“Swedish” Rapper Calls for a Race War Against Whites

The following video and its accompanying article from Samhällsnytt showcase a blatant call for a race war against whites by blacks in Sweden. It’s important to note that the outspoken young man featured in the video has Swedish citizenship.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this, yet the Gutmenschen of Sweden continue to pretend that everything is fine and dandy in the Humanitarian Superpower. Except for climate change, of course, but Greta’s going to take care of that.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes subtitling the video.

Rap artist from Lund calls for death for whites: “Shoot them”

by Simon Kristoffersson

A YouTube personality and rap artist well-known among young people has started a closed account on social media in which he invites only black people. In several video postings, he calls for the murder of white people in Sweden. Samhällsnytt has gained access to the account and can now reveal the way a Nigerian immigrant propagates racism to hundreds of young people. “If some white guy or white girl tries to talk s*** about you — shoot them.”

The well-known YouTube personality is “JCBUZ”, who has 280,000 subscribers on his two YouTube accounts, in which he reviews current hip hop records in Sweden and shares his own gangster-inspired rap music. JCBUZ, whose real name is Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, is 22 years old and has a registered residence in Lund. According to the tax police, he immigrated from Nigeria in 2008 and now has Swedish citizenship.

On a newly-registered and locked Instagram account under the name “barasvarta” (black only) several video clips with JCBUZ have been uploaded. In the presentation text for the account, which has 465 followers up to now, followers can read: “Black Power in Sweden” and “Only for Blacks”.

Samhällsnytt has gained access into the account, where it is clear that only blacks should be allowed to access to the content. Below is a photo update from his account where he states that he does not allow any white people to join the group.

On Tuesday several video clips were uploaded on the account where the rap artist incited murder against white people in Sweden.

Text above video:

“Created our group so we get it together”

JCBUZ states in a post that he has created “our group” so that blacks will get together in the fight. He means that blacks “must take over”.

Below is JCBUZ’ speech and the video clip:

“My brothers and sisters, my black brothers and sisters, I have an important message for you. I only want to say to you, my black brothers and sisters out there: You are special and nobody is like you. Continue the war.

“We will take over — we will be number one — one beautiful day we will become number one. We will take over those whites here. Just like these whites took us as slaves, we will take them as slaves and treat them even worse.

“But right now we’re just fighting among ourselves. We’re going to be smarter, we’re going to be faster, we’re going to be the best at everything. We’ll take their bitches and we’ll take their money. To be perfectly honest, we will be the best race ever. This is only the beginning; it is starting small but believe me, we will grow and grow bigger. We will be the strongest group in Sweden — no one will dare mess with us. Just wait, a beautiful day.

“The whites try to mess with us — then you know what will come (gun sign with fingers). We will show them how we do it. We are warriors, do you understand? We are African warriors — They are not on our level. This is just the beginning. Black power. Black power.

“If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk s*** about you – shoot them! If they talk s*** about your family – shoot them!”

Text below the video:

“Created our group so we will stick together”

JCBUZ says in a post that he has created “our group” for blacks to stick together in the fight. He believes that blacks “must take over”.

Text of comment thread ( red box 1):

“Up to now whites have seen us as their slaves. Even if they don’t say it straight out, it is what they think. I swear everything — that is why I created our group— so we can get ourselves together.”

Red box 2:

“Therefore, we must take over.”

Text below photo of JCBuz making shooting sign:

CBUZ makes pistol sign on social media. Facsimile Facebook.

In the comments, a “Chidde” writes out his/her hatred toward whites, as they are unsocial and the type who all talk behind your backs and are racist. Chidde says further that whites “always get better grades and jobs”.

“White People”

In several posts, the artist expresses his hatred against whites. In one post with a noose is “ White People”, and then, “We blacks are the best.”

“What do you think about white people?”

Several posts call for hatred toward people with a white skin color. One person writes, “They think they are better than us, but it was we who build everything up here.”

“If a white boy messes (with me) I would shoot him.”

In one post, a picture is shown with text that says one cannot be racist if he isn’t white. Followers are then asked if they agree.

