The Self-Pity of a Geezer-Beater

A weeping culture-enricher from Africa is confident that he will be let off without any jail time for severely beating an old man in the German city of Offenburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Ali M. Beat Pensioner Detlef J. (75) Half to Death

The Sorrowful Letter of a Geezer-Beater

It was in May when the pensioner Detlef J. became a completely innocent victim of Ali M. As BILD reported, he was on his way home from playing Yahtzee when he met Ali M. near the Offenburg train station.

Since the once-spry pensioner met the rejected asylum seeker Ali M. on 16 May, his life and that of his family have changed dramatically. The victim of the African migrant initially fell into a coma and must now be fed externally. He is no longer responsive and blind in one eye. The victim’s sons currently do not know who will pay for the care of their beloved father, who was half beaten to death (jouwatch reported).

Now the thug has written a letter full of self-pity. In the miserable letter, parts of which were quoted by Bild newspaper, he writes how bad he feels. He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the crime and became afraid of drug addiction. That is why he presumably hit the old man, according to the African, who had already beaten a taxi driver in Freiburg before the crime. Ali M. was arrested several times by the police because he had behaved in a conspicuous manner, the newspaper continues.

Ali M. has no word of regret for his victim in his woeful letter. He writes that he is on the right path now and undergoing therapy. In addition, he confidently assumes that he will get off with probation, because he was under the influence of drugs and was therefore unfit to blame. Ali M. ends his letter with the information that nobody has noticed. That he is crying.

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  2. Any time a wild animal mauls or kills a human, we snuff it out. Bears, cougars, even domestic dogs like pit bulls, rottweilers, and shepherds. If they attack us, we kill them. End of story.

    I see no reason to do anything differently when dealing with the “culture enrichers.” Their excuses mean nothing. You cannot rationalize-away what was done to that 75 year old man or to countless other victims of proto-human savagery. Valuable human lives are being ruined by feral primitives. Do we not have an obligation to protect valuable lives from the idiots who contribute nothing?

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