Gottfried Curio: “These migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it”

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, Dr. Curio addresses the catastrophic consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “welcome refugees” policies.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dear President, ladies and gentlemen. Has the interior minister
00:04   set the right course for solving migration problems in order
00:07   to maintain internal security? Is anyone looking at the real source of these problems?
00:11   Or are the symptoms just being doctored
00:14   because no one wants to get to the root of the problem?
00:17   We still have mass illegal migration coming from African and Islamic countries.
00:20   People who are archaically socialised, statistically disproportionately criminal.
00:23   Most of them without an education. And yet they are permitted,
00:26   unscrupulously, to enter the country in the hundreds of thousands
00:30   every year — a considerable burden
00:33   on our social systems, our budget and a permanent threat to our citizens.
00:37   Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis: they have no grounds for seeking protection
00:41   when they cross the border illegally from Turkey.
00:45   Likewise, the migrants coming across the Mediterranean Sea are not refugees. They are
00:49   illegal economic migrants who come from Africa via safe countries to Libya
00:54   and are then picked up off the coast. They aren’t needy.
00:58   They can pay the human traffickers their high prices. The real needy never show up there.
01:03   It would be a hundred times more effective to assist migrants in their countries of origin.
01:06   This free entry to Europe creates the incentive and
01:11   the substantial costs here in Germany. Provoking this migration
01:16   is wrong in a humanitarian sense, as well as being wrong financially,
01:19   and reveals the real motivation.
01:22   In the EU’s Africa Resolution from the 26th of March,
01:26   you all called for Europe to allow legal access for
01:30   every African willing to migrate. Every ten days,
01:33   a million people are born there and hundreds of millions are
01:37   sitting on their packed suitcases ready to go. What we need is repatriation.
01:40   Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have already
01:43   returned home from Turkey. The war is over, but the Migrant Pope of the Seas
01:47   Ms. Rakete now also wants to pick up
01:50   “Climate Refugees”. Climate refugees, what is that?
01:53   I thought we had such a bad climate in this country that cities
01:56   are lining up to declare a “climate emergency”?
01:59   What do they want here then? Such mass immigration doesn’t solve
02:02   any problems here on a local level. It aggravates them: rising crime,
02:06   violence against women, the slow creep of Islamisation,
02:09   public spaces being taken over by groups of men that are considerably aggressive.
02:13   We don’t need cities to proclaim themselves
02:16   safe harbours. What we need is safe train stations, safe schools,
02:19   safe outdoor swimming pools and parks.
02:22   The foreseeable demographic development will make integration impossible.
02:26   Only a clear majority of the population can integrate
02:30   a correspondingly low number of migrants.
02:34   And the Skilled Workers Immigration Law without any prioritisation
02:37   deprives our own people of job opportunities. And now even those
02:40   who have been denied asylum are given permission to remain.
02:43   They are granted short-term residence permits for vocational training as a reward for lying.
02:46   However, the majority of migrants in this country cannot be employed at all.
02:49   We will have to provide for them here until the end of their lives.
02:52   Every second migrant already ends up in Hartz4 (welfare benefits).
02:55   These migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it.
02:58   Specifically migrant criminality is often obscured by the media:
03:02   just isolated incidents, domestic dramas.
03:06   In the Islamic world, crimes within relationships are often motivated by religion.
03:10   Disdain for women is taught in Islam.
03:13   In 2018 there were 300,000 isolated incidents of migrants committing crimes.
03:18   That’s 800 “isolated incidents” a day.
03:22   Imagine if we had protected our borders between 2014 and 2018 —
03:25   that would mean 800,000 additional criminal offences
03:28   could have been prevented, with the estimated number of unreported cases being several million.
03:31   That price is too high to pay in order for Mrs. Merkel to show a friendly face.
03:36   By not adhering to Dublin 3 and the endless free entry,
03:41   this government is to blame for the escalating costs, and is complicit in imported crime.
03:45   Mr. Maaßen had to leave because the government needed
03:48   the right-wing mob story to distract from its own failures in Chemnitz and at Breitscheidplatz.
03:52   The measures taken by this ministry don’t solve problems; they create them. That’s why we must
03:59   put an end to the CDU’s infatuation with green ideology.
04:02   Instead, the AfD is the party of reason and offers politics for the people of this country.
04:05   It’s time to return to responsibility and rationality.
04:08   Every EU country is liable for its own debts. The Syrians go home
04:12   and rebuild their land. And Greta goes back to school again. I thank you.
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6 thoughts on “Gottfried Curio: “These migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it”

  1. What disturbs me the most time and time again about these speeches is the incapability of the oposition to let him or her speak and then discuss. They keep yelling at the speaker as if they were on a village market. This uncivility alone should be reason enough for people to vote someone else. Then again I guess uncivilized people are part of every society. I want to believe they’re a tiny minority though.

  2. assist migrants in their country of origin? Does that mean to create job opportunities? I think people have tried this for decades now and I can not think of one single product out of Afrika, well ok, chocolate , I am an addict.
    An anecdote illustrating african workforce was published in Die Zeit, flagship weekly of the Gutmenschen, years ago when I still subscribed.
    A german butcher had raised a small fabrication for meat an sausages in Uganda. He told the locals to put this and that in the respective recepients, like liver,kidneys or just waste. And sure enough, even after weeks of instruction, they never put things in the right place, some harm in the meat trade.They had to be instructed over again every single day a new.
    Is it any wonder with people who barbecue monkeys in their fur and bowels?
    Looking up WHO IQ stats will give further enlightenment.

    • See this great doc called Empire of Dust :
      We follow a Chinese man who is attempting to construct a 250+ km road in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The only thing he is equipped with is a bunch of inept African workers.
      People who would find it enjoyable include people who are interested in race realism.
      Full doc:

  3. We’ve got big big trouble ahead. I just saw the story about the rapper in Sweden telling these low IQ, violent populations to kills white people.

    In America there is a slow but steady trend of disaffected black African immigrant men to target blonde children. Most have only heard about mall of America, but local news stories have not gone national – and the attack on blonde children is increasing – the African that cruised an Aurora Colorado neighborhood looking for white kids to mow down, was caught on tape.

    He circled the boys in the cul de sac and came back around to run them down.

    My daughter, husband and 2 blonde toddlers live just a mile or so away on a similar “safe” cul de sac.

    Race war is already on, but whites are in denial, and stats are buried.

    Birth rates in Africa will destroy Europe, but America may be already too integrated to stop the carnage when low IQ blacks looks for someone to blame for their failings as students, parents, and citizens

  4. Bad news for Germany again, Seehofer – interior minister is preparing take 25% of this “refugees “ arrived by boat from Libya to Italy, be prepare for more reapes , mire crime , more unknowing diseases this savages will bring to Europe!!, they will be moving around Europe looking for trouble or selling drugs , prostitution, I just heartbreaking what this clueless idiots doing is unbelievable..

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