A Swedish Woman Speaks the Simple Truth

The following video shows a woman-in-the-street interview in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The original video (here) was close-captioned in English, and Vlad and I just converted it to regular subtitles, so I don’t know who to credit for the translation:

Video transcript:

00:00   Does anyone else want to say something? —Yes, I would like to say something
00:04   I think it is sad how things have become in this city. I have lived here, and I’m 50 years old
00:09   and about ten years ago it started to change.
00:12   I don’t go out with my dog​​after it gets dark,
00:15   and if I go out with her, then I have a defense spray in my hand
00:18   and someone with me and then I have a SOS button in my hand.
00:21   I live in the middle of central Gothenburg and I have never experienced anything like this,
00:26   so anyone who says that the reporting of crime has increased — No!
00:30   Just look at the way it is. People everywhere selling drugs.
00:35   They rob, they rape,
00:38   and I’m not saying that it is all of them, but the ones that it is actually about,
00:42   the police and the authorities need to take care of them and actually ship them home.
00:46   We do not want it in Sweden. —Are you a politician or an ordinary citizen?
00:52   I am an ordinary Swedish citizen who actually think this is horrible.
00:56   I do not want this in my country.
00:59   All immigrants who come here to work and do the right thing, giant welcome,
01:02   but those who come here and destroy, and live on benefits, and
01:05   just sit there and should have and should have… Do the right thing before you demand your right.
01:10   That’s what I think.
01:15   What would you like to say to the politicians?
01:18   I want to say to the politicians: Go ahead and come out and stay for example in the suburbs.
01:23   Stefan Löfven can sit down and think a little about what he has done to the country.
01:27   Fredrik Reinfeldt, too.
01:30   We have leading politicians who have no idea what it looks like.
01:33   They just talk and want to be so damn good.
01:37   But they should first and foremost think about the Swedish taxpayers,
01:41   instead of thinking about the migrants who come here and just live on our subsidy.
01:47   It’s not OK. We should have a referendum on this
01:50   NOW! Isn’t there something good about helping people from other countries, fleeing war and stuff?
01:55   Of course! Absolutely, but then they come because of war,
01:58   and they need to be properly investigated. The Swedish Migration Board
02:01   has so many in the queue that they don’t have enough time.
02:04   They just let them through. There is a lot of violence and a lot of threats
02:09   that make the people who work at the immigration office say, OK, you get permanent residence (PUT).
02:14   But why do they get PUT? Do they have any grounds for asylum? Usually not.
02:18   They who come, absolutely. But why are only lonely men coming?
02:24   Where are the women? Where are the children? Why do these men leave their wives and children?
02:29   What kind of cowards are coming here?
02:32   That sit on our streets and sell drugs to our children,
02:35   rape our women, assault our pensioners.
02:38   No, damn it all! just go home with them.
02:45   That was plain speaking! —Yes, I think so, and you know what?
02:50   All my friends feel exactly the same way. It’s just that there is almost no one
02:54   who dares to say it, because then you are racist. One is racist, fascist
02:58   and one is, dammit, not worth anything.
03:01   But we are the ones who built this country.
03:04   We are the ones who pay tax money. It is my grandma and grandpa who built this.
03:08   Am I not worth anything? Should I not have the right to say what I think?
03:12   Without being called a racist? No, No, No!
03:15   I’m not a racist but I have opinions, and I stand up for them every day of the week.

17 thoughts on “A Swedish Woman Speaks the Simple Truth

  1. Wow.

    She has bigger testicles than half the male population of Sweden. The Swedish thought-police should be kicking her door down any minute to drag her off to mandatory reeducation and anti-afromusliphobia indoctrination.

    • Great, honest woman. We need her in the UK, where lazy, scrounging fake asylum seekers are given everything while we have old people dying from the cold, veterans living in the streets and children in poverty.

      Euoropolicians are the worst.

  2. Plain speaking yes, but it was tempered by the ‘genuine refugees are welcome’ concession. Genuine refugees are just as damaging to the Swedish people as the fake refugees are – maybe even moreso. No more refugees. No more. Let them stay in their own country and work/fight to make it to their satisfaction – as the people of the West have done.

    But the real problem is not the refugees, it is those that impose the refugees on us. The politicians are to blame. Their policies have resulted in what is.

  3. …and her friends feel the same way. Really? Then the elections come and the same traitors in Sweden get elected again and again. Once the citizenry is disarmed it’s game over.

    The Europeans are Eloi, just waiting to be slaughtered for dinner.

    Hey, Trump, put out a notice that Europeans are now allowed into America as they live in countries that are too dangerous for them.

    • »Then the elections come and the same traitors in Sweden get elected again and again. «

      You know this autumn there were quite a few headlines e.g. on Dagens Nyheters (liberal-left) website saying: if we don’t watch out, then Jimmie Åkesson (head of Swedendemocrats) will become prime minister in 2022?

    • Has it really escaped your notice that the USA is circling the drain as rapidly as almost all of the other elective dictatorships and elective oligarchies on our benighted planet?

  4. She dont realise, the dem vote system is rigged, broken, her voice, or 10 million voices wont be enough,
    Thats why smith and wesson and kalashnikov came into being, a big market for these companys for people that hVe to solve big problems.

    Look at history, if u dont believe me.

    Sweden is like romania in 1989, except roms had bottle to fight for there lives.

    Sweden is a pussy nation, men [having carnal knowledge of] other men, women fornicating together, sick!!!!

    I dont care about sweden, they brought this on themselves, now suk it up swedes, u have given u country away to muslim savages,

    Enjoy u war 🙂

  5. I was in Venice, Italy last year, where I met a Swede who was also on holiday. I spoke to his (cautiously) about the destruction of Sweden. They are very sensitive. I’ve watched this happen from a far over the last 15-20 years.

    In Winter, when the snow falls, the roads are cleared. Overwhelmed by the amount of snow, they simply dump it in the nearby river or lake. Since these masses of 33d world foreigners simply throw their rubbish onto the floor rather than into the free, nearby trash can, all the rubbish over Winter lands into the beautiful Scandinavian water ways. Turning this beautiful, natural countryside into a cesspit toilet.

    He said, Sweden had become very dirty.

    I think my jaw dropped. They have the highest levels of rape. 200 bombings in the first half of this year. A welfare state which is collapsing. High levels of police suicides. Arab Drug and gangs, African prostitution gangs.

    And all this [epithet] could say was… Sweden had become very dirty.

    This country will not survive the next 50 years. And to be really honest, even though I truly find this country wonderful.

    Do they really deserve anything else?

    • The feeling is there, it just hasn’t found an outlet yet. This is the case throughout the West. But as everyone knows, the more that anger is suppressed the more explosive its eventual release.

  6. This comment is from France.

    As one commenter said, this Swedish woman has balls.
    I simply wish we had more people like her in France. But my compatriots are just like the Swedes: a pathetic bunch of cowardly wimps.

  7. We should be racist. Race is real, and the differences in race are real. And some races are better than others.

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