we usually watch to investigate terrorism, human trafficking, and other crimes.
02:03   We found an advertisement published by a person using an unknown account
02:12   in one of these closed groups, targeting people in Greece.
02:17   He gives detailed information such as how many persons he can smuggle out of Greece.
02:27   But not the costs, because he wanted to discuss the prices through direct contacts
02:32   when the person gets in touch with him.
02:35   We didn’t know who he was, let alone that he is a politician!
02:38   We were more interested of knowing how this criminal network functions,
02:44   and who is the unknown user of the account.
02:48   So how was it functioning? What are the methods he uses to smuggle out people?
02:53   When he gets in contact with those refugees and both sides agree on the price,
03:01   he personally flies to Greece and takes with him real and valid Swedish
03:06   and foreign passports of people who already have Swedish residence permits.
03:10   This is, actually, the easiest way to travel through Europe,
03:15   because the controls are not comprehensive.
03:20   This is the way he uses to smuggle people and to entice refugees
03:27   who can afford the payment. And those people should look like the passport’s holder?
03:32   Exactly! That is one of his demands.
03:35   Was it easy to find him in those closed groups? Was his work public?
03:43   No, it was difficult. We got in contact with him through social media; we operated “undercover”.
03:50   When we contacted him he asked multiple control questions,
03:55   such as who we are, images, town etc.
03:59   We used foreign phone numbers to contact him to avoid that his becoming suspicious of our journalists.
04:04   It was difficult to make him give us a phone number and his name.
04:08   He wanted us to continue chatting on social media but we preferred phone calls.
04:13   But he kept refusing. But we insisted, and said
04:17   that we can’t continue having content only through Facebook Messenger app,
04:21   but should have direct contact with each other.
04:24   After about one and a half months, he trusted us and gave it to us.
04:27   And he said, “If I give you my phone number you’ll know who I am.”
04:33   And, “I have a good position in [Swedish] society”
04:36   We didn’t know who he was.
04:39   We found out later that the given phone number belongs to a municipal politician in Sweden.
04:45   When you knew that he was a municipal politician, what did you think about it?
04:49   We actually didn’t believe that it belonged to a municipal politician,
04:53   because [of our experience] investigating such networks in Turkey, Greece,
04:59   and at the border area between Lebanon and Jordan on various earlier occasions.
05:05   But we have never had an occasion in which a person
05:09   who is elected by the people and works directly with governmental and state offices
05:15   Is involved in this dangerous operation.
05:20   We were really astonished when we found out later that he is an elected politician!
05:26   Let’s see what this man said when you confronted him with this.
05:30   How many people have you smuggled? —No one!
05:33   But you wrote that you did! —No! —And you said that you did!
05:36   —No, no one! —So what were you doing in Greece? —I was on vacation!
05:41   We got in contact with you through this advertisement.
05:45   This is what you wrote: “I have agreed with three others to [be smuggled] with my wife’s passport.
05:49   I have not taken anybody, I haven’t helped anybody.
05:52   Really? —What are the results of this investigation? What consequences does this man face?
05:58   He will quit politics. He was a Social Democrat politician
06:02   elected to municipal government since 2018.
06:05   He has been a lay judge, a substitute and a municipal politician.
06:10   After we confronted him with the materials, he called us
06:16   and said that he was quitting politics that includes
06:19   the municipal government and the Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Sweden.
06:23   Do you know why he was doing this? —We asked him that question in Greece.
06:33   And he said that he is doing it for the money “I want to have money.”
06:39   I was amazed myself!
06:43   I thought he would say, “I want to help people.” But he said, “I am doing this for the money.”
06:50   And he was asking 20,000 SEK to smuggle children and 30,000 SEK for adults.
06:54   How serious is this case?
06:57   This is very serious! We, Expressen, have investigated terrorism
07:00   and human trafficking for many years.
07:03   Those two sorts of businesses usually intersect with each other on many levels.
07:09   Terrorist groups have used human trafficking networks to smuggle people to Syria and Iraq,
07:15   But also to smuggle people from Syria and Iraq into Europe.
07:18   They have used those networks to send people to areas which are difficult to reach.
07:25   According to Europol this illegal business cost a total of 3 to 6 billion Euros in 2015 alone.
07:40   So this is really serious! This business is being
07:43   taken advantage of by criminal and terrorist networks.
07:46   And they make a lot of money out of it. He said that he had smuggled people to Sweden.
07:52   Do you know if he had actually succeeded in doing so?
07:56   We don’t know but he did say that himself, that he succeeded
08:01   During our contacts in those two months in Greece, he personally, said,
08:06   “I have smuggled many people to Sweden.”
08:09   But we don’t know how many and who those people are.
08:12   He has also sent us copies of real Swedish passports
08:18   and real Swedish residence permits. Which means that
08:22   he has access to such official documents and Swedish residence permits.
08:26   An enormous disclosure by Expressen, which was published today [3 Oct 2019].
08:29   Thank you, Kassem Hamade, for coming to the studio.
08:32   Smuggling your daughter is indeed really easy!
08:35   I’ve smuggled all my own family members. I’ve taken many people, it’s really not that difficult.
08:40   Is it correct? Did you publish this advertisement?
08:43   We have to, we are journalists, you cannot…
08:49   All of this started two months ago.
08:52   He published an advertisement on social media platforms
08:55   saying that he can help people to reach Sweden.
08:59   More accurately, he actually said that he can “smuggle from Greece to Sweden.”
09:06   Refugees. In return for payment!
09:10   The man behind the advertisement is a municipal politician in Ljungby, local government in Småland.
09:15   His name is Rashad Alasaad. He charges €2,000 for each child and €3,000 for an adult.
09:22   We were in contact with him over several weeks.
09:25   He said that he knows a lot of people who are interested.
09:29   “If we don’t make a decision soon, he will let other people go before us.”
09:35   Expressen meets the politician elected by the people, Rashad Alasaad,
09:41   using a hidden camera in a square in Chania on the island of Crete in Greece.
09:44   He will carry out the planned human smuggling to Sweden.
