The Ummah Lays Claim to Ottawa

A reader in Ottawa sends this report on the Islamization of his local park. The upraised index finger mentioned in his account is often referred to as the “ISIS salute”, but that is a misnomer: it is widely used by devout Sunni Muslims (and not just followers of the Islamic State) to represent tawhid, or the oneness of Allah. Christians are idolaters against tawhid due to their doctrine of the Trinity. Hindus, of course, are even worse, with their full pantheon of gods that are not Allah.

The Minto incident:

Two days ago, around 3:30 in the afternoon, so on 26 August 2019, in Minto Park, which is in center town Ottawa, where I was sitting minding my own business, there were two black guys on the bench opposite me.

As I was getting up to leave, one of them flashed the upraised index finger at me, the sign of Muslim supremacy. No mistake. It was very clear, and he was looking right at me and holding his arm straight out. The disquieting Muslim presence in the city is becoming increasingly obvious.

The sound on the ground, a while back, was that “ they” were planning to take over the nearby Business Inn, an apartment hotel for business travelers, also on Elgin, a big place, formerly an apartment building, which is next to the park, for Syrian “refugees”. This has not happened. Should it take place, I fear it would be the end of our lovely quiet, clean and safe Golden Triangle…

15 thoughts on “The Ummah Lays Claim to Ottawa

  1. Not because of any triune godhead represented in Hinduism or the Roman Universal Church of Rome. If these are indeed devouts of any religious cult it is because you aren’t a member of their particular strain of religious devotees and just like any member of such cults you are a potential threat to them. It’s that fear that causes them to raise the symbol which means there is only one collectivist death cult fit to rule over everyone; theirs. This behavior isn’t the exclusive one seen in any cult. It’s a trait expressed by all of them.

    Such culture wars aren’t new are they? They’ve been going on since Cain killed Abel. The “Minto incident” is just one of those wake up calls to someone that made the mistake that things continue on just like they have forever. People are eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage as per the usual until somebody shows up to change everything, forever.

  2. Poor nutless Canuck. In my neck of the woods that mindless goat jumper would have gotten the international one finger salute of disdain in quick reply, along with a steady gaze and a slight nod that can only mean, “if you’re feeling froggy, then jump”!

    • ding!

      U winz the internetz today.

      You must be willing to prune the islamic overgrowing ivy with force: first amendment force of No and your middle finger. Backed with with simple force. And lastly with deadly force. Otherwise the ivy strangles the Tree of Liberty.

      Prune it back into submission or it will overgrow you. And you risk physical subjugation and extermination from [vulgar epithets] like the two in the article above.

      [Explicit recommendation redacted]

      Deus Vult.

    • Words and nothing else.

      How many of the muslims in Twin Falls Idaho got tuned up after they raped that little 5 year old girl.

      How many Mexicans are raping your women right now?

      You’ve got no business calling Canucks nutless. [personal insult redacted], just like the rest.

      • Word. They did not even have to tune up the Muzzies. They could have tuned up the DA, the “Judge”, the fat balding city council hack who supported bringing them in. And, as a bonus, they could have tuned up the butt-ugly dyke US Attorney who threatened ANYONE who posted derogatory comments on social media with “hate crime” prosecution. But nooooooo!
        The real problem, as we all know is not the “refugees” it is the white politicians and “churches” feeding at the Leviathan’s trough. These criminals aid and abet this treason by supporting the enemies of our republic.

        • Yes, I’m going to have to agree and say that is true. However in MY country, I would not tolerate a foreigner speaking to ME that way. Everyone has their limits, that just happens to be one of mine.
          YOU are a guest in MY country. Act like it. No doubt the [muslim] would think it appropriate to repremand any westerner in their country, who acted disrespectful? So I am merely returning the favor!

    • Same here. The problem is that he would have just smiled at you, knowing that all he has to do is wait, because your government is going to betray you and put people like him above you, and one day he will be allowed to kill you, and if you defend yourself, you will go to jail.

  3. “The Gaze” delivered while you have your hand on your piece (Yeah, I realize that wasn’t an option in this case.) works pretty well.
    If verbal communication is necessary “Don’t f**k with me!” is succinct and to the point. (Delivered, of course, with hand on piece.)
    Ethically speaking, that is a polite warning to leave me alone without giving offense.

  4. You get the Govt you elect and you elected a force for evil, Canada is toast join the resistance or move south and send supplies north

    • Trudeau is literally worse than Macron, more soyboyish by far. If Canada re-elects Trudeau, even if it’s only a minority government, Liberals + the far left NDP, then the downward spiral will accelerate & metastasize into Muslim crime similar to London.

      Islam can sense when a polity is weak, unwilling to fight & defend itself, and the attacks are ramped up accordingly. If Canada hasn’t learned by now, it never will. Look at Sweden & Germany, in total supine surrender & denial.

  5. Make the Sign of the Cross at any of these dirty ragheads, followed by the middle digit. Never kowtow to scum.

  6. The patriotic onefinger salute is the SOP response to the isis salute. If you are unsure about which response to generate, you can take your index finger and slide it in and out of you other tube formed hand to signify recognition of standard muslim social practices onThursday nights! Any muslim seeing this response will pucker in anticipation.

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