Muslima Rages Against Michael Stürzenberger in Offenbach

The doughty German anti-Islam activist Michael Stürzenberger, who is often prosecuted but never daunted, appeared in the city center of Offenbach a few days ago to give one of his informative presentations on Islam. A young Muslima was so enraged by his actions that she threw a tantrum while the video cameras were running.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

MissPiggy has also translated the text that accompanied the video at Politically Incorrect:

On Friday October 25th, as part of their Germany tour, the citizens’ movement Pax Europa (BPE) were in Offenbach. BPE members hung up 160 posters at 80 locations and distributed thousands of flyers to interest citizens in the event. The planned mosque construction by Millî Görüş in the already strongly “enriched” city means it has great need for information.

The establishment parties are happy about the €4.5 million project with a minaret for 600 Muslims. It is estimated that 14,000 Muslims live in Hessen’s fifth-largest city, and to date there are already ten mosques. Friday’s rally at the Aliceplatz between 12 noon and 7pm included a very exciting discussion with the citizens (See video). According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, the magistrate of the city reacted to the posters on Tuesday with a statement in which it wished to have “no imported debates on the subject for parties to catch votes”. If a mosque was a topic, then it would be discussed by those affected. Well, this magistrate is obviously badly informed. The BPE is not a “party trying to catch votes”, but rather a citizens’ movement that has been enlightening people about Islam for over 15 years. And this magistrate should be grateful when the discussion is enriched with extensive facts about the threat of political Islam. The BPE provided citizens with information that has been withheld from them by the mainstream media and the old parties.

OP Online also reported about the poster campaign and the BPE rally, tendentiously as expected, and called it a “controversial right-wing populist campaign”:

“Offenbach is not a good place for hate demonstrations by right-wing or right-wing populist movements: in 2017, an appearance by the AfD politician Alexander Gauland at the Stadthof in front of just forty sympathizers was drowned by the whistling concert of the counter-demonstrators.

“Also the action of the right-wing populist ‘citizen movement Pax Europa’ (BPE) planned for Friday (October 25, 2019) is already encountering resistance. The fact that the BPE is advertising its event throughout the city with the right-wing populist and Islam opponent Michael Stürzenberger, who has been watched by the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution and convicted of incitement of the people, has caused controversy.”

Video transcript:

00:00   May I ask the woman a question? —Yes. —Why do you come to our country if we are the ones that
00:06   supposedly attack and wage war against your countries? Why do you come here?
00:16   I was born here and grew up here. Just the same, I fight for my religion.
00:20   I fight for my sisters, my siblings. What!? What!?
00:23   You go to Muslim countries and destroy everything.
00:26   You take everything we have. What!? What should we do?
00:30   Where should we go? Where should we gooooooooooooooooooo!? Where should we go!?
00:35   Where, where? —Where are your roots? Where are your roots? —It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter.
00:39   I’m MUSLIM. —It would interest me, because you say we wage war in your land.
00:43   Tell us where you are from. —It doesn’t matter. I’m MUSLIM. —So it doesn’t matter? —I’m MUSLIM.
00:47   It doesn’t matter. —But if you claim we wage war
00:50   against your country, just say which country it is.
00:53   Doesn’t matter; I belong to Islam. —No, it does matter, because we Germans don’t wage war.
00:57   Anywhere we are, we are on peace missions. In Afghanistan we’re on a peace-keeping mission.
01:05   In Syria, too. We are on peace missions everywhere. Germany doesn’t wage war anywhere.
01:10   Who gives you the right?! Who gives you the right?
01:16   This here is for my brother of Islam. Insh’allah you all will go down. —We’re going down? —Yes.
01:25   Who give you the right, you s****y Nazi!? —Exactly, freedom! —We come to you, you s****y Nazi!
01:32   You are! You are! You are! You are! You are! You are! You are! You are!

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4 thoughts on “Muslima Rages Against Michael Stürzenberger in Offenbach

  1. Foaming at the mouth this rabid victim of Islam. The West does not want you. Go to where Sharia reigns supreme is my advice. Though I suppose the infrastructure and transfer payments leave a lot to be desired… did I mention that I consider Islam the enemy of all mankind?

  2. The islamic horde is the instrument for destroying Germany dating back the Hooton Plan and before. They are profiting of this situation pushed on from elsewhere and the Germans are prone for lack of knowledge of the History, well tamed since WW2.
    The only way to push back those hordes is to reduce drastically ALL wages, ALL social assistance, imposing Language and Culture exams to all. Otherwise go back home.
    Home? Where is “home”? Home is where your ancestors created the Nation (if any), the Culture, where they fought for. If you born in China, you are not a Chinese. The Law about is only a fiction.

    • It is too late (after 2019) to impose any strict laws or even deportations of these millions of hordes of peoples from third world countries (especially Muslims) as 1) politicians-traitors act upon wishes of wicked globalists (most of them are based in the multicultural countries such as the US), 2) the nations of Western Europe were brainwashed with guilt (for colonization and holocaust), and 3) they are mostly very selfish, lazy and incapacitated to make an insurrection or any serious opposition due to many reasons (corporate social-fascism and liberalism governs their will and they are not able to see it!).
      So, the civil war is inevitable in Europe as well as USA. The only countries that may be spared ( to some degree) are the former communist countries (plus Russia).
      Any reasonable man or woman – a native European ( in the sense of his/her ethnicity which is being original European) should wake up and prepare for the Changes to come, including his/her active role in them.
      In the absence of the preparation, the angry hordes of migrants will win the first rounds in Europe.
      Eventually (as before in the history of Europe) these foreign and hateful hordes will be removed from Europe; but it will be at the most horrific cost ever imagined!

  3. The Germans are too busy committing suicide by virtual signaling viva low birth rates , appeasing violent Islamic cult followers and bringing in millions of violent Islamic “refugees ” who will sucks the welfare tit of Germany dry in no time. Producing 5 babies per wife with a man having up to 4 wives according to Islamic law with no means of employment . The plan to have Sharia over ride the law of the land in Germany ,it starts with the killing free speech any speech the tells the truth of Islam and Islamic ambition to rule all the world under Sharia law.

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