09:48   Have you done this before with other families?
09:53   Yes, I have smuggled out all of my family members.
09:57   I have smuggled a lot of people; it’s not difficult at all. How much do you charge
10:01   to smuggle my daughter? —I have talked with your husband, Naser,
10:04   about the costs. —Is it the same for me? —Yes. —Does it cost the same for me?
10:07   Let’s see if the passport holders match you. Self-confidence is very important.
10:11   I myself have traveled through human trafficking channels from Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.
10:15   Let me explain why I do this.
10:19   Honestly, the most important reason is the money, I want to have money.
10:23   Smuggling your daughter is really easy! As I said earlier,
10:27   it is not difficult to travel with a child. It’s very easy;
10:30   no one will suspect. Don’t say you’re Syrians; it’s better to claim you’re Palestinians.
10:34   There is a new assessment of the Syrian refugees. Earlier you could literally throw your passport
10:37   on the table [at Migration authorities] and say you are a Syrian. “Do you know anybody here?”
10:40   “No, I don’t.” “Are you with Bashar al-Assad?” “No.” “Are you with the opposition?” “Yes.”
10:44   I have worked with the three most important [Swedish] official agencies: Social Insurance,
10:48   Taxation, and Pensions. Until just four months ago I was working at the Swedish Employment Agency.
10:52   What I want to say is that I know the country inside out, like the back of my hand.
10:55   It has been a month since we met in Greece.
10:58   We are now in Ljungby in Småland, Sweden.
11:02   The municipal government will have a meeting this evening.
11:05   We wished that the Social Democrat politician, Rashad Alasaad,
11:11   would show up here and tonight so we could confront him with the materials.
11:15   But he didn’t show up. We went to his villa.
11:20   Finally, he came out.
11:24   What sort of questions will you ask? —Is it correct that you smuggle people to Sweden?
11:29   Smuggle? What does “smuggle” mean?
11:32   It means that you get paid to bring refugees to Sweden, is that correct?
11:36   No! Absolutely not! —Are you sure?
11:39   Yes! Absolutely! —And you have never done it before?
11:42   No! —Is it correct? Did you publish this advertisement? —It isn’t me! No!
11:50   Absolutely not! I’m a government official —Official?
11:53   You are actually a politician, aren’t you? —No, not anymore!
11:56   You are a substitute politician in the municipal government. You are… Social… culture…
12:00   Are you filming ? —We have to, we are journalists, you cannot…
12:09   He runs inside. But after he calmed down he came out again.
12:15   He sees the video clips of the meetings on Crete.
12:19   It is you! Is it?
12:24   Yes. —This is Greece!
12:34   You are smuggling people from Greece to Sweden.
12:37   And you say that you have already smuggled people. How many persons have you smuggled?
12:41   Nobody! But you wrote that you did! —No!
12:44   And you said that you have already smuggled people. —No, nobody!
12:47   So what were you doing in Greece? —I was on vacation!
12:50   We made contact with you through this advertisement.
12:54   This is what you wrote: “I have agreed with three others to [be smuggled] with my wife’s passport.
12:59   —I have not taken anybody, I haven’t helped anybody. —Really?
13:03   And this is you in the video clips, isn’t it? —Yes, but I have not taken [smuggled] anybody.
13:08   After this, Alasaad called us.
13:11   He said that was quitting politics and he regrets deeply.
13:19   About two months ago we saw an advertisement post
13:25   published by an anonymous person using an unknown account in a closed group
13:32   announcing that he can offer illegal services,
13:37   and that he can help with smuggling people from Greece to Sweden.
13:43   In return for payment! He charges €2,000 for each child and €3,000 for an adult.
13:51   What are the methods he was using?
13:54   He has access to real passports,
13:57   and that was his strongest card to attract people and refugees
14:04   to get in contact with him and to pay for this criminal business.
14:10   He has access to multiple real Swedish passports and to foreign passports
14:15   of people who already have real Swedish residence permits.
14:19   He compares the person who wants to travel to Sweden with the passport holder.
14:25   If they are similar to each other, then they can travel this way.
14:29   In return for payment, of course. His main condition is that the person
14:33   should be similar to the passport holder.
14:37   What is the crime, or multiple crimes, he has committed?
14:42   It depends whether he gets reported to the police authorities,
14:46   and what sort of decision the court might make.
14:50   If the human trafficking crime was not considered to be a serious criminal offence, or not a crime,
14:56   he would be sentenced to pay fines or be jailed for up to six months.
15:01   But if it is considered to be a serious criminal offense he will be sentenced
15:05   to between six months and six years in prison.
15:10   There is a safer, but more expensive method, and that is used by this politician,
15:16   and that is by using a real passport. Or a real passport linked
15:21   to a person who has a real residence permit in Sweden or in a European country.
15:25   And the person who will use the passport appears to be similar to the passport holder.
15:32   If someone travels within Europe, for example, from Greece to France or from Greece to Sweden.
15:40   The control then is not comprehensive compared to the control of travels from outside of Europe
15:49   And that’s how they will use these real Swedish passports,
15:52   or real foreign passports with Swedish residence permits.
15:55   By doing this it would be easier to pass through the airport [security checkpoints].
15:58   And in this case, this man knows that there are many refugees
16:03   in Greece from Syria and northern Africa.
16:08   He knows that the Greeks have become more cautious and aware of people
16:13   who are traveling through these airports.
16:17   Therefore, he doesn’t want to send anybody from, let’s say, Athens.
16:23   But from three specific airports, small ones, on three small islands,
16:28   in which the controls are not as extensive as in mainland Greece.
16:33   And that means he must have a network of people around him
16:36   who just let him borrow their passports, doesn’t it?
16:39   Absolutely! We have received copies of passports he uses.
16:44   They belong to his relatives and, I should also mention, others who are not.
16:55   And those people, probably, who lend their passports are getting paid for it.
17:01   He said himself that he “borrows” these passports from those people,
17:07   and they know exactly how and for what goals these passports will be used.
17:10   And he said himself, that he has used these passports earlier for the same goal.
17:17   According to him, those people are informed that these passports will be used illegally
17:23   to smuggle people from Greece to Sweden.

