Update on the Murderous Swordsman of Stuttgart

Note: I’m not posting any photos related to the atrocity in Stuttgart, because they are either useless for conveying information (taken from far away, or with the car blocking the view) or so gruesome that they’re not appropriate for this site. Plenty of them are available on the Internet — apparently so many people took cell phone videos and photos that the German authorities were unable to prevent their spread on social media. They’ve appeared on Twitter, for example, although I’m sure they were quickly taken down. I’ll bet Vlad has some — he doesn’t shrink from posting the truth, even when it’s gruesome.

MissPiggy sends this summary:

Apparently the German-Kazakh roommate Senanu A. (39) [also known as Wilhelm L.] saw through the identity of the “Syrian” and passed it on to the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) in Berlin. This of course makes the scandal even bigger, as a direct connection can be drawn between this bestial murder and the uncontrolled immigration allowed by the Merkel government, and the blood of the victim is directly on the hands of the responsible politicians and their supporters in the media.

Below is MissPiggy’s translation of an excerpt from an article in the Swiss daily Blick:

According to the police, the focus of the insane crime is a personal motive. Mohammed has now confessed to the murder, and that he was actually Jordanian, during an interrogation.

But the 28-year-old is said to have entered Germany in February 2015 under a false identity, according to the Bild. He pretended to be a Syrian. As a Jordanian he would not have received asylum.

Apparently Wilhelm L. saw through the web of lies. During the act Mohammed yelled at his victim: “What did you send to Berlin?” The 36-year-old knew too much.

By the way — we now know the incident in Stuttgart has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

4 thoughts on “Update on the Murderous Swordsman of Stuttgart

  1. Unfortunately, one of the hallmarks of an incident like this is that there is never, ever any accountability on the part of the authorities ostensibly entrusted with public safety.

    This is one of the arguments for breaking up a country or state into smaller, autonomous, self-governing regions: a state or country that is too large loses the quality of representative government and is actually ruled by a bureaucracy or oligarchy. In the United States, it is difficult not to conclude we are actually governed by the judicial branch, which sometimes, but not often, overrides the decrees of an unaccountable bureaucracy.

    The predictions concerning the abuses of a large, all-powerful central government are predicted with hair-raising accuracy in the anti-Federalist papers, published around 1790, arguing against ratifying the Constitution.

  2. The gruesome photos (saw one, don’t need more of them) are a big issue for German mainstream media and politics. For them, the real scandal apparently seems to be that there were taken photos of the body, not that the poor guy was murdered!

  3. Nobody to blame for , just Merkel &CO , and E.U. mafia , they open borders to scums and terrorists, call them refugees, now consequences like this will be on the daily news , at least people really wake up and get rid of this evil government and all this liars in the Bundestag, , vote AFD , it’s a only hope for dying Germany..

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