Interview With a Nazi Hunter

The following video from VICE News features an interview with a German Antifa activist who likes to beat up “Nazis” in the streets. Make sure to watch it all the way to the end (past the credits) so you can see Vlad’s brief postscript.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   You don’t have to be a two-meter tall badass
0:03   to attack Nazis. There are — there’s weapons for that.
0:06   I’ve never experienced that these Nazi pigs stand still.
0:09   They always run.
0:17   Yeah, I can remember the first time very well.
0:20   It was at the city festival. A junior activist
0:23   of the local NPD structure had been identified.
0:26   There was a start signal,
0:29   two people hustled the mother away from the event,
0:32   one person hustled a friend away from the event,
0:36   and one person — me — attacked the Nazi,
0:40   and I hit him in the face from behind. He fell down pretty quickly.
0:44   And then a bunch of…
0:47   more blows to the face.
0:50   Once the abort signal sounded we ran away.
0:53   What is the point of beating Neo-Nazis?
0:56   The first goal, frankly spoken, is:
0:59   When the infrastructure of Nazis is being constrained,
1:02   when they are in the hospital, when they don’t
1:05   have a job anymore, in that time they then can’t
1:08   do any political work, and they can’t attack other people.
1:12   When you get hit in the mouth three times,
1:15   when your car has been torched twice, maybe you lose your job,
1:18   at some point you can’t be bothered anymore.
1:21   For what, anyway? For scabrous Nazi-politics?
1:24   People start to think twice then.
1:27   And that always was the strategy of the Antifa movement.
1:32   Are you not afraid?
1:35   I’ve never had… I’ve never been really afraid.
1:38   But that’s mostly because we, as already mentioned,
1:41   [unintelligible], that we… that the Antifa,
1:44   we are always smarter.
1:47   When we attack Nazis, to us this is not just sport.
1:50   Or, it has nothing to do with fairness.
1:53   To us Nazis aren’t just some opponents in a form of sport.
1:56   That’s why we always outnumber them,
1:59   and it is always unfair. When you go against Nazis,
2:02   the conflicts are never fair.
2:05   Aren’t you just fond of violence?
2:09   Well, first of all, I am doing this for political reasons.
2:12   I’ve said that already,
2:15   and second… it is of course true
2:18   that I get personal satisfaction from this.
2:21   I mean a lot of people are certainly familiar with this,
2:24   this sense of lack of power against the pressure from the Right,
2:27   the sense of anger about all these reports of racist attacks,
2:30   of — in the meantime — even dead people.
2:33   And… when you then very concretely
2:36   get to cause serious bodily harm
2:39   to one, or more than one, Nazi,
2:42   that is an enormously satisfying feeling.
2:45   And I have to be honest here…
2:49   it is plainly said that it is a lot of fun to be the hunter.
2:53   To hunt Nazis…
2:56   is an insane adrenaline boost.
2:59   What I just positively presented and laid out for you,
3:02   how much fun it is — there’s a flip side to it, too, of course.
3:05   I believe that when you exercise violence,
3:08   tendentially this will lead to making you a bad person.
3:12   And therefore the danger that this will develop
3:15   a momentum of its own is always present.
3:18   Is political violence always wrong?
3:21   There will always be people who say that left and right violence
3:24   are the same thing, but of course we see that differently.
3:27   Nazis attack people simply for attributes that they can’t change,
3:31   like the color of their skin, or sexual orientation.
3:34   And we attack people because
3:38   of their political orientation.
3:41   And people can change this orientation; people have
3:44   the option to not become our target, when they stop engaging
3:47   in these activities. And there’s one fundamental difference:
3:50   We as the Left want a society in which everybody
3:53   can live and develop freely, where there is no violence
3:56   and no war. And the Nazis want the exact opposite.
3:59   Without Nazis there would be no anti-fascist violence.
4:02   And that is a fact.
4:05   Yeah, we also break their bicycles, so…

18 thoughts on “Interview With a Nazi Hunter

  1. What a loon. What an awful, brainwashed loon.
    This is what a couple of generations of anti-white, globalist indoctrination gets you.
    And how do you go about fixing something like this? That young man in the video can’t be taught the error of his thinking. He’s been fed a steady diet of BS from infancy, maybe even from his own parents. How can you save a nation full of men like that? Do you even bother?

    • “Shower on him every blessing, drown him in a sea of happiness, give him economic prosperity such that he should have nothing else to do but sleep, eat cakes, and busy himself with the continuation of the species, and even then, out of sheer ingratitude, sheer spite, man would play you some nasty trick.” Fyodor DostoyevskyF

  2. This person is the Real NaZi!

    Hes eqivilaent to a brainwashed muslim suicide bomber, totally brainwashed to kill.

    If get attacked by scum leftist nazis like this imbercile, stand and fight back!!!

    Be armed!!! And be ready to defend u selves agains the antifa brownshirt nazis!

    The war is edging closer.

    • Actually he reminds me of a Blackshirt thug from about 1937, beating up Jews and destroying Jewish shops, just because, some power hungry madman (or men) tell him to do so. No critical thought possible in his head.

