A New Wave of Migration to Germany?

There are rumors in Germany that a new wave of “refugees” is flooding the country’s borders, but there are also reports (including one by Politically Incorrect) that say the rumors cannot be confirmed.

However, the following article from Bild indicates that the borders are being reinforced with additional police in anticipation of just such an eventuality.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Concern About Refugees

Now more police at all German borders

By Burkhard Uhlenbroich
September 28,2019

It’s a problem the federal government just can’t handle: Refugees and migrants coming illegally to Germany.

By the end of August this year, the Federal Police had registered 26,409 illegal entries at the German borders. In 2018, the figure was 42,487.

The problem is currently worsening because more and more Syrian refugees from Turkey have been coming to the EU since April. In August the UN Refugee Agency registered more than 8,000 refugees from Turkey in Greece. A year earlier there were only 3,200 of them.

The situation in the overcrowded Greek refugee camps is dramatic. The German government fears that many migrants could try to come to Germany.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior is now reacting to this. After Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (70, CSU) extended the border controls to Austria this week, he is now significantly expanding the stop-and-search procedures at all German borders.

On Monday a corresponding decree will be issued to the federal police. The aim is to noticeably increase the presence of policemen in the border area in order to combat illegal entry and smuggling.

Seehofer told The BILD: “Security starts at the border. In addition to the reassignment of border controls at the border with Austria, I have instructed the Federal Police to intensify the stop-and-search practices at all other German internal borders. We have all the borders of our country in view.”

In the case of the stop-and-search practices, the officers carry out checks on persons without there having to be any suspicion about the person. The Federal Police carry out these random checks at all borders and within 30 kilometres inland from the border.

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  1. Some indispensable vibrant diverse enrichment. Diversity is our strength comrade. Forward!

  2. I have a silly question the article does not really answer. What is the purpose of extended border controls, if you only have to say the word “Asyl” and then they let you in?

    • It’s to keep the wage slaves from leaving while the 4th Reich sucks them dry in order to import even more afridis and nafris.

      • Those pesky Germans of WW2 would have never in a million years let those 3rd world savages into our midst. The International Socialist(Marxist) would have and still do, hence that commie Merkel.

  3. Refugees?
    Maybe it’s the French people escaping Macron, his hypocrisy and his pro-Muslim regime.

  4. Excellent! Keep accelerating the Balkans on steroids, the sooner this kicks off, the sooner we can dispose of the diversity delusion.

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