Marine Le Pen: “The State is Criminally Absent”

In the following excerpt from a recent press conference, Marin Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally) in France, talks about the deadly jihad attack on a police prefecture in Paris, and the effect that mass Islamic immigration is having on public order in France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Ladies and gentlemen of the press, allow me a couple of remarks about
00:03   the killings at the police prefecture in Paris. — “Immigration and Attack” by Marine Le Pen
00:08   The [female] president of National Rally
00:12   held a press conference
00:16   just before the beginning of the parliamentary debate on immigration.
00:20   We are here, as with all the subjects of denial
00:24   by the State and of the lies by the State. Despite the deaths,
00:28   the killings; despite warnings of the imminence
00:32   of terrorist dangers, the State and its leader, the government
00:36   and its administrative agencies do not decide
00:41   to take into consideration the Islamist danger. Worse! It’s a mortal danger
00:45   that the government makes increasingly worse every day,
00:49   with their senseless immigration policy. The State is absent:
00:53   dramatically absent, criminally absent.
00:57   I can tell you — because I’m deeply convinced of that,
01:01   which I think is shared by many specialists in the matter —
01:05   that Islamist fundamentalism developed
01:09   little by little over the years, especially through people who immigrated
01:13   to our country. Among them, some probably arrived for that very reason.
01:17   And you will notice that out of almost all
01:21   of the Salafist or Islamist imams in our country,
01:25   almost all of them are foreign. Therefore,
01:29   of course, Monsieur Harpon [Mikaël Harpon, the jihadi] was French,
01:33   born in France, but he had converted,
01:37   and he was going to a radical mosque,
01:42   and in those radical mosques, imams, especially one of the imams
01:46   I told you about earlier today, was someone who
01:50   had himself committed acts, and took positions so shocking
01:54   that it was decided to deport him from the country. It’s so rare!
01:58   A gentlemen who must have committed a fair number of them, so yes,
02:02   of course, there is a link between anarchical immigration and the development
02:06   of Islamist fundamentalism in our country.

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  1. Indigenous French – time for another revolution – take out the Socialists, Elitists and Muslims or you will be history. Of course, there is always Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia but the you would have to give up your croissants and baguettes.

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