The Dead Letter Office

The thank-you notes for last month’s fundraiser have all been written, and only two of them bounced. One was for a first-time donor in California (it’s amazing how many gifts we’ve gotten from the Left Coast over the years, considering the condition of the state).

The second one was from a recidivist in Alberta. I don’t know what went wrong with that one — I’ve written to him successfully a number of times in the past.

If either of those descriptions fits you, and you haven’t received an acknowledgement, that may be why. And if I missed anyone else (which is possible; I had a lot of notes to write), please let me know.

And then there’s the mystery snail-mail donor in Illinois — you know who you are, but I sure don’t!

2 thoughts on “The Dead Letter Office

  1. fine attitude towards your readers! The guy who always said” I would prefer not to” worked in a dead letter office too. Do not make him your role model, please.

  2. As best I can tell, da Baron is scrupulous about acknowledging (even small) donations. His appreciation of small donors does not go unnoticed- not all bloggers are so attentive to the matter.

    He also is responsive to concerns that his readers may have. For example, one of my pet peeves is censorship for issues beyond profanity, threats, or perhaps even exceeding the bounds of Dymphna’s Rules of Good Taste. It is good to find a web site that tolerates vigorous disagreement so long as it complies with said Rules, which certainly must add appreciably to the overhead of the site.

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