Banglatown in Campania

Palma Campania is a municipality in the Naples region of Campania. Immigrants from Bangladesh — who make up a considerable percentage of the municipal populace — are unhappy that the mayor has refused to give them permission to conduct their Islamic prayer services in the street.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Palma Campania, the “hostage town” of the Bangladeshis

Protests from the Bangladeshi community after the mayor said no to prayers in the public squares. The first citizen: “What racism? I don’t have the power.”

by Francesca Bernasconi
September 25, 2019

Palma Campania is a town in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius, but it closely resembles a city in Bangladesh.

Here, in fact, a massive presence of Bangladeshi foreigners has settled. According to the registry office, of 18,000 residents, there are only 2,000 foreigners, but the unofficial statistics estimate the number to be at least twice as high.

And for some weeks now, the mayor, 34-year-old Nello Donnarumma, has been under attack, blamed for denying the Bangladeshi community the possibility to pray in the squares and the streets. “They have presented me with a sheet of paper with four lines with the name of the street, the day and time — and that’s it,” explained the mayor to Verita. “And then, for reasons of public order, I said no. Racism is not involved, politics is not involved; it is only administrative and technical management.” The Muslim community, in fact, would have liked to meet every Friday to pray in public squares. “ A scenario that cannot be proposed in the present state.” In order to guarantee security, in fact, numerous local police officers would have to be deployed, a force that the municipality does not have.

The mayor declares that he would have to consider a specific service for the event and “leave the rest of the city unattended.” Besides, in Palma Campania, in the case of events not organized by the municipality, they would have to consider private sources to pay security officers.

After the “no”, the Bangladeshi community protested against Donnarumma, asking for a no-confidence, but the first citizen is not giving in. “I have explained clearly to everyone that I will continue to say no if there is no concrete assistance: Men of the forces of order are needed to lift this burden from us of managing this type of ceremony alone.” In the meantime, however, he has requested the convening of a meeting with the other municipal administrations in the area to attempt to discuss the situation.

It is not a question of racism and the mayor points out that he supports the importance of protecting all religions. “But I am responsible for public security in my municipality and I cannot permit that there are situations which are potentially dangerous.” And on Facebook, he confides: “If you try to enforce the laws of the state and guarantee security, you are accused of being a member of the League or a racist.”

[Photo Header Palma Catania: Muslims cannot pray on the street]

[Subtitle: Mayor’s ordinance for reasons of public order. Bangladeshis: “Close to the Lega (League)”]

[Caption under photo: “If you try to enforce the laws of the state and guarantee security, you are accused of being (a member) of the League or, worse yet, a racist.” Integration also involves the adoption of and respect for the norms of the laws of the Italian Republic. And on that, we will continue to be unmoving, with all due respect to the false victimization of those used to the free zones.

Bitterness? Much. Surrender? Never.

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In reality, the mayor of Palma Campania specifies to Verita, “there is a ‘problem’ with the Bangladeshi community, and it is of a hygienic-sanitary character. Of an official population of 2,000 residents, 90% is composed of men who live in disastrous conditions,” he says and specifies that in some residences of less than 50 square meters, 15 to 20 persons live.

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  1. Pakistani-Bangladeshi mass migration = “hijra”- disease infestation. No where is safe from these criminal vermin and scum- even the Mother of European civilisation that is Rome or Greece. Quite deliberate of course. The NGOs are Communist run and import the vermin with the aid of the people traffickers. Gandhi warned the British not to allow an “Islamic State” because he predicted this would happen and the globe would not be safe.

    As usual the donkey-minded British arrogantly ignored this great man and mind. Gandhi was a major thinker of the twentieth Century. Now our civilisations are being destroyed. Our ancestors fought and died to keep us free from these criminals, for whom corruption and death is a way of life. Not heard the Song of Roland?

    Then learn…

    400,000,000s have died already thanks to this global pestilence. Then there is Churchill whose immortal words say it all from “River Wars”.

    Thousands of English women-girls have been gang-raped and sold and yet there is no outcry. The “British” have degraded into a slovenly, amoral selfish demoralised stupid “race”- of whom their fathers would feel ashamed, as I do.

    Even “Eloi” is too good for them, from the book Time Machine by H.G. Wells. The Eloi were illiterate leftovers from a previous civilisation and victims of the underground troglodytes, or Morlocks that were also at one time human. I call the modern version “Bacon”. This is where we have now arrived.

    A whole nation in political ruins being dictated to by German and Belgian bureaucrats. We have screaming childish hysterical creatures in what is left of “Parliament”- a House once admired across the globe, whose occupants are terrified of being called names and even demand police protection from an angry Public-(Yes there are still a few), for a job they know full well takes courage but is now so debased by these infantile trendy lackies-mostly Bolsheviks, that even staged an all too real coup d’etat recently with the aid of Corbyn’s bully-boys surrounding Parliament. Yes a real Coup and as of now, there is no protest from the Bacon nor the Eloi.

    In 1642 Cromwell took up arms against a not dissimilar situation to now. In many ways our current impasse is much worse. We too should be up in arms outraged by this appalling spectacle but people are just too stupid and cowardly to protest at thus disgusting betrayal.

    Have anybody seen pictures of the supposed “Supreme Court” that has replaced the bewigged gentlemen of more sane times? It look exactly like what used to be the “Supreme Soviet” in Moscow…

  2. Prayers in public places, have more to do with staking a claim and “ownership” than it does with praying. The streets are not for praying in, they are thoroughfares. Houses of worship are for praying in. My good wishes to the Mayor, and long may his resolve hold.

  3. Very depressing to hear that Africans are not Italy’s only problem. I wonder what war or persecution these Bangladeshis were fleeing from? They will continue to agitate for street prayers until they get their own way. The streets of Rome & Paris are already impassable at times because of it.

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