Extinction For Thee, But Not For Me

The article and videos below concern the current worldwide climate-change craze, with a special emphasis on Extinction Rebellion. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is about the recent climate demonstrations in Germany, and in particular Clara Mayer, the German version of Greta Thunberg:

The second video shows what the vandals from Extinction Rebellion do to ideologically offensive automobiles:

Here’s a related article about Extinction Rebellion from ScienceFiles (also translated by MissPiggy):

Paid Activists in Berlin: Extinction Rebels Rebel for Cash

by Michael Klein, ScienceFiles

“In Berlin, activists paralysed traffic around the Victory Column. The police spoke of about 1300 people on site. According to their own statements, they did not want to clear the area for the time being. The protest was peaceful. The head of the Chancellor’s Office, Helge Braun, criticized the blockade as “dangerous interference with road traffic”.

The blockade is taking place in Berlin. According to the Tagesschau News report, a small bunch of “1300 people” are blocking traffic around the Victory Column and make life difficult for Berliners, while activists are arrested in London.

In the last post we dealt with the question of who Extinction Rebellion actually are. Now we want to deal with the question: who finances the “1300 people” at the location? How is it possible for these people to sit on the street, not go to work, but instead make a living by getting on other people’s nerves because they’re out to save whatever they’re saving? They must receive financial support from somewhere.

In the case of Extinction Rebellion, the magic word is “Volunteer Living Expenses” (VLE): [image]

You can earn up to £400 or €450 by getting on other people’s nerves, causing them damage and staging yourself as a hero in order to fight for the climate. Extinction Rebellion, a financially well-oiled organisation whose links we have described in a previous post, pays up to €450 a week to the “volunteers” for whom climate protection is so important that they leave everything behind to take to the streets in Berlin.

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to predict that these “activists” won’t leave anything behind that can be described in terms of regular work. These people probably all live on transferred existences, living on state subsidies or are financed by extinction rebellion.

The financing takes place in the context of a volunteer agreement, with which the “paid volunteer” on the one hand signs the creed of Extinction Rebellion and on the other hand declares his claim to VLE — Volunteer Living Expenses. (POSTED ABOVE) This means the majority of activists blocking the streets in Berlin are paid. These activists are of course not financed without reason. The more activists Extinction Rebellion can bring onto the streets, the better their demonstrations are visited, the more the donation box will ring. The more interesting the organisation becomes for all the donors wanting to assuage their guilty consciences, the richer the organisation becomes, despite having declared their goal to be the destruction of capitalism. We also mentioned this in our last post.

The activists for whom the climate is the only thing that matters are being financed, so that their only concern can be the climate. Paid hypocrisy is probably the most perverted variant of hypocrisy. When it comes to stooping to ever lower levels, the Left are incredibly imaginative.

We have packed the result of our joint research into a graphic. What you see here [image at the top of this post] is a network in which money is being moved. It’s a frightening network whose goal is to eliminate the society in which you and I presently live.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   As you might have already noticed, I was at a demonstration in Berlin, Thursday the 3rd of October,
00:06   and right in the middle of the Antifa crowd a young lady attracted my attention.
00:10   I now know that is was Clara Mayer was from Fridays for Future movement.
00:14   Before I show you the clip, I would like to remind you just briefly who she is.
00:21   If you see her then you might know who I mean.
00:24   This young lady was a guest on the talk show with Markus Lanz:
00:27   “So what we can do? We also want to ask her. A young woman just 18 years old,
00:31   who has already made memorable appearances, most recently at the Volkswagen shareholders’ meeting.
00:35   There she made a few, very clear statements to the car industry, among them, the sentence:
00:41   “We don’t demonstrate every Friday because we want to skip school,
00:45   but because we paid particular attention in school.”
00:48   She is becoming an increasingly prominent face for the German movement,
00:51   and has just met with Greta Thunberg
00:54   in Lausanne. She regularly clashes with her parents because
00:58   she no longer wants to fly by plane to go skiing in Austria.
01:02   Welcome, Clara Mayer, I am very happy. It’s nice that you’re here.”
01:06   And she has already given a speech at Volkswagen:
01:10   “The speeches of the CEOs were, of course, pure hymns of praise.
01:14   They are proud of the increased dividends, the high turnover,
01:18   and the great challenges that will be tackled in the future.
01:22   I’m here to say something to you. What you are doing here is not good.
01:28   It’s at the expense of the environment and your children’s future.”
01:32   So now I’ll show you this clip and then it should be very clear to everyone
01:35   that Fridays For Future is not interested
01:38   in changing the climate or even improving the climate,
01:42   but is interested in de-industrializing Germany. And here you go:
01:45   Signs: “No Room for Right Wing Smears” “Class Struggle instead of Fatherland” “FCK AFD”
02:01   Friday For Future kids screaming: “Never, never again, Germany!”
02:14   Clara Mayer’s sign says: “The AfD, but please use a condom, so we don’t catch anything from them”
02:19   Black sign: “Mash the German potatoes”

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Here in the front (damage).
00:12   Side mirror. Window.
00:18   Here there’s glass.
00:22   And on the front, a nice greeting on a note: “Your car is too big.”
00:28   Berlin licence plates.
00:32   So, there we have it nicely. The Extinction Rebellion.

7 thoughts on “Extinction For Thee, But Not For Me

  1. The particular brand of ignorance and naivete represented by Saints Greta & Clara reminds me of the Children’s Crusade and will likely somday have a similar outcome. Notably, they do not preach to or cause public disturbances in locations where the populations and governments are not as “woke” or indulgent of teenage girl foolishness. At some point they might actually begin to believe their own particular brand of male bovine fecal matter and attempt to preach their nonsense in any muslim country, China, Russia, etc, and discover how little valued are their opinions on things which they know nothing about. Particularly, by preaching such nonsense in most muslim lands they would be lucky to escape only having been gang raped. But for now, they have a pretty good gig which will make them fabuously wealthy and influential as long as they stay among their own kind and not believe the twaddle which they peddle.

  2. The uniting factor in all this disruption, delusion, and chaos is George Soros’ criminal enterprise, Open Society. It galls me that this monster still roams free.

  3. God protect us from this eco-madness! How can people be so dumb as to believe such nonsense, and fight for it? We live in a time which is a real Dark Age…

  4. The Extinction Rebellion’s occultic symbol is explained in exoteric terms to the profane useless eaters as being merely an hourglass. Yet the many esoteric meanings of it are much more accurate as to how their name matches their logo. An ‘X’ inside an ‘O’ is synonymous with the mark of the beast. But it isn’t just an X there is it? There are two pyramids in the mirrored as above so below in juxtaposition inside a portal (O).

    Or let me attempt a synopsis of their message. They are conducting rituals to invoke their master rebel to bring about the extinction of mankind. What they seek is the destruction of all human societies. Their mantra is antihuman. Their credo is the extinction of the Human Race. Their archetypal leader is an antichrist rebel. Their method is lawlessness in creating chaos. We’ve seen this type of group before throughout history as the destroyers of the societies they’ve infected in National Socialist Germany, the Soviet Socialists in Russia. Now they are the Globalist Socialists of the world. Paid rabble-rousers, provocateurs, agitators and demagogues. A veritable bought and paid for Fifth Column in every society they are established within. A group of traitors whose…

    “…goal is to eliminate the society in which you and I presently live.”

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