Rasmus Paludan in Canada, Part Two

This is the second installment of Vlad’s interview with Rasmus Paludan, the founder and leader of the Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”) party in Denmark, in Quebec earlier this month. (Part 1 is here.)

As the interview continues, you’ll hear him recount the series of events that led to his having armed police bodyguards accompany him whenever he ventures out of his apartment.

4 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan in Canada, Part Two

  1. Thanks for posting the interview. Rasmus Paludan is remarkably outspoken in his views – and rightly so.

  2. It’s incredibly sad that politicians like Geert Wilders & Rasmus Paludan are marked men in need of 24-7 Security protection because they dare speak out about the dangers & evil of Islam in their indigenous countries.

    Voice of Europe is a well-rounded blog that keeps the rest of the world informed about the economic migrant atrocities in Europe and the sellout of national sovereignty by the European Union & United Nations. The only hope for Western countries against the onslaught of Muslims & Sharia law is for indigenous citizens to rise up against it. Whatever it takes to stop the Islamization of our culture, customs, and laws!

  3. Also in schools kids are told by teachers that Paludan is a bad man. I know that from mine. This is indoctrination from childhood. Communism for beginners.

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