      • Wintson churchill* i quote!

        *The facists of the future
        will call themselves,
        “anti facists”*

        And there you have it!

        The war has already started, theres already millions of these type of people been brainwashed now, with this leftist marxist and pc crap, the outrage mob, feminazis anit white men haters,
        you only have to open your mouth in public and you will find out quickly who they are.

        *Its not possible anymore to speak and have any worthwhile conversation with people, especially strangers in a public setting, ie, cafes, bars etc, if you do, u better be big, strong, a good fighter, not afraid to fight, plus i reccomend to be armed with a weapon.

        To Engage in conversations now with people who even you thought were friends, chances are very very high, if you are a consevative, classical liberal, christian, pro brexit, pro trump, against open borders etc etc,

        You can be assaulted! For sure blacklisted, you will be ostracised, some clique of these leftists will spread poison whispers about you, behind u back, then u notice people giving u the cold shoulder, u r blacklisted, banned, shut out,

        This is whats going now in the social market place,
        These antifa nazi brownshirts, are one end of the scale, others foist hate and bullying upon anyone who dares to speak up against there fake nazi narrative!!’

  3. This thug proclaims that he, as a leftist, wants a world where there is no violence. He also proclaims that he gets “enormous satisfaction” from beating his target with vicious blows to the face; that it’s “a lot of fun” to do so. To show us how much he enjoys this he repeats the words “fun” and “satisfaction” twice, just so that we’re in no doubt about his motivation and rewards.

    But, he’s innocent of course: it’s all the fault of the “Nazis.” All they have to do to opt out of being his victim is to change their politics. It’s all so easy. His brutality, he assures us, can only lead to a new world of peace, free from violence and war, in which “everybody can live and develop freely.”

    Somehow, I don’t believe him.

    Vlad’s additional clip at the end highlights the problems inherent in Antifa’s willfully distorted way of “thinking.” When you’re in Antifa, everyone else looks like a “Nazi.” How much “fun and satisfaction” did those Antifa thugs get from terrorizing that elderly woman, who was trying to enter an event featuring Dave Rubin and Maxime Bernier, the People’s Party Candidate in the Canadian federal election currently underway? Plenty, I’m sure, but it’s the type of “fun and satisfaction” that appeals only to deeply flawed personalities. Yet the MSM continues to cover for them.

    • that is because the consequences that will be the result of their actions is what the elite wants. Understand, they are financed by the very people who want us to be either enslaved as their personal servants or serfs, or disposed of in some landfill.
      Don’t worry though, their day is coming and their gold won’t save them. In fact, they will be throwing it out in the street because they can’t eat it and it won’t buy bread for them.

  4. Totally supported by every Democrat/Progressive/Socialist/Communist and Muslim in the US. If you don’t think so you are a fool. We are in war. It’s going to get much worse. Much worse.

  5. I live in Montana. Try this stuff here and your life expectancy would be measured in minutes, well actually seconds.

  6. What Nazis? They don’t exist. They were beaten in 1945 by my father’s generation. This creature is the epitome of evil- gaining pleasure from suffering of others. There maybe a few “Neo-Nazis” but they are so small in numbers that they are inconsequential to bother about. This fellow is simply a street lout. What will he do when faced with real opposition one day? They lack courage from what I have seen and experienced when faced down. I have no time for these things. “Nazis” were also Bolsheviks in fact, since they thought and acted the same and read the same literature. Hitler was himself a Communist at one time. These ideas and stupidity must be erased from our countries and their ideology banned from public discourse and partaking in politics. Their actions and ideas have no place in a functioning democracy and are a direct threat to life, property and limb. Not prepared to play by the rules of acceptable behaviour? Then out you go! Same for Islamists and Greens that deploy threat and violence in order to gain power. I have no time for any of them.

  7. Just wait until there are antifa hunters. It is much more fun from my perspective.

    • Hear, hear!

      The observation that they mostly wear uniforms should make positive identification simpler. Flooding basements with a fire hose could be a tactic used to flush such vermin from their lairs to where they can be easily targeted. When not in black pajamas they may be identified by their neckbeard and complete lack of aggression when confronted individually and unmasked.

  8. Why does he not change his opinion?
    Ah, I forgot, some opinions are worth everything.
    And Nazis are not allowed to live. (Yes, I found the movie “In the shadow of the Moon
    But what if all Nazis are gone?

    I believe then we will see the old rivalry between the followers of Trotsky, Stalin, Lenin etc emerge. They will all declare the other group to be Nazis. And when only one Group remains, then they will divide themselves again and declare the other subgroups to be Nazis. Repeat ad infinitum.

    And for the fun part.

    What about MECHA, LA RAZA (the race), La Voz de Aztlan (voice of Aztlan), Hamas, Kach Movement (yes, I once scoured the Internet for groups that want to extinguish other people. And I looked across the globe…) are they also Nazis????

  9. They may call themselves Antifa, but make no mistake, they are Communists, plain and simple. There is not a shred of difference between them and the Leninists who murdered many millions of their Russian countrymen in the first half of the 20th century.

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