Culture Wars International: EU There and Democrats Here

Culture Wars International: EU there and Democrats here

by SF

The following essay is pretty inflammatory; but as we have all seen, acting in a nice, civilized, restrained, and decent manner towards a Hitler or a Stalin, and never saying out loud what is actually going on, only leads more quickly to our own doom.

The EU and America’s Democrats are two sides of the same coin.

Political correctness / culture wars / political Marxism began in Europe. Initially, it was a not unreasonable response to the powerful people (the aristocrats and tycoons) using their power to reward their friends, while keeping “the little guy” from being able to advance and earn a decent living. In Eastern Europe it developed as violent Communism. But Western Europe was different, in that it consisted of many individual, highly developed, independent nations. In each of these nations the struggle was between Conservatism and democratic Socialism. Both were nationalistic. But then Hitler brought things to a head by using Conservative Racist Nationalism to try to dominate the world.

World War Two brought about a Darwinian change in Europe. The most aggressive and militaristic Europeans died in the fighting. The survivors were the ones who were the most wimpy and pacifistic. They were determined to bring about a socialist utopia. Their first goal was to ensure that any Hitler wannabes could never again gain power. So they began a never-ending struggle against nationalism, militarism, capitalism, Christianity, and “white supremacism”. As a counterweight to Christianity, they promoted Islam as “the religion of peace”, especially because most of its adherents were non-white. To do this they had to delude themselves about the true nature of Islam, but they did it happily. Pretty soon they invited Muslims from nearby lands to emigrate to Europe, so that they could dilute the remaining native white conservatives, and they even subsidized the Muslims with welfare payments to make it easier and more attractive to them.

And so we end up with today’s situation in Europe: hordes of unassimilated, Christian-hating Muslims living in no-go zones, most receiving welfare, and committing crimes in the name of Jihad (terrorism, rape, etc.) while the “progressive” governments make excuse after excuse for them (they are unfamiliar with our culture, they are not practicing “real Islam”, they bring more benefits than losses, etc., ad nauseam). And naturally, if you are crazy enough to point out how insane this all is, they will inevitably ruin your life (shades of Stalin).

The situation in America is “same song, different verse”. The “progressive” Democrats got off to a later start, and had to overcome a larger Republican opposition. In contrast to Europe, they had to resort to importing Latinos, who could just walk here from Mexico, instead of Muslims, who had to fly here from across the ocean. But now they are within striking range of their goal, and soon we will have Medicare for all, universal gun control, and reparations for slavery; all in a government where Trump is replaced by “the Squad”.

America becomes Mexamerica, and Europe becomes Eurabia. And everyone lives happily ever after.

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7 thoughts on “Culture Wars International: EU There and Democrats Here

  1. The British Parliament is undergoing a Communist coup right now. It directly affects the Monarchy. I think we are weeks, if not days from civil war. The essay above is a good written piece but rather begs the question. Most people who are politically and historically aware knew all this. It is a Global revolution- a Bolshevik Revolution. It is also led by Middle-Class activists. We are now in a pre-civil conflict. The streets are about to become bloody-very bloody. A terrible indictment of historical ignorance of the supposed political class. I predict the British Army- even a reduced one on the streets very shortly and military Law.

    • As you say Bishop the essay above is good, but this essay is short and general mostly. It takes a book to expose the WEST predicament. There are many books and authors available, Robert Spencer and his books are one source but there are a multitude others that are most enlightening to the public as well as the public service GOV provides. The essay mentions “Eurabia”, also the title of a book by Bat Ye’or. In reading this book, the author lays out the genesis of this whole mess at the feet of France and de Gaulle. Also the EAD=Euro Arab Dialogue as well as EuroMediterranean Union. As a walk through WESTERN culture and history since WWII, the interplay of the protagonists decisions actions and prejudices give the reader a good background showing the weak thinking and poor actions taken by the politicians and decision makers until we arrive to today. By studying the historical mistakes made the WEST can come up with the antidote to the WEST’s current crisis. Of course there is much more information in the book, I only highlighted the information that I was totally unaware of.

    • I don’t know anything about the British Parliament. But, I certainly don’t see any kind of Civil war happening.

      The problem is not enough people stand up for having healthy families, free speech, and good values in our own culture. So many young people don’t even care about having families.

      More people need to have guts, and speak up, and stand up against the insanity that hates the good in Western culture. Keep using reason, and your own sense against the insanity. ‘Pummel back’ with words, and reason. At least if people do their best in that – they won’t be regretting they didn’t do it if things get worse.

  2. An interesting essay, however saying that the survivors of WWII were wimpy & pacifistic
    misses a very salient point.There were aggressive and militaristic survivors, not only from Europe but especially Americans. A walk in the cemeteries such as Normandy or
    Anzio is a very sobering experience.Reflecting upon the thousands of very young men, many barely out of school, but those survivors were of a great generation.For an American returning he had sen enough bloodshed and it is they who set about returning to University or work for their future, raise a family and make America great.
    Similarly survivors from Europe saw those who liberated them decided their future lay with America,and thus emigrated and became solid citizens of the country that adopted them.
    Meanwhile to its everlasting shame the wimps,and children of WWII veterans took it upon themselves to imagine socialism, communism was the panacea to the world’s ills.
    Not all took this route which leads to the present day dilemma.Not surprisingly none wish to .live in communistic or socialistic countries, mainly because they never learnt history, have never visited or lived in these countries.

  3. The best and bravest Europeans died in two world wars and yes, we were left with a weakened stock. WWII was a pyrrhic victory. Look at us now, ruled by Bolsheviks and overrun with Muslims.

    • I don’t accept this narrative. Did the best and bravest Europeans not die at Waterloo, or was it at the Gates of Vienna, or maybe at Tours?

  4. “Hitler brought things to a head by using Conservative Racist Nationalism” –

    a quote from David Kelly’s book “Die hungernde Herde”, Piper 1959, pp. 120 & 124:

    “(…) waren diese Kreise so blind für die Kräfte der Tiefe, dass sie es vermochten, Hitler und seinen Nationalsozialismus als eine rechtskonservative Bewegung anzusehen. Die Kommunisten und überhaupt alle ‘linken’ Elemente übernahmen die gleiche falsche Betrachtungsweise Hitlers und beharren noch heute darin. […] Der Nationalsozialismus war seinem Wesen nach eine groβe dynamische Bewegung des gewöhnlichen Volkes (…). Er war darum wesenhaft revolutionär und der instinktive Feind der christlichen Kirchen, wie aller aristokratischen und der besten literarischen Traditionen Deutschlands.” (Die hungernde Herde op. cit. )

    …nothing “conservative”

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