Death by Ax in Limburg

A young woman was murdered early yesterday morning on a sidewalk in the German city of Limburg. The alleged murderer was allegedly angry with his wife for “domestic” reasons, so he ran her over with his car, then took a hatchet and a butcher’s knife from the trunk and finished her off right there on the sidewalk.

[Note: the translated German reports refer to the murder weapon as an “ax”, but from the photos and screen caps it appears to be a hatchet. As I understand it, the German word for either type of tool/weapon is the same, with the latter distinguished by referring to it as a “short-handled ax”.]

According to MissPiggy, the news about this horrific incident is being largely suppressed in the German media. It emerged fairly early that the alleged murderer was born in Germany “with a migration background”. Later reports identified him as a Tunisian.

The cell-phone video of the hatchet attack (WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!) is here.

MissPiggy has translated this excerpt from Politically Incorrect summarizing the crime:

What do the two videos show?

The gruesome images taken by a local resident show a dark-haired perpetrator in a black track suit striking with an ax a person lying on the ground. The 25-second clip is filmed from a neighbouring house. The black Audi can be seen, the tailgate of which is open, and smoke clouds resulting from the impact. In the second video, two members of the forensic team are working next to the body. On the ground next to the woman lie the murder weapons, a short-handled ax [hatchet] and a butcher’s knife. The videographer zooms in on the body; the sweater is pulled over the head; police employees have marked the murder weapons with blue paint. Both videos are available to the PI-NEWS editors; out of respect for the dead we are not publishing it.

The first video is a composite of news reports with overlaid text. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video is a TV news report. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article from Politikstube (also translated by Nash) accompanied the first video:

Brutal murder in Limburg: Man runs over woman and kills her with an ax

A 34-year-old man in Limburg is accused of running his 31-year-old wife over with his car and then killing her with an ax and a butcher knife.

The police reports that they’re investigating this as a relationship crime. The 34-year-old suspect was arrested at the crime scene without resistance by Limburg police.

Witnesses gave accounts shortly after the crime that the suspect first drove over the victim with his Audi about 8:25am. The 31-year-old woman was walking alongside the road on the sidewalk.

Thereafter the 34-year-old suspect exited his car and proceeded to beat the woman where she was lying on the ground with an object in his hands. The woman was so severely injured in the attack that she died at the scene. After witnesses called the police, they immediately arrived and promptly arrested the 34-year-old without any resistance. Specialists for the criminal police have begun to secure the crime scene and investigate it for forensic evidence.

The police have been told that there may possibly be more videos and photos of the crime. They are asking persons who have such videos or photos to not publish them on the Internet but instead to give them to the police for evidence.

[Picture of police tweet]

“Police West Hessen: Since it is of such burning interest, the 34-year-old suspect is a German citizen. He was born and raised in Germany, but doesn’t have a German name. Just how important this is for the investigation is not clear as of today.”

…who slaughtered his wife in broad daylight with an ax.

[second picture of tweet]

“Peter Bystrom: Please stop scaring the citizens of this country by threatening them with criminal prosecution, and just concern yourself with the real criminals in this country. This is simply not bearable anymore!”

[subtweet:] “We have reports that there are videos of the crime floating around on the internet. Refrain from sharing — we will consequently pursue criminal procedures against EVERYBODY who posts and shares video of this, due to depiction of violence (article 131 StGB)!”

Yesterday afternoon the dissident German vlogger Henryk Stöckl posted this on Telegraph (a subset of Telegram, translated by MissPiggy):

This morning in Limburg a Tunisian slaughtered a woman on the street in a bestial manner: He drove his car at full speed, hitting the mother of two (31 years old) and ran her over. Then the 34-year-old got out, took an axe and a butcher’s knife out of his trunk, and literally dismembered the woman!

Local residents who heard the bang of the impact filmed the terrible crime! This video is now to be covered up by all means: The population must not know what is happening on the streets of Germany.

Instead of fully informing the public about the crime, the West Hessen police are now going as far as to publicly threaten the population with criminal proceedings if they dare to show what happened in Limburg today.

“We will initiate criminal proceedings against EVERYONE who posts / shares / publishes a video for depicting violence (§131 StGB)”. (Twitter, 25.10.2019)

Apparently, however, the West Hessen police don’t even know their own laws, because §131 StGB does not apply “if the action serves to report on events of the time or in history”. (Paragraph 2)

But as long as the West Hesse Police Headquarters are only loyal to the government, a rosy future will blossom: The last police chief, Robert Schäfer, has meanwhile been appointed the new head of the Hessian Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The current head, Stefan Müller, already seems to get along very well with Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU).

Whoever the West Hessen police now work for — whether it’s for the population or for politicians — everyone will now be able to answer for themselves.

