Angela Merkel is the Mother of Africans

Chancellor Angela Merkel isn’t just for the Germans — she’s “Mutti” to the entire world!

The following video is an excerpt from a longer documentary about African migrants to Europe. Nash Montana, who translated it for subtitles, says: “This is not 2015, it is 2019!”

Video transcript:

0:00   Near the residence we meet
0:03   three young men from Guinea, West Africa.
0:06   All of them share the same destination.
0:11   It is our dream to move to Germany to have a better life there.
0:19   I would like to work in Germany, to learn a job, and work in it,
0:23   so that I can live well in Germany.
0:29   Back in their home country, they have watched a lot of YouTube videos
0:32   about Angela Merkel. They show us
0:35   excerpts on our cell phone.
0:39   Angela Merkel has done a lot for illegal migration.
0:42   She is the mother of Africans.
0:45   She’s the reason why so many Africans travel to Germany.

6 thoughts on “Angela Merkel is the Mother of Africans

  1. “She’s the reason why so many Africans travel to Germany.”

    Yeah, I’m sure all the free euros, free housing, free medical care, and all the free white girls that one could care to rape have nothing to do with it…

  2. But the majority remain unemployed (unemployable?), living off the kindness (tax) of workers. This isn’t just, and its not then surprising these young men, with time on their hands begin to kick back. I don’t know who sells them these dreams of Germany, but the reality is much, much different.

  3. unfortunately, these guys will not live well in Germany, even if they get trained in a job( which?brain surgeon, CEO with a chemical giant, lawyer?)
    Ok, with whatever they do , if they do….,they will be able to save and send 40$ home every month which makes them bigshots in their clay and cow manure built village.

    • 30 seconds work in Wikpedia can stop head-scratching. The president of the WJC is Ronald Lauder, heir to Estee Lauder, net worth 4.3bn US dollars. David de Rothschild has high rank in the WJC as well. Rothschild? Has one heard that name before?:-))

      Whereas the head of the ZOA is an academic economist and statistician, and hence salaried, irrespective of any investment acumen that he he may have. His name is Morton Klein.

      I beg to suspect that Lauder and de Rothschild and the WJC as Herzl Award protagonist have interests which are not too far from those of the border-dissolving Soros.

      Those interests involve ensuring ongoing Ponzi-scheme GDP and hence corporate profit growth in hitherto Caucasian countries; Merkel as Mother Africa is a fine enabler of that.

      Why would WJC care about everyday low-rent Jews being assaulted or killed as a result of hijra? They are collateral damage, liability entries on what will still be a good income statement.

      After all, if they want security they can go off and buy 365/24/7 house surveillance and armed guards, it’s quite easy, all they have to do is inherit cosmetics fortunes (irony: off)

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