One person named “Abdi” states that he will squeeze the trigger if a white boy talks bad to him.

Shows video clip where a white boy is hit

The account also shows a video clip where a white boy is wrestled down by a black boy in a gym. Over the video post is the phrase “black power” and there follows several jubilant comments where he is happy that the white boy is knocked down.

No response from gangster rapper

Samhällsnytt has sought out JCBUZ Conable without results, both by telephone and email for a comment.

Update: Conable has responded to Samhällsnytt’s article via his Instagram account with the following comment:

(Laughing emojis)

It is not clear whether anyone has reported the artist for hate towards an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp].

Update 2: Conable has taken note of our article and now writes that he wants to “eliminate the snitch” (“informer” — editorial note) in an update in his closed Instagram group.

Image at bottom in black:

“We have a snitch among us. He or she must be eliminated.”

Video transcript:

00:00   My bothers and sisters, my black brothers and sisters,
00:05   I have an important message for you. I only want to say to you, my black brothers
00:10   and sisters out there: You are special and nobody is like you. Continue the war.
00:17   We will take over — we will be number one — one beautiful day,
00:21   We will take over those whites here.
00:24   Just like those whites took us as slaves, we will take them as slaves,
00:27   and we will treat them even worse. But right now we are fighting among ourselves.
00:31   We’re going to be smarter, we’re going to be faster. We’re going to be the best at everything.
00:35   We’ll take their bitches, and we’ll take their money. To be perfectly honest,
00:39   we will be the best race ever. This is only the beginning. It is starting small, but believe me,
00:43   we will grow and get bigger. We will be the strongest group in Sweden
00:47   Nobody will dare mess with us. Just wait, a beautiful day.
00:54   The whites try to mess with us — you know what will come. We will show them
00:58   how we do it. We are warriors, do you understand? We are African warriors.
01:02   They are not on our level. This is just the beginning. Black power. Black power.
01:09   If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk s*** with you — shoot them.
01:14   and if they talk s*** about your family — shoot them.

28 thoughts on ““Swedish” Rapper Calls for a Race War Against Whites

  1. “Rap” (and “pop” and “rock” by the way) = [odiferous substance]. Nothing more to say.

  2. Just one question for that nigerian rapper boy: After you and your brothers and sisters have won that war you’re rapping about, and taken over, who’s going to feed you?

    • Not a problem, just have to look at the success story that is Africa, which is why and his superhuman bro’s are festering in Europe.

    • We ALL must report him! To the Swedish Police & to YouTube & anywhere else where him or ANYONE else like him posts this dangerous Anti-White Racist sick [ordure]!

      I blame the Fake Liberal Lying News & the politicians & the leftist lying elites for spreading Hate! They are creating this on purpose to get people to hate white people.
      It has to stop! They create Self Hate too. It’s everywhere & in all the schools & etc. They spread lies that White Supremacy is on the rise when in fact it is NOT on the rise. I checked, the REAL FACTS & it is NOT the White Race who are the dangerous Racists, I think we all know who is though. This guy is talking as if all whites had black slaves, which is NOT true. Like only 1 to 2 percent of whites had slaves & that was hundreds of years ago. None of them are alive today & not one white person owns any slaves today either. I wonder why he isn’t mad that the middle easterns are still to this very day kidnapping black people from Africa & forcing them into slavery. Or at his own kind for selling black slaves to every race in the World. Or at the Chinese who HATE black people & are taking over the continent of Africa & has been for quite awhile…

      And why in the **** is he living in Sweden? LEAVE & go back to Nigeria if you don’t like white people, ya big racist baby!

      Isn’t what he is doing online/YouTube & etc. a terrorist crime?

      Well, he isn’t too bright & he doesn’t know History cause he didn’t build anything, especially in the West. Oh & when anyone builds something that doesn’t mean that they designed it… builders are just worker bee’s. They aren’t special. The intelligent people who create/ design buildings & tell the worker bee’s(builders) what to do & how to do it! That’s it!

      Now report report report him before he or one of his [ordure] for brains Anti-White Racist followers does something horrendous to someone/a White person.

