Angela Merkel: Stop Salvini!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is using her clout as the most powerful political leader in the EU to try to make sure that Matteo Salvini is kept out of the Italian government, and the new M5S-PD coalition firmly established.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Compact Online:

Merkel Promised Italy Debt Relief if Salvini Falls

by Karel Meissner
September 5, 2019

So far, the intervention of EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger in Italy’s domestic policy has already been regarded as maximum audacity: in the SWR daily he described the divide between the Lega and the 5-Star Movement as a “good development”, if it leads to “a pro-European government” that “shows where the limits are to a populist who makes politics in swimming trunks”.

And so that the Social Democrats (PD) and five-stars, whose objectives are hardly compatible, would nevertheless go to bed with each other, Oettinger promised a fat reward: they would certainly be prepared “to do everything to make the work of the new Italian government easier and thus reward it”.

But even this audacity was outbid again, according to a report by Italy’s Il Giornale. And that by a call from Angela Merkel (CDU) to the PD! On the phone, the Chancellor is said to have described the reward that Oettinger had hinted at. Salvini had to be stopped “at all costs”. In return, she said, she had granted the Social Democrats, for example, relief on the national debt, which the country had previously been denied in Brussels.

Merkel has thus once again made it clear that she does not care at all about the will of the voters. According to a survey, Salvini is Italy’s most popular politician, while the Social Democrats were unambiguously voted out of office recently.

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  1. She is a traitor to not only to Germany but to whole Western Europe, now is clear ,abut this illegal invasion !!! Everything was planning ahead , and she is the master of the game !!, what are disgusting old rug !!, Germans are screw big time. !!! God help Us all , DDR dictator ,, my oh my ..

  2. Where is the money coming from ??, like is no end of paying billions and billions of Euros, from Germany!!, billions there billions here , I don’t believe this is only from tax hard working Germans, this sums are unbelievable, I think I have idea who is paying for this whole mess ( Soros) ..

  3. Living in the US, and not being familiar with Italian politics, it is beyond my comprehension how Matteo Salvini fell our of power.

    It also boggles my mind that the hag Merkel has the balls to admit her meddling and evil machinations. What the hell is wrong with the Germans that an evil witch like her could ever get elected and re-elected?

  4. Herr Merkel is STASI. An actual former STASI goon.
    Lets just clarify just what that means.
    The Ministry for State Security or State Security Service was the GDR’s secret police. The STASI was charged with defending the Glorious Workers Revolution – which was imposed at the point of a Soviet bayonet – by any means possible.
    Between 1950 and 1989, the Stasi employed a total of 274,000 people in an effort to root out the class enemy. In 1989, the Stasi employed 91,015 people full-time, including 2,000 fully employed unofficial collaborators, 13,073 soldiers and 2,232 officers of GDR army, along with 173,081 unofficial informants inside GDR and 1,553 informants in West Germany.
    Almost 2.5 percent of the GDR’s population were informants, some 174000 informants are known to have been on the payroll, though there may have been as many as half a million. Every single dirty trick was employed; pervasive surveillance, psychological ops, torture, terrorism and mass murder. Let us not forget that the former nazi concentration camp ovens in the Soviet Zone of Occupation ran full blast until 1958.
    This is ‘Erika’s’ background, indoctrination and her core beliefs.
    The EU is an openly Communist political entity.
    Against this background should any citizen of Western Liberal Democracy find any of her actions surprising? Only if you’ve spent the past century living in a cave and obsessing over reality television.
    I am pleased that some in Europe are resisting, and Salvini is excellent. I wish them well in there struggle, but I also feel it is time to get nasty in return; Mussolini’s eventual fate comes to mind as the only sort of action that is really effective against these sort of vermin. I am certain that the majority of north europeans are too poisoned by decades of marxist indoctrination and conformity to effectively resist.
    The National Socialists demonstrated that conclusively, and balance of the population were complicit to the eyeballs in that little experiment.
    Some 160,000,000 to 220,000,000 people have been exterminated by their own communist governments. Though they may call themselves ‘progressives’, it is still Das Kapital they clutch in their bloody hands and hold to their dead hearts.
    We in the West would be well advised to cut the knot. Dump the UN and NATO, condemn the EU for what it is. Reactivate the OSS to supply and support the resistance.
    And I do mean ‘Resistance’ in the sense of armed, nasty, hands on resistance.
    This is a fight to the death. Ours, or theirs. I vote for theirs. Take the gloves off.
    Get the nukes out of NATO before the kommisars make a grab for those. Bring our troops home, and demolish the installations. Demand the UK turn over the Trident warheads, or sink the boats( Sorry, pommies. You’re too unreliable )
    Lets shorten the lines, get off the petro dollar, tell the ‘rabs to smeg off.
    Lets have allies that are really allies, and not ill-concealed adversaries.
    Enough of the euro death cult.
    Let’s go back to doing things our way.

