We’re Going to Europe to Make Trouble!

The following video reveals the plans of future Europeans in their own words, with a German voice-over.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:12   They set up barricades, but we’re not staying here.
00:15   We want to go to Europe and there we will cause trouble.
00:20   Threats that play right into the hands the Turkish government.
00:24   Another refugee wave is imminent, and will be comparable to that of the autumn of 2014,
00:28   when hundreds of thousands made their way to Europe via Turkey.

5 thoughts on “We’re Going to Europe to Make Trouble!

  1. Of course, the various governments, aided and abetted by the Lugenpresse will welcome them and lie about their activities. This is Hijra, pure and simple and the Governments are complicit.

  2. The idiot “fakeugees” haven’t really thought this through very well. How will they get money if they raise hell? Who will finance their putrid lives in the coming chaos? The more I see these videos, the more I’m glad I live in redneck land. (Rural Pa)

  3. Too bad there can’t be a large Wall that blocks them from getting in. Electrified wall would be great!

    Why are so many Far Left Nutty Politicians in almost every westernized country letting this & wanting [ordure] like this to happen to the native citizens of their countries? Obviously they are either getting paid big-time under the table from greedy satanic Globalists, like George Soros. And/or they are being blackmailed. Probably both!

    God Help Us! +

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