  3. The worrying thing about this is that the authorities will find an excuse to take no action.

    • We ALL have to report him.
      We ALL need to report him to the Swedish police, YouTube, & whatever other platforms he is on spewing this dangerous Anti-White Racist violent garbage to his racist followers. This is so sick!

      I think if all those places get enough reports then I believe(hopefully) something will be done about it.

  4. They talk about “taking over. The muslims do too but have you seen the countries that they rule? They are mostly incapable of running a welk stall.

  5. I wonder why the swedes don’t just banish him back to Nigeria. He would be happier there, among all his fellow black brothers.

    • I really hate to rain on your parade but, this is going to take bullets and rope to send the message that these 3rd world savages are not wanted in our western countries, and make no mistake, it is coming and when it happens, it will be unexpected, and come from nowhere to where none of these 3rd worlders will be safe amongst us. Take it to the bank.

  6. .
    This is a ridiculous trifle
    not worth mentioning.
    It’s about one so far
    unknown, uninteresting
    and insignificant scum
    that at the next regime
    change immediately
    will be repatriated.

    • Regime change? The Social Democrats have been running Sweden basically forever. It’s full speed ahead. Sweden is basically a two-tiered justice system that allows guys like this to say whatever they want while cracking down on Swedes who protest the out of control immigration and resultant crime. And make no mistake: This guy has a following.

  7. Disgusting creatures. Ingrates that have not changed in 3,000 years. They’ll still be saying and threatening the same when “Whitey” is gone. Look at South Africa.

    No need so say anymore.

    When I was in Kenya in 1960’s they thought at Independence day they would get free TVs and cars. They did not, so they rioted and burned their own dwellings down. The Europeans rebuilt them.

    The migrants came to Europe expecting the same- free BMW’s. Free house and endless largesse from the people this [epithet] threatens. What are they going to do when the welfare runs out? Seen it all before. I am in a mixed marriage. Where she comes from they are just the same- thick, arrogant and demanding so they blame the mulattos. This is also happening in Nigeria, South Africa and former Rhodesia now they want Europe eh?

    This is African “aviation”. It is maybe funny but is in reality pathetic and sad. All this man does, like his ilk is hate. They are good at hating.


    • Interesting. I’m writing an essay on Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart” and have been reading some of his essays as background. It’s sometimes painful to encounter his ambivalence toward Africa. He loathed colonialism, but he sometimes loathed Nigeria also. And his novels betray that ambivalence, too. The worst thing is that his efforts to extoll the historical virtues of Africa fall so flat.

      • Funny they never mention how muslims have taken over so many beautiful countries, by BRUTAL FORCE & destroyed them & its people, now those countries are 3rd world violent dangerous sheeett-holes. That is colonialism on Steroids! They never mention how THEIR own sold them as slaves to the World. Or that only 1 to 2 percent of whites had slaves(& not all were black, some where Irish & Italian). And that was hundreds of years ago. No white person alive today has ever owned a slave. Or the fact that the middle easterns are STILL to this very day kidnapping black people & forcing them into violent slavery.

        This guy is not too bright & he better get arrested & taken offline because him and/or his Anti-White Racist followers may do something HORRIFIC to a
        White person. They better do something before it is to late.

        This is so sick!

        • It is already too late, and the fact you are depending on the authorities to do something means you’re in for one heck of long wait. We are now past the point of no return where civilized means to deal with uncivilized savages is concerned, that day has come and past. What is coming, is going to take medieval means and methods of dealing with these 3rd world savages, anything less is an exercise in futility. It is going to take ruthless hard men to get the job done.

  8. .

    The bombing place in Lund is seriously damaged
    Young woman passed by. Then the extremely powerful bomb exploded.

    Heberlein: The bomb blew up a block from me
    Is shocked. “Two hours after my daughter passed.”

    The bombing in Lund is compared to the Balkan war:
    “Woman screamed really loud”
    Police confirm passersby were injured.
    Devastation on site.