    • Spot on cobber! I grew up in sydney, coogee beach randwick, love u style,
      You hit nail on the head.

      But in australia, its the same game, u gov are also traitors, who let in to down under all these mussies and lebs, i used to visit bankstown, now i heard its like mecca.

      The problem are leftists, marxism is like islamic jihad, the inet is the faucet that is spreading the hate and poisoning our peoples.

      Merkel needs a pine overcoat asap.

      Germany needs some heroes……

      • This smart German people who build and give a prosperity to this beautiful country are disappearing if they all die, game is over , beacuse this young generation it’s brainwashed, they so stupid and they don’t care about Their country and culture, for them open society crap , it’s COOL!!, they don’t have freaking idea what’s EU, Merkel &CO preparing for them , very very sad 😢

        • Yes, correct!

          Open borders, no countrys, is cool they think!

          its so so evil, how the purveyors of cultural marxism, have taken over the youngsters, and created this zombie goebbels like army of leftist hitler jugend type of blind deaf dumb sjw warriors, so now were fighting the worlds children, like child soldiers in the “african congo”,
          The left has weaponised and triggered a new child army against us.

          It like a horror film, now u own kids might murder you in the night in u own home!

          And some left wing judge will set them free.

    • “…the former nazi concentration camp ovens…ran…until 1958.”

      Evidence please? Not justifying the DDR, but it seems unlikely.

      • From 1936 to 1945, Sachsenhausen was a Nazi concentration camp. About 200,000 people from almost 40 different nations were imprisoned here, of whom tens of thousands died of hunger, illness, abuse, forced labor or were systematically killed. In the fall of 1941, at least 12,000 Soviet prisoners of war (POWs)–many of them Jews–were executed. In 1942, a unit where prisoners were executed by shooting through the nape of the neck was introduced by demonstrating the technology and thus killing 250 Jewish prisoners. After the end of World War II, Sachsenhausen served as Soviet Special Internment Camp No. 7/No. 1 until 1950. It was the largest of the 10 camps run by the Soviet secret police NKVD (later KGB). In early May 1945, the NKVD had established the Special Internment Camp No. 7 near Werneuchen, where on five farms 15,000 inmates were herded together. In early August 1945, the NKVD started to move the prisoners to Sachsenhausen. Since September 1946, persons were sent there who had been convicted by Soviet Military Tribunals. All in all, ca. 60,000 people were imprisoned in Sachsenhausen under the Soviets; 12,000 of them died. (note: literally ten seconds of research)
        One of many, this one ‘officially’ closed in 1950.
        Did you know that some 20,000 allied POW’s in nazi POW camps over run by the soviets were ‘disappeared’ ?
        Did you know that a vicious insurrection raged in Ukraine and the ‘warsaw pact’ states for decades, in some area’s. 1056, 1957, the shipyard uprisings…’report to kommisar, bring warm coat and shovel’ isn’t just a trite[ANGLO-SAXON EXPLETIVE DELETED] meme
        It’s all there, as a matter of record, unless you ask a marxist.
        I am constantly shocked at how lazy people are. Let’s all just take the marxist high-school history teacher’s word for it! Or else.
        For the love of dog, people! As many as 220,000,000 people were ground up by these commie scum; graves teams are still out there year after year, recovering the dead.
        The soviet regimes weren’t merely bad. It was butchery on a scale that cannot be comprehended, and it goes on, and on. Adolph was a fragging amateur in compare. Yet, Marxism gets a pass.
        Go team EU!

          • Indeed. The father of little liberal potato, stormtrooping around montreal on a motorcycle wearing a german helmet (would that be a helmut?) was quite the supporter of the regime, and opposed to entering the war against the Reich, until adolph launched barbarossa. Then his tune changed to shrill and bloodthirsty, though he wasn’t going to sign up, and was an instigator of the zombie riots.
            [Vulgarities redacted]

        • Thanks, kono. I wasn’t doubting the brutality of the Soviet/DDR regimes; just hadn’t come across this particular atrocity before. Not making excuses for them, and other communist regimes, but were they really responsible for 220 million deaths as you claim?

  5. Merkel free masonite wicked witch. People with her going to the Hell. She kick out Kurz austrian PM and Salvini italian ex interior minister. Welcoming 20% jihadist and 40% well fare criminals in west europe. Stupid wicked women. I HATE her.

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