“We girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country”

Vlad refers to the young lady below as “the right-wing version of Greta”. Here’s a brief description of her from an article at the site 1984:

Marla, 14: “We girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country”

Marla is almost 15. She attends a private school in Cottbus. As brave as an Amazon, she tells of her experiences living in a small city. She tells how she’s been sexually harassed numerous times and how she and her girlfriend don’t dare to go to the inner city anymore. The reason, according to Marla: “So-called shelter seekers”. Marla spoke on August 21, 2019, in Luckau by Brandenburg.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:08   Hello.
0:15   I am Marla, and I am almost 15 years old.
0:19   I visit a private school in Cottbus.
0:23   Today I stand here voluntarily, and
0:27   I want to express my opinions openly today.
0:38   Friends of mine are afraid of going to the city,
0:42   because of the so-called “isolated incidents”.
0:45   We don’t feel safe anymore in the city,
0:48   neither at the mall, nor even in school.
0:52   There are more police walking around in the city,
0:55   which would be totally unnecessary if there weren’t
0:58   these constant incidents in the city.
1:02   Girls are very careful about not dressing too provocatively,
1:06   and about not being noticed, talked to, or worse.
1:11   Regardless of what we deserve, we have not been able to live carefree
1:15   and light-hearted anymore in our own country for the longest time.
1:29   I find it awful that girls and women are sexually harassed
1:34   by so-called “shelter seekers”, and nothing is being done to combat it.
1:39   I myself have experienced this.
1:43   I hate the argument by others
1:47   who say ‘but Germans might do that too,’
1:50   or, ‘we aren’t any better.’
1:53   This is not about who could do this, but who IS doing it,
1:57   and the statistics are unambiguous
2:00   when it concerns refugee delinquency.
2:12   Many adults say we young people should be able
2:16   to form our own opinions, but then when we do
2:19   have an opinion, hardly anyone listens to us
2:22   if it isn’t the right opinion. If our opinions don’t comply
2:26   with the views of the Left, and if they aren’t ‘Fridays-for-future’-compliant.
2:36   I want more young people to finally stand up
2:40   and commit themselves to the well-being of their home country.
2:50   One doesn’t have to hate the foreign, just because they defend what’s theirs.
2:54   I love my country, and I want to live in it safely.
2:59   Thank you very much.

16 thoughts on ““We girls can’t be carefree and light-hearted anymore in our own country”

  1. Very very sad, one person who must be held partly responsibel for this situation is Mrs Merkel, Chancellor of Germany for her fool hardy intervention in allowing so many migrants/immigrants into her country which inevitably enjoined other European countries to also offer an open border. However this issue is approached, the introduction of peoples with a totally different ideology and culture, set amongst a majority of white christian population was bound to cause unmitigated problems. These problems will never really be solved-the religion Islam if one can call it so, more of an political ideology will never alter its main aim, which is to destroy Europe, using as has been said, by the wombs, of their women. The doors of Europe have left open too long.

  2. I’m not really sure why people view the Islamic immigration invasion as some sort of policy error. It was deliberate. The Muslim men were supposed to come, and they were supposed to reproduce with German women, and they were supposed to have flocks of Muslim babies. This was the plan. The Islamification of Europe.

  3. Not just Merkel. Other mainstream politicians, mainstream media too, and the academics – the West is over-run by traitors.

  4. As a Christian woman, I know God is giving Muslims a chance to hear the “good news” and see with their own eyes the beauty & prosperity of Europe – a former Judaeo-Christian continent. However, it’s Europe’s own demise for turning away from Jehovah and embracing Allah & secularism!

    It’s clearly stated in the Bible if you don’t work, you don’t eat! And the greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself! This does not include sexual harassment, rape, criminal activities & remaining a financial burden!

    The Good Samaritan cleaned the victim’s wounds, and allowed him to continue his journey to a safe place (Inn) to rest & heal. Good Samaritan did not take the victim home and let him mooch for days or harass his family!

    There must be zero tolerance & immediate consequences for those who fail to assimilate properly. Governments are responsible for protecting their indigenous citizens! That’s their primary objective & responsibility! When this fails to occur, the indigenous people must rise up in protest and take up the sword if necessary!

    Germany & many Western countries are failing to protect their own citizens from the violence & atrocities of economic asylum seekers. Politicians must be held accountable for their traitorous actions.

