Our Religion Prohibits Us From Saving Our Country

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated an op-ed from Det Goda Samhället, and includes this introduction:

It is no wonder that Europe —Denmark first — is building walls around Sweden, this crime-ridden politically correct funhouse.

Here follows a light-hearted article about today’s Sweden, written by the well-known cultural personality Patrik Engellau. The comments in square brackets have been added by the translator.

The translated essay:

Our Religion Prohibits Us From Saving Our Country

by Patrik Engellau

The other day, my Portuguese teacher said it was a thing she thought was strange.

In the past, she said, it seemed as if you Swedes believed that your problems with school and immigration and so on would disappear by themselves or in some magical way turn into successes.

“Now you don’t think so anymore. Now you just stand there and look at your problems without taking any countermeasures. For me, it is impossible to understand,” she said.

“By the way,” she went on, “I do believe in all your theories of the political power and the welfare-industrial-complex with all its state-funded activists, but this must be about something else. You seem to have left the world of rational explanations.

“You see the train approaching but refuse to get off the rails. I’m sorry, but to me it almost seems like a kind of self-harm behavior.”

Reluctantly, I had to agree with her.

It is no longer possible to explain Sweden on the basis of natural, selfish interests of various power holders and their activist lapdogs [Swedish: lydhund — compulsively obedient dog].

We are facing here another mental syndrome, in which self-interest has been subordinated to some other higher purpose.

In the old days, it was considered nobler for sea captains to go down with a sinking ship with the rest of the crew than to save themselves.

This behavior pattern was perpetuated by Alec Guinness in a 1949 movie [Kind Hearts and Coronets] in which he stands on the command bridge and salutes as the ship goes to the bottom:

“Well,” said my Portuguese teacher thoughtfully, “you mean that Sweden is like that ship and the Swedish leaders are like Alec Guinness who chooses to go down with the ship?”

“No, our leaders do not have Alec Guinness’s refined nobility,” I replied, “but it is nevertheless in this vein that we must seek an explanation.

“Our leaders are more primitive. Their actions are motivated not by noble feelings of duty, but by a more raw and unarticulated trepidation in the face of something sacred.”

“Like savages in front of a totem pole?” suggested my teacher.

“Just so! I said gratefully. “This is basically religious. To Try to save Sweden, for example, by closing our fully open borders, is taboo.”

Social anthropology shows that natural people and other savages are sometimes afraid of good things that seem obvious to modern common sense, for example being photographed or vaccinated.

Blindly following the commandments in the sacred scriptures is more important to us than saving ourselves, perhaps because violations of the commandments are expected to have repercussions when life is over. Maybe we feel that hell is threatening.

[Just like the good Muslims who fear Allah’s magnificent little hell more than anything else.]

“But which are the holy scriptures and which are the commandments?” my teacher asked.

The most sacred script of all is the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The most sacred commandment is the very first, which states that all people are “equal in WORTH and rights”.

Admittedly, in the original text the word is not “worth” but “dignity”, but the Swedes as the only country in the whole world have wrongly translated it [intentionally or not?] to “worth”.

[…therefore all modern Swedish (post-1975) legislation usually has something to do with worth — it is staunchly worth-based, so to speak!]

This sacred text and many others, such as the Children’s Convention, are administered by the United Nations, the Church of the Sacred Texts. The UN is worshiped by the Swedish establishment, even though it is really a corrupt and undemocratic organization.

Other sacred texts are the Geneva Convention, the Swedish National Agency for Education’s curricula and the Swedish Instrument of Government, the possibly most important part of which reads as follows:

The individual’s personal, economic and cultural well-being should be fundamental goals of all public activity. In particular, the general public shall be ensured the right to work, find housing and get an education; and social care and security and good conditions for health shall be promoted.

[…Housing shortages have prevailed since 1945 — today, more than 1.5 million homes are lacking; education, particularly the schools, have since then continuously deteriorated until they are now the worst in the OECD]

The Portuguese teacher considered this for a while. Then she said she understood that the Swedish official self-harm behavior must have some such religious basis.

If all people on earth are equally worthy [!] and everyone has the right to seek asylum in order to get work, housing, education, security and health care [that is: everything for everybody] at the expense of Swedish taxpayers, it is clear that no barriers may be established at the Swedish borders that put an end to the influx of fortune-seeking migrants.

“Of course, for deeply believing people, leaders or not, respect for the divine rules is more important than the fate of individual citizens.”

She then added that in that perspective, she could understand why Swedish leaders would rather let Sweden go down than violate the God-given commandments.

12 thoughts on “Our Religion Prohibits Us From Saving Our Country

  1. Alec Guiness looks like a fool, hard to believe he didn’t question the director on that scene.

    As for the pathetic obsequious Swedes, they can go straight to the bottom with Alec. Very tired of reading about this feminized sheep farm.

    • I read a little bit about that movie before I posted this essay. It seems that the admiral, the character that Guinness played (actually, he played EIGHT characters in the movie; the admiral was just one of them), was supposed to be a pompous twit. So your take on the picture is right on the mark.