    Massive explosion in Lund: Woman injured in “incredibly powerful bang”

    Huge bang in central Lund tonight. The concrete houses shook, a (muslim?) grocery store was blown out and people fled through windows

  9. If he hates whitey so much, why is he sponging off of the Swedes? Maybe he’s mad because he realizes that he truly is inferior and truly has nothing meaningful to contribute to a first-world nation. He would be much happier back in his little dung hut in Nigeria, fighting a baboon for a yam or whatever.

  10. Truly repulsive. This sort of stupidity justifies every racial prejudice people can have against black Africans. It does, whether we like it or not. (I loathe it personally; I’m against the alt-right for its supremacist outlook. I would identify as a Western Civilizationalist if anything.) But I’m forced to ask the same question as John above: if he hates the white man so much, why take his money? Remain in Nigeria and build it into something amazing. They’ve had independence from Britain since 1960. That’s SIXTY years!!! They couldn’t do something in 60 years???

    • Not all Alt-right people are supremacists, that is just another lie fed to brainwashed the public.
      The Fake Liberal Lying Lame Stream News Media Rags(which owns 99% of ALL media/news /social media & etc) & their Puppet Masters, the far left politicians, feed the Monoplized Fake News Media Rags the lies to spew for that day/week. They ALL repeat the same lies & the Leftist Sheeple lap it up.

      Like for example they are ALL spreading that lie that White Supremacy is on the rise, well that is not true, at all. Facts don’t match their lies. They love creating hate & violence so that we all never get along & they have been doing this for a long time now. They have our schools teaching these dangerous Lies!

      I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

      I’m so sorry my post to you is so long.


      • The fact that media is vilifying and demonizing white people is making white people more angry by the day. The left and leftist media is creating the very thing they should fear, for underneath the thin veneer of western civilization lies the DNA of conquer and kill in his veins, and now the left are peeling that thin veneer off in the vain hope the white man will fold in the face of name calling, they could not be more wrong, they are creating the old Saxon, Norman, Viking and the other tribes of Europe and the land of the Slavs to their horror. They just haven’t realized it and when they do, it will be far far too late for them and theirs. The day of hard ruthless men is approaching and the weak, feckless wishful thinking are approaching their doom.

    • @ Plum

      Re: “But I’m forced to ask the same question as John above: if he hates the white man so much, why take his money?”

      The story doesn’t say if the violent young rapper in question is a Muslim, but if he is Nigerian, there is a strong chance he is. Nigeria has a substantial number of Muslims. In which case, your question is answered – the imams tell their men to migrate to the West – places like Sweden which offer cradle-to-grave social welfare benefits – and then go on the dole as soon as possible. It’s a valid form of jihad, you see, according to those same imams.

      Many of these disaffected and aggressive young men then go on crime sprees in which they assault, rape and rob the infidels (in particular infidel women) to pass the time. All the while being paid generously by the government in Stockholm to wage war (jihad) against Swedish society.

      Why are these young predators not deported immediately? Told to find work and become productive members of society or depart? Gee, it is almost as if all of this were by design!

  11. Hates Whites and moves to one of the Whitest countries on the planet. Why? If he is so smart, why not stay in his Black country and make it better? But that would require actual not rapping about killing other human beings.

  12. The real problem is not the blacks, but the whites.

    In Africa, at every intersection between the blacks and the whites, the whites were able to dominate the blacks quite handily. The massive regime changes, Rhodesia and South Africa are the ones I can talk about, the transfer of power was done semi-voluntarily on the parts of the whites. It’s true that the globalist mega-organizations such as the UN, EU, and Common Market organized boycotts and sanctions, but if there weren’t an actual invasion, the white regimes could have held on.

    In South Africa, the white regime spent massively on the black population: the biggest hospital in the world, education, housing, and police protection. The numerically-minority whites were able to not only control the blacks, but fight back communist invasions through Namibia, supported by Cuban troops. Namibia was a graveyard for those attempting to invade South Africa.

    The theory of representative republican government breaks down when you have 1) substantively different segments of the population living together; and 2) large segments of the population with IQ below 90 (blacks average 85 in the US, as low as 65 in parts of Africa). A successful country will have to discriminate by race as far as voting rights. Either that, or cleanse itself of minority groups. By the way, in antebellum South, free blacks could and did petition the government to be considered as white.