Video transcript #1:

0:00   “Woman killed with ax and butcher knife”
0:10   The man allegedly first ran over his wife on the sidewalk,
0:13   and then he slaughtered her in broad daylight.
0:16   The police reported that witnesses observed the scene
0:19   on Friday morning when a man ran over a woman.
0:22   The 31-year-old woman was walking along the sidewalk
0:25   near the main train station.
0:28   The 34-year-old man then allegedly exited his vehicle and
0:31   beat the woman lying on the floor with an object.
0:35   The woman was so severely injured
0:38   that she died at the scene.
0:41   The man let himself be arrested without resistance.
0:44   Investigators are treating this as a domestic crime.
0:47   “The German with a migration background beat the woman so badly that she died at the scene.
0:52   They have two children who are now looked after by psychologists.”
0:56   “Since it is of such burning interest, the 34-year-old suspect is a German citizen. He was born and
0:59   raised in Germany, but doesn’t have a German name. Just how important this is for the investigation
1:02   is not clear as of today.” …who slaughtered his wife in broad daylight with an ax.
1:12   Text: “The crime scene video is so unbelievably brutal,
1:20   that piety and decency demand that it not be publicly shown.”
1:23   The eyewitness Mike Goebel saw the horrible crime unfold.
1:26   He was on his way to work when he witnessed the crime.
1:29   I saw the way a car shot past. I thought,
1:32   this guy drives like a maniac wanting to burn some rubber.
1:35   And then I saw how he pushed the woman through the gate.
1:38   He ran over the woman, and then he dragged her through the gate.
1:42   And then he screamed, “You will not cheat on me anymore!”

Video transcript #2:

00:00   We now come to a completely different topic. A man is said
00:03   to have killed his wife in Hessen, on the street with an axe,
00:06   in Limburg city centre. The 34-year-old first ran over his wife
00:11   with his Audi, as the 31-year-old was walking on the sidewalk.
00:17   Afterwards he is said to have jumped out of his car and hacked the woman with an axe.
00:21   She died on the spot of the severe injuries.
00:27   We welcome on the telephone Markus Hoffmann, the spokesperson for police headquarters
00:31   in West Hessen. Thank you for taking time for us. What is the current state of things?
00:36   Yes, the 34-year-old man accused of killing
00:39   his 31-year-old wife this morning on Weiherstraße in Limburg was arrested by the police.
00:47   The man is currently in custody and being interrogated by the police
00:52   about the crime, and the Limburg prosecutor’s office
00:56   will decide during the course of the day whether or not he will be presented to the magistrate.
01:01   Mr. Hoffmann, do you know anything yet about motive or background?
01:05   Was there a fight? We are told they were married.
01:08   Was there a conflict in the relationship? —Yes, as you said, the man
01:12   was married to the woman. We assume this is a case
01:15   of a domestic dispute, but the background of this awful crime
01:19   is still under investigation. Currently the man is being
01:23   interrogated, and perhaps further information will come to light.
01:28   For understandable reasons I’m not able to discuss any
01:33   exact details for the moment. —Can you tell us anything further
01:36   about the two people involved? Have they lived in Limburg
01:39   for very long or did they just move there? What can you tell us?
01:45   The investigation is ongoing and I’m not able to give you any background details
01:51   about the two people involved at the moment. —This all happened right on the street.
01:55   Are there any witnesses that might be helpful in solving this crime?
02:00   Yes, we are requesting it, and there are several possible witnesses,
02:04   even those who made video recordings or took photographs.
02:08   Of course these are of great importance
02:12   for the police investigation. We also request that these materials
02:16   not be simply released onto the Internet.
02:19   We ask witnesses or informants that have information about this case,
02:23   or anyone with recordings, to pass these along
02:27   to the Limburger police. I also have a phone number, 06431 91400.
02:37   Markus Hoffmann of the police headquarters West Hessen, thanks very much. —You’re welcome.

12 thoughts on “Death by Ax in Limburg

    • normally, german newspapers call a decapitation or throat- slitting ” severe injuries of the neck”.
      Those a.m. papers should be put under surveillance by the Smoother General.

  1. He chopped Her to the pieces including a head with Axe!!, on day light in streets in Germany!! How more bizarre can immigration be !! , Merkel disaster, chopping like that , for cheating is a Shar’ia low , I saw the video it’s a horror in day time , I don’t know anymore what a hell this crullers Germans thinking keeping that evil Merkel in the office, she should be in prison for betrayal own people and country, chilling..

    • We are rapidly returning to the dark ages.

      Crimes such as this merit capital punishment.
      God bless the poor young women executed by
      Her bestial husband in such a cruel manner.

      Damn the supine police for trying to suppress
      The true horror of this crime.

      Suggest mutti Merkel is made to attend the
      Autopsy to witness the result of her disastrously
      Erroneous open border policy.

      Wake up Europe.

