Climate Strike: Where PC and the DDR Meet

Tomorrow is the big day: Climate Strike!

The following video features a young woman named Nicole who advises her viewers to think for themselves rather than blindly follow the climate lemmings.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the climate strike from the Berliner Zeitung, also translated by Nash:

Climate strike by hook or by crook

Students under pressure — those who won’t participate are going to have a problem

BERLIN — This coming Friday, presumably thousands will be in Berlin’s streets after “Friday for Future” has called for a climate strike. So far, so good — one would think. But the group dynamic that has developed over recent weeks around the topic of climate protection has morphed into a compulsion that frankly makes my stomach hurt. It sounds and it feels deeply unhealthy.

For instance, the 11-year-old son of a friend of mine recently asked his teacher if one really had to participate in the climate strike. Because his piano lessons are scheduled for Friday, and he’d much rather go and practice the piano.

Morally pressured

This is where the disturbing part of the story begins. Because even though officially it is a matter of free will whether the kids want to go and participate in the climate strike or not, the teacher, a woman, forced the 11-year-old to stand in front of the class, and began to lecture him.

She got in his face and said to him: “If you don’t care about your future, then of course you don’t have to go there.” And, pregnant with meaning, she added: “I, for one, care about my future.” I mean, seriously? Who does this teacher think she is, to morally pressure this young boy with such a heavy hand? And then to imply a threat in front of his classmates along the lines of “Participate in the climate strike, or you will be an outsider!”

During my time in school in Bavaria about thirty years ago, the book The Wave was a part of our curriculum. We were supposed to learn what happens when a movement takes on a life of its own — even if the intentions behind the movement are noble or harmless. Towards the end of the book the students who didn’t want to participate in the experiment that created an impressive group dynamic ended up being ridiculed, bullied, harassed and even physically attacked.

To dictate what society looks like

Since the teacher about whom I am writing also comes from Western Germany, it’s safe to assume she has read the book as well. But obviously she didn’t get the moral of the story.

Unfortunately, she is also not the only person who can’t comprehend that dictatorial impulses are simply never okay. Just recently, this has become once again crystal clear when the singer Herbert Grönemeyer — at his Vienna concert — openly declared that, under certain circumstances, it is “up to us to dictate what society looks like.”

Tens of thousand of people applauded his words with glassy-eyed ecstasy. And again, they were mostly people who grew up after 1945 in the Western part of Europe.

Like in the DDR

One fact slowly pushes itself to the surface, which is that the sprawling climate-protection-above-all movement, which presents itself as more and more intolerant and aggressive, is an ideology that has been conceived mostly in the heads of people who grew up with a Western imprint. At least the father of the 11-year-old boy about whom I am writing here is fed up with what he calls “this voluntary pressure”. And with a mixture of extreme discomfort and deep contempt towards the moral pressure that his son’s teacher had built up: “It’s exactly like in the old days. It’s exactly like in the DDR.”

Video transcript:

0:07   [Poster: “Illegalize coal now!” Second poster: “Children are climate killers!”
0:10   I am [Nicole], and I think for myself!
0:13   The best protection from abuse through fanaticism
0:16   is to think for yourself.
0:21   The abuse of children and adolescents
0:24   by fanatics has a long history.
0:27   From child crusades in the Middle Ages all the way to the Hitler Youth,
0:30   of whom hundred of thousands were sent to their deaths,
0:33   Stalin’s pioneers, Mao’s child soldiers,
0:36   Jew-hating children in the Middle East, all the way
0:39   up to today, to the children and adolescents
0:42   of Fridays for Future.
0:45   And then, just as now, they were persuaded by others
0:48   to fight for a just,
0:51   to fight for an honorable cause.
Text: Carte blanche [to skip school] from Chancellor Merkel
0:54   Then, as now, children were indoctrinated,
Text: School forces students to participate in climate strike
0:57   Their ability to think for themselves has been left uncultivated;
1:00   it’s been taken from them by fanatics, by people who put themselves above others,
Text: Survey among Green Party members: Better people who can regulate everyone else
1:03   either because of their piety in the Middle Ages,
1:06   or because of their ethnic affiliation during the racial mania of the National Socialists,
1:11   and today because they are allegedly the chosen ones
Poster: Climate won’t wait for our graduation
1:14   to save the entire world.
1:18   Don’t let yourself be abused,
1:21   kindly think for yourself!
1:24   “Have the courage to use your own understanding.” —Immanuel Kant
1:28   Dare yourself…

