Santiago Abascal: We Will Protect Spain From the Enemies of Our Sovereignty

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the “populist” Vox Party in Spain. In the following excerpts from a speech given in Madrid, Mr. Abascal lays out the objectives of his party in the current cultural and political wars that are raging in Europe.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:33   Dear compatriots, without feelings of inferiority, without fear of anything or anybody,
00:39   without asking for pardon, and with total pride, we say here today:
00:43   Vox plus ultra. Spain plus ultra.
03:37   We… want the power
03:43   to protect Spain from its enemies.
03:47   From the enemies of unity who want to break our country.
03:51   From the enemies of liberty who want to impose their trendy gags.
03:55   From the enemies of equality who want to defend their autonomous privileges.
03:59   And from the enemies of our sovereignty,
04:03   who from their globalist positions want to dissolve the existence of Spain
04:08   into a multi-cultural magma.
12:44   Also for women from the imposition of Islamic education,
12:48   which wants to convert them into inferior beings.
14:35   And the borders must be protected, because there are Spaniards
14:39   who died to defend them. The borders must be protected,
14:43   because we will not admit anyone to come and live among us
14:47   who would tell us how we have to live, how we have to pray,
14:51   how we have to eat, and what our laws have to be.
14:59   Nor will we allow that they tell us from outside, from Brussels,
15:03   how we have to protect the walls of our house.

2 thoughts on “Santiago Abascal: We Will Protect Spain From the Enemies of Our Sovereignty

  1. Spain close the borders, don’t let this traitors in Brussels dictated what to do in your own country, stop Islamization of Europe!!, stop Soros, Merkel, Macron , Sanchez betraying own people, it’s just heartbreaking what is happening in this beautiful continent..

    • It is, but there are a lot of people objecting LOUDLY like this guy, all using the same arguments with the same language. In the West, a lot of people are on the same page, supporting one another and helping each other articulate fearlessly what the problem IS. That’s the first step, and it’s looking very positive. Once people see the first European country become Islamized and turn into an abject hell-hole, it will only strengthen the resolve of those resisting SUBMISSION.

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