4 thoughts on ““Swedish” Politician is Exposed as a People-Smuggler

  1. October 4, 2019

    SAMHÄLLDNYTT continues to follow the rallies of the social democratic politician as well as human smuggler Rashad Alasaad. In a recent verdict from today, the Migration Court in Malmö orders the Migration Board to decide his application for Swedish citizenship – as soon as possible. “I want them to make a positive decision.”

    Yesterday, SAMHÄLLDNYTT could talk about the new circumstances surrounding the social-democratic peopie smuggler from Ljungby Rashad Alasaad. Among other things, we were able to reveal that Alasaad owns several properties in Sweden since 2018 – properties whose purchase price does not match his declared income.

    The Border Police have launched a preliminary investigation into suspicion of human trafficking following a disclosure by Expressen journalist Kassem Hamade (see video) about the man.

    Yesterday we also told that Alasaad has Syrian citizenship with a Swedish residence permit – a circumstance that opens for prosecutors to apply for deportation if the police investigation goes to trial.

    READ MORE: Human smuggling Social Democrat has bought several properties

    Now, SAMHÄLLSNYTT can reveal that a short time before the story was published in Expressen on Wednesday, Alasaad wrote a letter to the Swedish Migration Board to speed up the handling of its application for Swedish citizenship:

    At the time of the letter – September 25 – Alasaad probably already knew about Express’s review. He realized the consequences the disclosure will have for him and wanteid to become a Swedish citizen in this way to ensure that he will not be expelled from Sweden.

    ALSO READ: The human smuggler from S is suspected to have been bribed during his employment at the Employment Service

    The reason for the letter is the Migration Board’s decision regarding a previous request by him to decide his application within four weeks, which was submitted in August. On September 23, the authority writes that the request is rejected because the Migration Board has not been able to handle the matter within the four weeks.

    This morning, a judgment came from the Migration Court in Malmö that gives Alasaad the right and states: The Swedish Migration Board will decide his case on citizenship – as soon as possible. I
    It took the court just over a week to decide the case – a stark contrast to how they usually do. The average processing time for migration targets is between two and twelve months.

