My Name is Legion!

The following video from Brazil is a spoof on the Greta craze, as well as a riff on The Exorcist.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You have destroyed my dreams.
00:03   I won’t be able to cross the Atlantic in First Class anymore!
00:10   Burning thousands of gallons of fuel, throwing it in the atmosphere the same way!
00:16   In every tennis class I take I’ll remember this!
00:23   My vacations in European countries
00:27   will never be the same! —Shut up!
00:34   Let this soul have peace!
00:37   What’s your name, demon? Demon?
00:41   Demons! Because we are legion!
00:45   Yes, I know. Lots of evil entities misguiding your mind!
00:51   International Environmental NGOs:
00:54   Leave her NOW!
00:58   Plastic straws!
01:03   They’re killing the turtles! By the power of the triad: Chicken; Cow; Pig!
01:09   Leave her, international NGOs! I command you!
01:13   Leave this poor soul in peace! There’s only red meat and chicken there.
01:18   No pig. This is a chicken medallion…
01:23   …and bacon. —Oh, no! Desecration of veganism!
01:28   There’s something stronger there. An even more powerful entity controlling this girl!
01:34   What’s your name, demon? —My name is:
01:37   George Soros! —Oh, God damn you!
01:42   By the power of non-aborted children: Leave her, George Soros!
01:47   I shall never leave! Mwahaha —You have left me no choice.
01:53   I’ll have to use the power of the oppressor ritual.
01:59   [imitates voice of Brazilian President Bolsonaro] Listen, the Amazon is ours, OK?
02:03   It’s no use in trying to mess with us here, OK?
02:07   [Pain] This one never fails.
02:12   [imitating President Trump] People of America: God bless you!
02:17   [Pain]
02:30   Hi, guys, Paulo Souza here, and I hope you enjoyed the video.
02:33   Today we had a special guest: Francine Vieira
02:37   She was really lovely, as you can see.
02:40   She terrorized you.
02:43   Not as much as Greta at the UN.
02:46   Francine is a local actress. She gladly agreed to come here with us today.
02:51   Thanks for your participation, Francine. Do you want to say something? Did you like it?
02:55   Thanks for the opportunity; I did like it. It was a very nice experience.
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6 thoughts on “My Name is Legion!

  1. Oh, at last! Someone willing to say they see that the Emperor is …naked! And not just naked, but actually a disease ridden twisted, bent hag!

  2. Sad, sad times! This deranged child (Greta) should be in school, not in the news! Where are our moral values? Are there any truly Christian leaders left? All the Pope and other so-called “spiritual” leaders have to say is we should “adore” Nature and Environment? Are they our new gods? What about Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit?
    May the true God protect us from this new Paganism…
    By the way, I’m RC, but I refuse to follow Francis’ opinion about politics, climate change, environment, and other related subjects! He is NOT infallible (no Pope ever is) when he speaks about that! – Church doctrine says so, very clearly. In order to be considered infallible, he must speak “Ex cathedra” and “about Faith and Morals” – definitely not about politics!
    (Please forgive any grammar/syntax) mistakes – I am not a native English speaker).

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