    All of which to say, that short of an actual physical invasion (it happened in the US Civil War), whites are quite able to control the black population they are living with. The resulting situation allocates educational resources, medical care, educational opportunities, physical security and entrepreneurial possibilities to blacks they would never have in black-run countries, but it is necessary that blacks do not have voting power equal to their population numbers.

    I’m not wasting emotional energy on JCBUZ because if he weren’t saying what he says, another black would. And another white as well. I would focus on two things: 1) how to get the white population to act in concert to obtain power; and 2) prevent an invasion by globalist forces.

    In the events leading up the the Civil War, the Confederate authorities put far too much attention on the tactical defense of Charleston, and not nearly enough attention on the strategic objective of not giving Lincoln the excuse he was looking for to declare war on the Confederate States. Similarly, a white-run country would have to shamelessly debase itself, if necessary, to avoid an all-out invasion by globalist forces, such as the NATO invasion of Serbia in 1992.

    To reemphasize: it is important to pay attention to what is happening with the whites, why they are collaborating in their own deaths, and not to the stupid JCBUZ, who can be easily controlled.

    And to emphasize: I have not called for any harm to blacks, nor for any dispossession, nor confiscation of property, nor for withdrawing any natural rights from them; only for politically dis-emfranchising them.

    • “And to emphasize: I have not called for any harm to blacks, nor for any dispossession, nor confiscation of property, nor for withdrawing any natural rights from them; only for politically dis-emfranchising them.”

      Still pretty radical. I get what you’re saying, but it would never happen except in an Asian country which has an entirely different conception of human rights. As for America, one thing I get out of twitter is the realization of just how MANY conservative black Americans there are. And they’re bright, too, and have huge followings. I wouldn’t give up hope.

      • If you have a large population of 20% sensible, logical conservatives and 80% radical identitarians who vote by race and free rent, you can have a large number of conservative, responsible voters and an even larger number of destroyers. Democracy, or government by the participation of the people, cannot exist unless the people are moral and responsible. You can’t import large numbers of people who don’t share your values, give them an equal vote, and expect to keep the type of government you have.

      • Let me link to a video which kind of illustrates your point: Candace Owen and conservative black lawyers speaking in favor of Trump and against radical feminism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5jAjNNe42c

        You would ask, would I disenfranchise them? They have the same opinions, more or less, that I do and certainly express them intelligently and logically.

        I say again, you have to select your electorate, or literally play dice with the government and society you evolve into. There are certain electorates pushing us into socialism and globalism: blacks and Hispanics, unmarried women, especially with children, people on welfare or government subsidies, Asians (vote Democrat although high income) and liberal Jews (Orthodox Jews vote more like evangelicals).

        If you increase your proportion of any of these groups, with one-man, one-vote, you’re going to get a more socialist, more interventionist, more encompassing and bureaucratic government.

        One solution is to keep all such peoples out or form homogeneous regions. I would like to explore the solution of limiting the franchise, so you can have different peoples living in proximity (although likely in homogeneous enclaves) but under the control of one people. So, if you didn’t like the government mandated by white Evangelicals, for example, you would simply move to a region controlled by a people you agree with. I think there is strong evidence attesting to the idea that you can have a flourishing minority with economic, but not political, power.

    • RonaldB, I really hate to break it to you, but we will have a Balkans on steroids in our western countries soon, the powder keg is there, for everyone to see, yet they keep stumbling over it in the vain hope it won’t go off, but it will, especially as the situation(race, religion, politics) continues to deteriorate at breakneck speed. One of these days, one of these blacks or muslims is going to kill or rape the wrong mans daughter, wife, or relative, and that man will have means to exact revenge that will make ole Vlad the Impaler blush with envy, and when that happens, it won’t take the commie politicians, Imams or leftist agitator to stir the masses, and when that happens, it will spin completely out of anyone’s control and then we shall see tribal warfare unseen in a millennia. Mark my words, it is coming and will affect everyone in our western countries for a good century.

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