6 thoughts on “Climate Strike: Where PC and the DDR Meet

  1. In my humble opinion, this is the pale green horse of the Apocalypse: All empires in history had some enemies, but never in history was there an empire who’s main ideology is that suicidal thought that “All People Are Bad, We Are All Bad!”

    The green horse is carrying death, and he will kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death (plagues), and with the beasts of the earth.

    I bet they will come up with a scheme where they will feed people to lions.

  2. This climate strike, is another set up, by the leftists socialist neo DDR, NOW There using kids as programmed sjw zombies.


    Resembles nazi germany,nand how Nazis brain washed, then mobiised the kids, the youth, created the Hitler Youth, NaZi Jugend!!!

    This looks SCARY!!! Very joseph goebbels, shades of 1939 Germany, look at the young girls clothing and the braided back, pig taik hair styles,

    This climate strike is straight out of 1939 NaZi Germany!!!!

    Who are the main captains behind this Marxist nightmare????

    Who is funding and who is organisg this????

    Must be g soros???? And who are the others???

    We are fighting now our own kids, chikdren, been brainwashed into murdering us all, and delivering our collective suicide at hands of islam, communists, the neo femiNazis.

    Its reallly a war now, its right in your face!!!

    The killing fields, comes to mind here, pol pot, stalin, lenin, and the eussr are behind the total destruction of europes native tribes, countrys, cultures, religeons, these commie beaurcrats in brussels, wiping away europe as if its just a board game!!!

    The gallows, awaits these eussr clowns and traitors, like 1945, goering, hitler, goebbels, himmler, the eussr including may, blair, straw, brown, cameron, verhofstedt, juncker, schultz, barroso, THE GALLOWS, LIKE IT WAS FOR SADDAM HUSSEIN, I HOPE ITS LIVE ON T,V.

    MILLIONS OF us must now overthrow these commie Nazi criminAls.

  3. This Friday for Future reminds me of Morton Rhue`s “The Wave”.
    And Greta is the Great Leader.
    No dissent is allowed, only brain-amputated screaming of Slogans without thinking about them.

  4. The similarity to the Children’s Crusade struck me, as well. That ended in their death and enslavement, um…

  5. “Strength through Joy’

    The Nazis slogan-catchphrase, for the german youth development program. Hitler youth propaganda campaigns in Nazi germany.

    Girls in braided hair, white dresses, zombie like in group formations,
    This is climate strike, is right out of goebbels himmler, brain washing youth for the thousand year reich.

    Children informing now on their parents, family, its STasi re-born,
    They are back, it took 30 years, the march through the institutions,
    Is complete.

    It going to kick off very soon now.

    You cannot even have a conversation anymore with anyone, because it turns into argument. Hate and violence.

    Women against men, the feminist poison,

    Now children have been got at.

    The inet and mobile tech bas brought the dark ages upon us all.

    The inet is a pandoras box!!!

    The war, destruction and violence that now awaits us will make ww2 look like a tea party.

    May God help us all.

  6. New Apocalypse in Europe!!, this monsters ( Soros, Merkel, Macron , Sanchez, Conte and on and on , ) brainwashing now young generations, and looks like is going well!!, it’s a big tragedy, Marxism, DDR propaganda on the rise , Merkel is a expert so Germany is over big time , where are the parents of this kids ? To allow protesting for this nonsense ? It will be better if they protest to save the country from Islamic invasion???, from this fake refugees? Merkel invade in millions??, war is coming, I don’t understand anything anymore, it’s a big scum nothing else , may Soros burn in hell together with this evil elite called European Union,UN , disaster..

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