      • And what about the fate of the little children, and the babies?

        You don’t care?

        But it’s NOT the common people that have brought this about, it’s their demented Triad government of Feminists!

        And like the people in Germany and the UK, any of them that protest and speak out against, are reported to the cops….who make sure to squash / beat them down!

        You’re blaming the victim!

  2. — Admittedly, in the original text the word is not “worth” but “dignity”, but the Swedes as the only country in the whole world have wrongly translated it [intentionally or not?] to “worth”.

    It is the same word (stem). The exact term is “värdighet”, but in common usage this often reduces to “värde” but they do know what it means in context. In English actually it is the same, except that it uses the Latin root for one thing and the Germanic one for another. Swedish is certainly not the only language which is less of a hodgepodge* than English (about half of whose words are of Latin or Greek origin). German has two words for it, but they obviously derive from the same stem also (Wert, Würde).


    * This “hodgepodge” is not meant derogatory, it really enriches the language especially with terms for abstraction. The problem is that so few people of the Anglosphere are aware of its several roots or have any education in classic or any foreign languages.

    • PS: I was probably a bit unclear, the criticism sounds as if under the assumption that an English person wrote the article above. I blame it on low caffeine. I read the original text in the meantime and while the translation is correct, it somehow comes out as if it was written from the viewpoint of an outsider of the language itself, which it isn’t. Don’t know how to say it better, messy to clarify.

    • No etymological finesse is needed as an explanatory model.

      In 1975 a new constitution was introduced which stipulates that Sweden should be multicultural. We thank Olof Palme and the Social Democrats for this crime.

      A constructive condition for this was that no difference would be made between people of different ethnic origins. Everyone would be “equally worthy”.

      The legislation was adapted for this new paradise kingdom and the slogans became “Allas lika värde” = everybodie’s equal worth, and
      “Vi gillar olika” = we like those who are different.

      From the original mistranslation – intentional or not – ‘värde’ rather than ‘värdighet’, ie ‘worth’ instead of ”dignity’, has emanated a corrupt, illogical, tyrannical philosophy that bullies Swedish social life, Swedish legislation and all reasoning and actions in the present PK- society.

      The new and tyrannical concept of “värdegrud” ie worth-base/foundation was also introduced.
      All associations, groupings, unions, coalitions, fellowships, institutions, kindergartens, schools, faculties, companies etc. should (compulsory voluntarily) have a “värdegrund” – a worth-foundation, which declares how GOOD, how xenophilic, how politically correct (PK) you afe and that you always follow the ideal of “all people’s equal worth”.

      Without a doubt one thinks of Adolf and national socialist hum-hum like Blut und Boden, Sieg Heil, Jawohl, mein Fuhrerr, etc.

      Then, eventually, a special legislation has crystallized, which had initially been implemented after the war to bolster the backs of Jews, but which today prohibits anyone from expressing the tiniiest disdain for all people-groups than just the ethnic Swedish.

      Criminal Act, Chapter 16, § 8 (HMF)
      Anyone who, in a statement or in any other disseminated message, threatens or expresses disrespect for a public group or other such group of persons, with reference to race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed or sexual [up to 61!] orientation…, is convicted to prison for a maximum of two years or, …heavy fines.
      (I read about Pippi Longstocking that her father was a Negro king.
      Umph! Using the n-word is a crime.)

      The sentence or matra “everyone’s equal worth” = allas lika värde, means that an illiterate Hottentot has equal worth to the king of Sweden, or that a 36-year-old afghaner who has been granted asylum for being17 years old, still a child, stands as high in course, has the same worth, as the young Swedish girl with now broken genitals, that he just raped.

      ‘Everyone’s equal worth’ is now almost more injunctive than:
      thou shalt not kill.

  3. I have an opinion that one of the main reasons for the degradation of Western civilization is the introduction of a matriarchy in many of the countries. It seems to me that Sweden is ruled by women and their pernicious influence is preventing the necessary remedial measures from being talked about let alone implemented. But here in the UK we too are suffering from an unrecognised form of matriarchy, I believe.

    I don’t think the situation will improve until the matriarchy is removed from public institutions.

    • you’re right, women left their abode: the home, and think they can change the world…

      leadership is for MEN, …..Biological MEN…that’s G_d order.

  4. Around 35 years ago I was having dinner with a very prosperous Swedish couple. This couple had lived through WWII in Sweden. They were teenagers at the time. The subject of religion came up and the only religion that was denigrated was Catholicism. Wow did they hate it. Islam was just fine.

    My wife and I are Catholic. They were unaware of that. We bit our tongues. These Swedes are/were my relatives. I have not seen them or my other Swedish relatives since and have no desire to go back to Sweden to see them, their country or my relatives.

    • The Swedes, over many years, created their very own little heaven-on-earth, full of virtue and righteousness.

      Indeed, the Swedish governing classes will now choose their own destruction, rather than admit to their folly.

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