    Hopefully 14 year old Marla & indigenous European youth continue to take notice & create future changes in politics. Or rise up against the Judas traitors!

    • ” I know God is giving Muslims a chance to hear the “good news” and see with their own eyes the beauty & prosperity of Europe – a former Judaeo-Christian continent.”

      Good to know. I am sure he is not against more of them coming over to hear the good news. There are over six billion people on Earth who haven’t heard the good news. Perhaps they can come over as well. More the merrier.

    • They can come and see our beauty for sure, but then they need to return home and try to recreate it there. There’s a reason Christianity was defended by the sword in previous eras. You seem to be aware of it, mentioning zero tolerance for those who fail to assimilate. If you dig a bit further, I’m sure you will find the truth.

      • The best for all of us is all these immigrants having a nice mobile, 6000$ as well a photo of nice girl to go back to their Countries. We have to train the trainers and providing to them the half money of Soros spent, for the education and support. Islamism means mental illness and in few years Europe is going to loss its civilization.
        Always to find the solution you have to ask: Who motivate them to come here? Who has benefit to destroy Europe? Which are the European leaders supporting the New World Order?

  5. You don’t hate the invaders? Well maybe you just better START hating them because nothing less will matter.

    • It’s not a young girl’s place to hate, youngsters shouldn’t have to worry about hate. But even if she did, it’s clever to not voice that opinion. You are not going to convince others if you act on hatred. We need more girls to voice their worries. That’s the kind of thing that will make people rethink the situation.

  6. She is no Greta. Greta pontificates on matters of which she has no real knowledge. Marla speaks from experience

  7. In many parts of London the Moslems enforce Islamic dress on infidels too. My own daughter was attacked for not wearing a headscarf. She is a modest dresser too- Marks and Spencer …. So even women dressed in “classic” M and S are now at risk. I had a ‘run in’ in The Runnymede Magna Carta site too. I was told I could not walk my friend’s dog near to Moslems. They tried to get our local RC Church too.

  8. The main migrant program of escalating rape attacks and organized raids into non-Muslim zones has barely gotten started. The Muslims are still experimenting with probes to detect weaknesses before the main criminal drive begins. Most of the benighted EU will be an on again off again hot-warm war zone within 3 or 4 years. People will recall these days as a time of relative peace. Leftist euroweasels will never stand up and defend their nations while they ensure any robust conservative leader is shut out. This will make the Muslim European Intifada even bloodier and more prolonged. How long till Europe crawls on the floor to surrender to their new masters. What a pathetic airshow is coming to Germany and France and Belgium and Spain.

  9. The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) denotes that the Kalergi plan conspiracy theory is a distinctly European way of pushing the narrative of white genocide on the continent, with white nationalists quoting Coudenhove-Kalergi’s writings out of context in order to assert that the European Union’s immigration policies were insidious plots that were hatched decades ago in order to destroy white people.[8] Hope Not Hate, an anti-racism advocacy group, has described it as a racist conspiracy theory, which alleges that Coudenhove-Kalergi intended to influence Europe’s policies on immigration in order to create a “populace devoid of identity” which would then supposedly be ruled by a Jewish elite.[9]

    In his 2018 novel Middle England, author Jonathan Coe uses the Kalergi plan to satirize the concept with his conspiracy theorist character Peter Stopes.[10]

  10. Already, I told you. It’s barbarism. I see it coming in disguise, under illicit alliances and pre-agreed slavery. It will not be about Hitler’s ovens perhaps, but about the deliberate and quasi-scientific subjugation of man. For his complete humiliation. For his impunity.

    So one wonders: Why do we fight day and night in our labs? We are fighting for nothing, which is everything. They are democratic institutions, which all show that they will not stand for long. It’s the quality that no one gives a fifth for. It is the entity of the individual, which goes toward its total eclipse. It is the independence of small peoples that has already become a letter dead. It is ignorance and darkness. That the so-called “practical people” – most of us today’s bourgeoisie – are mocking us, is typical.

    They see nothing. We do everything. Where the truth is, there will be a day when you will no longer be here. But if it is worth it, it will be the work of some of us. And that will save the honor of us all – and of our time. ”

    Statement by Ulysses Elytis on October 19, 1979, on the occasion of his announcement of his Nobel Prize in Literature.

    The poet Ulysses Elytis passed away today, March 18, 1996.

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