B-Day, 31st October 2019?

Today, at long last, is Brexit Day — or such was the vehement promise of Prime Minister Boris “BoJo” Johnson. Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his remarks on the topic.

B-Day, 31st October 2019?

by Seneca III

It is roughly 13 hours to go before Boris Johnson’s original deadline for departure. Looking at today’s possibilities from a Machiavellian/Sun Tzu perspective, the crazy thought running through my head is that this could be a perfect moment for a surprise attack. There will now be a general election on 12th December, and by engineering this Johnson has contained the enemy on a battlefield and to a battle at a distant, clearly defined starting time and date of his choosing. The whole of the opposition is now totally focused on electioneering at the expense of all other matters.

The House of Commons sits beginning at 9:30am today for some mundane routine business, and the Lords assemble to ratify the Election Bill at 11:00am. Thus, all appears to be the calm before the storm and probably neither House will be well-attended. If Johnson and Dominic Cummings, his senior adviser, do actually have a plan and a legislative trick/tool to push No-Deal through before anything can be done to stop them, then timing is crucial and depends on the Lords’ swift ratification of the Election Bill before Johnson and Cummings strike with a preemptive coup de grâce.

This, if it eventuates, would explain a lot of the reasons why Johnson has gone through the motions of presenting a patently unacceptable ‘Deal’ (a modified May’s Withdrawal Agreement) to the House, has meekly complied with every corrupt ruling that has been imposed on him, the strange way he responded to the Extension imposed on us, and has patiently accepted a lot of stick from his own supporters.

It is a weird situation all round, but in these times nothing, absolutely nothing, no matter how way-out, is now out of the question.

Irrespective, whatever happens today and in the immediate future, the abiding reality is that any introduction of external controls on a stable system of socio-political governance that has traditionally been maintained by internal balances inevitably leads to chaos.

It is always the case that the more the greed, the more greedy arise; the more power falling into one group of hands, the more hands thrust towards that addictive chalice; the more morally degraded an entity becomes, the more its move towards societal implosion becomes an unstoppable headlong rush to the edge of a cliff; and finally, the more the corruption and the more property and wealth thus accumulated there comes more anxiety on the part of the beneficiary owners leading to more draconian measures being implemented in order to protect their loot.

All this has brought about the tragic situation we now find ourselves wallowing in, because where more human activities are controlled, then even more of the rebellious will arise and they in their turn will have to be controlled… if possible.

Whatever happens today we in the West will continue to exist in an expanding closed circle of cause and effect, because the real, fundamental problem — immigration/invasion (particularly Islamic) driven by the Globalists — has not gone away, is not being practically addressed and its effects are not being plugged into the long-term political equations. Under such circumstances the end result is always violent conflict.

— Seneca III, Middle England at 0900 hours GMT on this 31st day of October 2019.

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7 thoughts on “B-Day, 31st October 2019?

  1. You need t o add two more “wires” or sheet music lines and more the 12 starred trouble clef over to the left, and then allow the birds to re-arrange themselves so that they are singing their own tunes on the wires that we can follow along with using the ‘sheet music’ that they have supplied. How about a rousing organ chorus in D Major to make Bach proud of his home town Thuringia.

      • Why not? Ode to Joy would be a fitting chorus as the various countries free themselves from being under the heel of the Belgian Elites. It is also one of my very favorite worship songs.
        “Joyful, joyful we adore you, God of glory, Lord of love….”

        • Excuse late reply, but “Ode to Joy” (“An die Freude”) is the poem by Schiller (1785), set by Beethoven in the last movement of his Ninth Symphony (1823), and not including the text you quote; it is also the official European Anthem (not Schiller’s or Beethoven’s responsibility), so my reference was ironic.

          Schiller wanted it to be “Freiheit” (“Freedom”), but the censors wouldn’t allow this so soon after the French Revolution. I don’t know whether Beethoven knew this, but I’d be very surprised if Leonard Bernstein didn’t, when he performed it as “freiheit” in Berlin on Christmas Day 1989, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, with forces from East and West Germany, France and the UK.

    • There is a youtube vid where someone played the music which birds make according to their positions on wires. Quite nice and mysterious.

  2. Last paragraph of this cute essay should go straight to history books …

    But other than that – your pathetic farce just never ends, Albion. I am pretty sure the election in December won’t change or solve anything. This agony is to continue, until … the end result Seneca indicates.

  3. “[A]ny introduction of external controls on a stable system of socio-political governance that has traditionally been maintained by internal balances inevitably leads to chaos.”
    Superb observation.

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