    Where applicable, it may take as long as four years, which JO this summer directed criticism. against. But in this case, it was thus quick to make a decision:

    When applying for Swedish citizenship, a so-called conduct test is carried out, which consists of the Migration Board’s officially taking a look at the police’s Suspicion Register and the Criminal Lload Rregister and requesting an opinion from Säpo [secret police].

    However, it is unclear at this time at which time information about a suspect is entered in the police’s Suspicion Register when the police initiate a preliminary investigation against the person. This may affect whether Alasaad is allowed to obtain Swedish citizenship – and thus immunity from deportation – before he is possibly prosecuted and sentenced.

    SAMHÄLLSNYTT has asked questions to the Migration Board’s press service about the Suspicion Register and Criminal Lload Rregister. However, the authority could not respond to what time it will take for the police to enter the information in its Suspicion Register and thus whether the preliminary investigation against Alasaad will constitute an obstacle to his application for citizenship.

    [What extremely deserving citizens Sweden is able to obtain -LN]


    In SAHÄLLSNYTT we read about how a man is convicted for being hateful = shdowing disrespect towards a group of people – but the judge refuses to explai how he “expressed disrespect”

    In a judgment from the Falu district court, announced on February 14 this year, a 57-year-old man is convicted of “hate-spech” when he according to the verdict “expressed disrespect for Somalis as a people group”. But when SAHÄLLSNYTT asks the judge to state exactly what was disrespectful, she refuses to respond.

    The case was about a comment on Facebook that was written in a discussion about a post about a rape, in which the perpetrators were alleged to have Somali descent and that the plaintiff suffered extensive injuries to the genitals.

    The now convicted 57-year-old then wrote:
    “Send out every f***ing Somali… .all… men women and children… .outl with them… .all.”
    According to the prosecutor, this meant “expressing condemnation about Somalis aimed at skin color and national origin”.

    In the Court’s justification for the conviction, they only write the following about the “disregard” required for the conviction:
    “The comment expresses disrespect for Somalis as a people group.”

    When SAHÄLLSNYTT calls the judge in the case, Åsa Nord, she refuses to develop her motivation but states that everything is clear in the verdict:
    – So, you have to read the verdict. This is where the reasons are, so to speak,
    what assessment we have made.

    -Is it the word “f***ing” that motivates the coviction?
    – That is the description of the offense. You must read the verdict. I refer to the judgment.
    Yes,Yes, and there it says what assessment we have made.

    When we point out that the verdict is very briefly written and that it is not at all clear how the disrespect should have been expressed, she just repeats herself and then toss the handset.

    What has been despised? How did he despise/disregard the whole Somali people?


    [NO. OUT. – LN]

  3. Someone with the name of Anna Danieli
    who is a kind of top dog (överkucku)
    writes in News Today:

    Impotent politicians who can introduce ‘free year’ and bicycle allowance
    cannot stop people smuggling.

    Expressen’s revelation that S-politician Rashad Alasaad is a people smuggler also shows how easy it is to smuggle people into Sweden. Our politicians are able to legislate on electric bicycle allowances and smoking ban outdoors. But don’t make sure we have a border police which is worth its name and which can stop illegal immigrants.

    SEK 20,000 – 30,000 does it costs to be smuggled into Sweden.
    This tells us two things:
    1. The number of smugglers is large. Had it been difficult to find smugglers, the cost would have been ten times higher.
    2. The risk of getting stuck is non-existent. There is no risk of imprisonment for as little as SEK 20,000.

    We have the highest taxes in the world, and more laws, controls, administrations and authorities than a fir has needles, and yet we cannot stop smugglers from entering illegal immigrants through the passport controls. They don’t even have to make an effort not to get stuck.

    Smugglers and their customers flye to Arlanda airport, then they very coldly bypass the specially trained staff who sit there to stop illegals, showing their borrowed passports, allowing themselves to be examined, get a “Hi, Hello” and then walk out of the airport without any problems.

    In fact, I can’t imagine a clearer failure.
    This is what our politicians are capable of. You get ‘free year’, smoking ban outdoors and electric bike allowances, but you don’t even get a passport policy that stops travelers with borrowed passports.

    It is a textbook example of how bewildered this country is. I hope that Swedish voters draw some conclusions from this. The time to straighten up and fix this almost capsized worn ship begins to run out.

    [It’s high time to send the ‘power elite’ to Finspång. -LN]

  4. One of the best articles I’ve ever read on GoV. Thanks so much for sharing. The only problem is, my head feels like it’s about to explode.

    Hard to believe that things have gotten this bad such that scum sucking politicos can break the law with impunity. Worse yet, that his fellow corrupt bureaucrats will probably help him get away with his crimes.

    I hope this video goes viral.

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