An Islamic Party for Sweden

It appears that Sweden, like Belgium will soon have its very own Islamic political party.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Pro-Islamic party wants to recruit controversial Muslims

September 12, 2019

The newly-formed Nyans Party, which wants to promote Muslim interests in Sweden, will invest both locally and in the Riksdag [parliament] ahead of the next elections in 2022.

Its founder Mikail Yüksel believes the party will join the council in Växjö, he says in Lokaltidningen. The municipality is already 25% immigrant.

It was in August that the Nyans Party, “the party for the country’s suburbs”, was launched via an article in the Aftonbladet Debate.

Behind the party stands the former Center Party politician Mikail Yüksel, who was excluded from the party last year due to contacts with the Turkish Gray Wolves, which has been called “a security threat to Sweden” and is designated as an Islamist group, where Islam is seen as the “cure” of humanity.

Among other things, the party wants to make Islamophobia a crime classification all its own in Sweden, and ensure that Muslims are enrolled in the Constitution as a special group like Jews and Saamis [Lapps] with minority status.

In a new interview with Lokaltidningen in Växjö, Yüksel explains that the party aims, among other things, to get onto the Växjö City Council. There people already work for the party, and as many as 25% of the municipality’s residents are immigrants. Entering would require only 1,200 votes.

Local chapters will also be started in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm and Örebro. But the main goal is to get into parliament in 2022.

However, Mikail Yüksel does not want to be a party leader himself. In that regard, he would like to see the former housing minister and MP politician Mehmet Kaplan, who in 2016 had to resign after it emerged that he had been at a dinner with the Gray Wolves.

“Mehmet Kaplan is as cut/scissors and cut/knife for the assignment as party leader for Party Nyans. He has experience working in government and parliament,” says Mikail Yüksel to Lokaltidningen.

Yüksel also wants to “attract” another controversial Muslim, Yasri Khan. Khan also resigned from the Environment Party in 2016 after refusing to shake hands with a TV4 reporter because she was a woman.

But whether there is any interest on the part of Kaplan and Khan for the party, it is unclear. However, Yüksel claims that before he started it, he had contact with Yasri Khan, whom he calls a “good person”.

Mikail Yüksel denies that he himself has any Islamist connections. It was the Gray Wolves who wanted to cooperate with him, but he refused , he says in the Local newspaper.

According to the Nyans Party’s Facebook page, there will be an official launch conference for the party on September 22.

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  1. There is also the Denk Party in the Netherlands founded in 2014 by two Turkish Muslims that has 3 seats in the Dutch Parliament. The Democratic (sic) Union of French Muslims which has flourished since 2012 as 10% of the French population is Muslim (and increasing!). That’s just two more for starters!

  2. Good news. Perhaps they can do something about that cross in Sweden’s flag. Clearly not inclusive and diverse.

  3. It’s another big step on the super freeway to Islamification when a country’s moslems get political.

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