  2. Decapitation and dismemberment, according to news broadcasts.
    However, the real issue here is the Reich Ministerium der Wahrheit is hunting down enemies of the state who dare post video or images, of speak of this in anything other than glowing, politically approved terms, ie: A diversity enrichment incident today was incited by white supremacist nazi white people, because orange man bad, Donald Trump.
    – sigh –
    The best part is auntie fascist is going full blast informing on those who dare violate taboo and speak the unspeakable. Sort of like…what were those guys in the brown shirts? The goons running around Germany pre 1933?
    Anyway. I’m certain I’ve seen something like this before, I just can’t put my finger on where…

  3. Yesterday I watched a video on VKontakte on this topic. The recording was conducted by a “Russian German”: he claimed that the information from the very beginning was presented intricately. Information about the killer was reported in exactly the same way as information about Germans – repatriates from Russia.
    And only then it became known that this is a Tunisian.
    The man in the video was very indignant.

  4. » As I understand it, the German word for either type of tool/weapon is the same, with the latter distinguished by referring to it as a “short-handled ax”.«

    Indeed, urban Germans, not used to rural tools, mess “Axt” and “Beil”. The former is mostly for double-handed use and usually has a rather narrow edge. The latter is often for single-handed use and also often have wide edge, e.g. for hewing rectangular beams from round tree trunks.

    I saw two pictures in the video, where the first (unsharp) seems to be for one-handed use only and thus should be calle “Beil” (hatchet); the second has a head typical for a axe (length of edge on the wide side) but length of shaft is not shown.

  5. So this is what passes for civilization today in Germany. I thought that the West had successfully dealt with the barbarian followers of Muhammad several centuries ago but apparently that’s not the case as they have taken over Europe with seemingly no resistance.

    If you are a regular reader of GoV it seems like these murders by the followers of the Religion of Peace are a daily occurrence in the occupied zones of Germany, etc. Reporting is suppressed and marginalized. People’s lives, especially women’s, have no value to the fiendish men who commit the atrocities like this one. You would think that the Feminists and their ilk would at least show some concern for actual women who are being killed for the “crime” of being disobedient the wishes of a male relative.

    But I digress. The situation in Germany and elsewhere is analogous to the story of the frog in boiling water. The frog starts out in the pot and doesn’t notice that the water is getting gradually hotter and hotter. Finally it boils and the frog dies.

    Right now in Germany, the pot is just about at the boiling point. I see no sign that frogs are going to do anything about their situation. They surely do not have the will to fight their enemies. And we know how that ends.

  6. Some years ago, I would have called this unbelievable. But now, we seem to get used to that sort of thing happening in the middle of a street in a “normal” neighbourhood, in broad daylight and apparently in such a brutal way that I am certainly not going to watch the video. One or two years ago a Kurdish or Turkish immigrant tied his wife to his car and dragged her through the streets of a German town, with his toddler son sitting in the back of the car. Miraculously she survived.

    However, not all of these, for the lack of a better word, “incidents” are Merkel’s fault, as this case clearly shows. German immigration policy has been wrong and stupid for quite some time, both in letting in too many people from the wrong countries and in badly integrating them, long before 2015, when everything was carried to the extreme.

    PS: The correct German term for the tool I believe he used would be “Beil”. “Axt” isn’t wrong either, but it usually means the bigger type used for chopping large pieces of wood.

  7. These horrific violent murders in streets of germany and europe must also be spreading fear into the european peoples, they see these insane violent muslim wont hesitate to KILL!, gave no fear of consequnces, eager to stab, shoot, chop up anyone who dares to slight them, or oppose them,

    These islamic savages have no place here in our lands!
    What this shows about the followers of the religeon of peace is that if you get intoba confrontation with any of these savages, then you are going to need to be prepared to kill, or be killed!

    These islam b*stds, carry knives, guns, weapons, and they are willng to use them on anyone who will stand in their way.
    While the european man is cowed by hate laws, and commies, feminist traitor,mand huge prison time if he lands even a single punch on these killers,
    Feminazi pc women, and judges, who will always defend and be on he side of the muslim butchers, with pc talk, or frankfurt school speak.

    What is to become of us??? Us being native european, usa, peoples???

    We are forbiden, and already instilled with fear, that our laws only apply to white the natives, whie these camel jockeys are allowed free reign to kill, rape, and takeover our countrys!!!

    Ive long had enough of daily reading about whats going on.

    Islam must be removed from western countrys, along with all traitors, leftists, commies, femisnist fools, all traitors must be rounded up and shipped to muslm and commie countrys.
    Germans dont have any real men, if they did how come merkel is still walking abou?

    • Now it is only a matter of time where individual extra judicial vigilantism will come to play. If you live in Europe, and you are not armed up by now, you are nothing but sheep for the slaughter, time for you to become the wolf, because the sheep get eaten. Block by block, village by village, town by town, time to take your areas back by whatever means necessary, the politicians and police are not your friends any longer.

    • I can not recommend enough the writings of danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels( published here a while ago)
      who in depth explaines the male muslim mindset.
      He made me understand the brutality: it is always something else that causes the crime, never the perp himself.

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