Two From Stuttgart

As you all know by now, a German-Kazakh was recently murdered with a sword in Stuttgart by a “Palestinian” pretending to be a Syrian. Below are two videos with more news about the gruesome incident. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a news report about an attempt by the German government to prosecute citizens who recorded and propagated videos of the bloody attack:

The second video is a report from Der Spiegel featuring detailed information about the atrocity and interviews with eyewitnesses. I was surprised to see the full name and unpixelated mug shot of the perp — I thought that kind of thorough reportage was not allowed in Germany:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Gruesome images have spread throughout the internet since yesterday evening’s crime.
00:05   Images that we purposefully aren’t showing. Images and videos of a man stabbing
00:09   another man with a sword-like object repeatedly, in the middle of the street in Stuttgart.
00:15   The videos are 20 seconds long. Others are longer. These videos show the victim,
00:20   the perpetrator and crime clearly. Depending on perspective, a car conceals the victim.
00:25   On many videos, everything can be seen. Residents living in nearby apartment buildings
00:29   recorded from their balconies and windows. The SWR [local news] received videos and images.
00:35   This morning we received videos and images containing drastic violence of this murder,
00:43   but for journalistic reasons we have decided quite deliberately not to show them,
00:47   from an ethical standpoint. —Not every media outlet and politician decided that way.
00:52   For example, AfD Chairman Alice Weidel published a video of the crime.
00:57   According to German law, it’s punishable by law to film something like this or
01:01   to make it public. It is also criminal to spread such material. Cases in which recordings do not
01:07   show how the victim is being killed, because a car blocks the view, might be different legally.
01:12   The Stuttgart police have formally requested that videos be deleted from social media websites.
01:17   The public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart is pursuing those who filmed.
01:21   The public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart is examining whether the persons who recorded
01:25   the questionable videos of the crime and subsequently published them could possibly
01:30   have made themselves liable to prosecution on the basis of § 201a paragraph 1 no. 2 StGB.
01:36   So why do people film such gruesome crimes and make them public?
01:41   Such crimes and the increase in the rubbernecking mentality of course lead to
01:45   the government’s having to come up ways to legally sanction such behaviour to protect
01:49   personal rights. To protect victims from being publicly exposed and humiliated.
01:58   Not only politics is required to do something. Society must do something about this behaviour.

Video transcript #2:

00:03   Good evening and welcome to Spiegel TV. The automatic operation is almost always the same.
00:09   First there are images of a gruesome crime, committed by a perpetrator with a migration background.
00:15   And then the right-wing hate against refugees begins to spread throughout the internet.
00:20   It wasn’t any different with the case of the sword killer in Stuttgart.
00:25   It is difficult to bear, but not reporting on it isn’t an option.
00:30   Henrik Neumann and Yasemin Yavuz about a refugee
00:35   who possibly wasn’t even supposed to be in Germany.
00:43   It is a Wednesday, approximately 6pm, when eyewitnesses in an apartment building in Stuttgart
00:47   record these images. A man stabs his victim lying on the ground.
00:53   The recordings are so gruesome, that we can only show portions of them.
00:59   It wasn’t until the murderer completed his crime that he fled. The local residents are in shock.
01:05   We realised something was happening during dinner. We think it is horrifying that something
01:09   like this happens in broad daylight, right in front of our apartment building.
01:13   The victim is 36-year-old Wilhelm L. The German-Kazakh
01:18   was just arriving home with his 11-year-old daughter.
01:22   His murderer ambushed him at the door of his apartment building
01:25   and then executed him in the street.
01:28   Soon afterwards the police arrived with a large contingent
01:32   and cordoned off the area. The forensic team
01:35   was able to find the murder weapon quickly in a hedge near
01:38   the crime scene, but the murderer was still on the loose.
01:41   Special forces teams combed the entire residential area,
01:45   searching for the fugitive murderer for hours, until late evening.
01:49   Three hours later the suspect is apprehended.
01:55   As for the suspect, according to our information he’s
01:59   a 28-year-old man who has been living in Germany since 2015
02:03   and is registered as a Syrian citizen. —Is this person known
02:07   to the police? —Unfortunately, I can’t say more than
02:11   the fact that this person was known to the police.
02:14   I can’t elaborate to what degree, due to the investigation.
02:18   The man’s name is Issa Mohammed. The 28-year-old
02:22   arrived in Germany in February 2015 with the flood of refugees.
02:27   He tells officials that he is Syrian. Just nine months later
02:31   he receives his permanent residency permit.
02:34   Issa becomes a criminal. He’s charged for various thefts and
02:37   for disturbance and unlawful entry. On one occasion he is
02:40   even charged for beating his pregnant girlfriend.
02:44   An investigation into whether Issa was in Germany illegally started once it is too late.
02:52   Up until the day of the crime, the alleged Syrian was moving around freely in Germany.
02:56   In 2018, he moved to Stuttgart’s Fasanenhof district
02:59   to Wilhelm L.’s place, who would later become his victim.
03:03   Both of them live together with a third man in a shared apartment.
03:07   Fights occur regularly between Issa and Wilhelm.
03:10   He was always speaking too loudly on the phone and taking food from other roommates without asking.
03:15   Neighbors in the building were aware of the loud fights that happened on a regular basis.
03:20   That it got to this point is of course horrible, but it was unimaginable
03:25   that it would go this far. After all that happened
03:29   in that apartment building. Umpteen times the police
03:32   had to come there during the night, and I could hardly sleep.
03:35   The police took him away at least five times,
03:39   and he resisted strongly. He threw stuff out the window,
03:44   and some of it is still hanging on a tree. —At some point the situation is no longer tenable.
03:48   Three months ago Issa moved out of the apartment.
03:51   It is probable that Wilhelm L. kicked him out, and perhaps
03:55   that was his death sentence.
04:00   Leonard Piccinni is a good friend of the victim. He was at work
04:04   when someone showed him the disturbing video.
04:07   A documentation of excessive violence.
04:12   I just see how he’s lying there, and realise my buddy is lying
04:17   in the damn street. Some subhuman is stabbing him with whatever.
04:26   He was lying there. Afterward, I just left work,
04:30   completely distraught and in a panic. I tried calling him, but
04:35   it went directly to voicemail. I left a message and then I came here.
04:38   I was thinking as I drove here, maybe it’s just some
04:41   sick internet hoax. I asked people and they confirmed that was what happened. That’s it.
04:56   Other residents cannot forget the images either.
04:59   Hilde Frech was watching as the victim tried to save himself by
05:02   getting into a passing vehicle. —A woman driving by
05:07   in a Smart car stopped and got out. She wanted to help.
05:12   The other man didn’t want him to get into the car, so he hit him, stabbed him
05:16   and pulled him out of the car throwing him onto the street.
05:21   Then, with the sword he stabbed him in the stomach.
05:28   It was insane. He stabbed him over and over. Someone told me
05:36   that he cut his throat. He kept screaming, “Why did you do that?”
05:41   The perpetrator? —Yes, the perpetrator.
05:47   What the perpetrator intended is something the investigators
05:51   are working to figure out, as well as where he actually comes from.
05:56   There are indications that Issa Mohammed isn’t even his real name,
06:01   and that he received his residence permit fraudulently.
06:05   In official documents presented to Spiegel TV there is a comment about Issa Mohammed which states:
06:10   “Unauthorized residence in federal territory”. It was noticed
06:15   by responsible authorities only after the murder on August 1st.
06:22   During his questioning he admitted that he comes from Jordan. A safe country of origin.
06:27   Until we have a contrary finding that we can officially announce,
06:33   we will stay with the original statement,
06:39   that he is a Syrian citizen. Of course we are investigating
06:43   every piece of evidence, we examine every aspect in order to
06:48   establish his true identity, in the event there is one.
06:53   But how could Issa Mohammed fool officials about his identity?
06:59   During the refugee crisis of 2015, those coming from Syria and applying for
07:03   asylum only had to fill out a simple questionnaire.
07:08   Individual background checks with interviews weren’t possible,
07:11   due to the authorities being overwhelmed.
07:14   The resulting security loophole possibly led to the death of Wilhelm L.
07:18   The sword murderer won’t talk about his motive
07:26   for the bloody deed. The police assume a personal motive.
07:31   For friends and acquaintances that remains inconceivable,
07:36   because Wilhelm L. was well-liked in his social community. —It is so horrible.
07:42   He was the kind of person that everyone got along with.
07:48   If someone needed help he was always there, privately or professionally,
07:53   you could always count on him. He was courteous,
07:59   helpful, friendly, well-mannered, and he was my friend.
08:10   There was supposed to be a birthday celebration with a cake,
08:19   and his child was really looking forward to it. One day before his 37th birthday Wilhelm L. died.
08:35   His murderer has now confessed to the crime.

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