The Consequences of Cultural Enrichment in Sweden

Tania Groth has translated two Swedish items that are suitable as emblematic bookends of life in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

First, this somber letter from a Swedish woman who has decided, along with her husband, to relocate to Budapest. From Katerina Magasin:

“We have been discussing leaving Sweden for five years and have now bought an apartment in Budapest”

August 24, 2019

I choose to publish this well-written farewell letter to Sweden. The writer has recently posted the text on her Facebook, and I want to spread her words more widely because they are nuanced, well-balanced, sad, but absolutely not hateful, that is, what one usually accuses people of being when they criticize the failing Swedish system. Indeed, many people feel a similar sadness in their hearts today, in 2019, when the situation in Sweden in many ways is becoming unbearable. “We have bought an apartment in Budapest”. So begins the post, written by Mercedes Wahlby. It sums up what many who live in Sweden today feel. I have previously published an interview with a couple who have now moved to Marbella, but believe that more of these emigrant voices are needed. Maybe they can make politicians wake up.

One can always hope.

It is not with a light heart and not without great anguish that we have made this decision. We have been discussing leaving Sweden for at least five years, back and forth. The husband who is ethnic Swedish has been the most motivating. Over the years I have tried to come up with millions of excuses to delay the decision. I have always hoped that it would eventually clear up in Sweden. But year after year I have seen that everything is only getting worse and worse, and I have little hope that this negative development can be reversed. I think it is too late, and it is possible it will not happen during my lifetime.

I can no longer live under this immense mental stress, insecurity, murder, shooting, executions, explosions, rapes and gang rapes, robberies, home burglaries, beatings, car fires, school fires, serious criminals who, after a relatively short prison stay, may again be released to move freely among us, an increasingly dismantled welfare system, lack of health care staff, teachers, elderly housing, lack of elderly care, an increasing number of poor pensioners, municipalities in principle bankrupt or in bankruptcy, all these no-go zones called something else, lack of police resources where it may take 1.5-2 hours for them to arrive at the scene of ongoing crimes if they arrive at all, the lying politicians regardless of political color and the accomplished so-called PC media, the demonization of people who think differently, the shrinking freedom of expression, the increasingly diminishing democracy, and last, but not least, the ongoing and widespread Islamization of the country. If I had wanted to live in this kind of country I would have had 53 other different countries to choose from!

I can no longer bear to hear or read daily that this is the new Sweden, and that I must learn to accept the situation. I can no longer bear to hear the police giving advice with a gradually growing list of new recommendations: lock the car doors while driving, do not go out alone in the evenings and nights, do not jog alone in the woods, do not stay in dark alleys or streets, do not wear expensive watches or gold jewellery, do not wear specific types of clothing, do not ride certain taxis or public transport alone in the evening or at nighttime, do not respond to advances, and do not look certain men in the eye so that they do not interpret it as an invitation, etc. In other words, stay within the four walls of your home! I feel like I live in a prison, that I can’t breathe freely, that I have to constantly think about and be observant of my surroundings and look over my shoulder.

I am originally a long-time French-Swedish citizen, and have been living in Sweden since 1972. I consider myself well-integrated and assimilated. My husband has said many times in connection with our discussions about, among other things, emigration, that I am more Swedish than he is. Probably he is right, because I loved the old Sweden and consider it my motherland. Sweden has given me far more than France has ever done. For the first time in my then young life, Sweden gave me happiness. I have also found two wonderful loves. I had the opportunity to get an education at an early age. I have worked hard and made a career, and have done well for myself all these years. I retired at age 67, but continued to take up assignments until the age of 69. I have repaid all my debts, including the student debts, paid high taxes and contributed more to the social contract than I have used.

For me, Sweden is more than just a country with wonderful and magnificent scenery, such as the high mountains where I stayed for three weeks in 1992, the pale red cottages with white trimmings, midsummer’s evening where you dance around the maypole and sing “the little frogs”. For me, Sweden is also the Swedish culture that our politicians, among others, deny. Sweden is the Vikings, their Asatro [pagan religion], their ravages even in my old homeland France, and more specifically Normandy, where I have my roots. Sweden is its great kings such as Wasa, Karl XII, Gustav VI Adolf, its authors as A. Strindberg, S. Lagerlöf, W. Moberg, A. Lindgren, its artists as A. Zorn, B. Liljefors. Sweden is A. Nobel, the many Swedish inventions where the list is long. Sweden is Skansen with the old cottages from bygone times where you can feel the wings of history, their crafts with, for example, glassblowing, landscape embroidery, wool and linen spinning, knotting and much more.

I have in recent years investigated an escape to a new country. For several years, France has been discounted as an alternative, nor are Spain, Italy, England, Belgium and the Netherlands attractive countries other than linguistically. Denmark has long been an opportunity, but it has its own problems, although not as serious as here in Sweden, and partly there are other reasons. Outside the EU, it is too late for us. We’re too old. There remain the Visegrad countries, and the more I hear and read negatively about these countries, the more interested I have been to investigate the content of the allegations myself. We visited Poland last year, and this year it was Hungary.

I was in Budapest for 35 days and it felt right. Among other things, I felt safe. Every day I went by bus and subway even late at night and at night. No problem. I would never dare to do that in Stockholm. I have seen a people who are friendly and helpful, who are proud of their country, their origins and their flag. In front of the Parliament there is, for example, a flagpole with the Hungarian flag, and while it is being hoisted it is honored by two soldiers.

I’m not naive. I don’t think everything in Hungary is perfect. For example, I have seen that there is poverty, that there are elderly people who are begging in streets and squares, probably because their pension is not enough. I have seen that there are addicts, and I have heard that there are problems with a certain kind of people very like those who are outside our grocery stores. I also understand that Hungary, which is under strong external pressure — not to say extortion — from the EU, will one day be forced to do what the EU wants, but then hopefully I will not be alive.

Language is a problem, but I will do my very best to learn it. I’ve already started. And I will not be a burden to my new country because I can support myself.

Old Sweden no longer exists and I cannot live in the new. I will take the old Sweden with me in my heart and never ever forget it. For the rest of my life, I will bear this sorrow and longing for my country, but also anger towards our politicians who have allowed and planned this and betrayed their people to the utmost. Soon I will return to Budapest for a real estate closing, and then I expect to have settled everything in the middle of Sweden within one year and be permanently resident in Hungary.


The second article from Samhällsnytt is disturbing, and quite graphic, so I’ve placed it below the fold:

Raped 12-year-old until she bleed from her abdomen — sentenced to a week of youth service

August 28, 2019

After a period of grooming on Snapchat, 17-year-old Mikael Shaba managed to trick a 12-year-old girl to descend into the basement of the house where he lives. There he brutally raped the girl until she bled from the abdomen. He then bragged about the incident to his friends. The Eskilstuna District Court (B 1850-18) is of the opinion that the crime should be punished with approximately one week of youth service and a number of conversations with a social assistant.

On June 21, 2018 Mikael Shaba made a date to meet with the 12-year-old girl and one of her friends in Strängnäs, where they all live. He suggested that they hang out for a while in his basement, which he had furnished with a sofa and where the girl would be able to recharge her mobile.

Once in the basement, Mikael quickly attacked. He pushed the girl against the wall, ripped off her pants and inserted several fingers into her abdomen so that she began to bleed. Then he just as brutally forced his penis into the girl, causing severe pain and additional bleeding. During the rape, Mikael also inflicted other violence upon the girl’s body so that painful bruises appeared.

“Comes from another country”

Under interrogation by the police, the girl said that she knew who Mikael Shaba was before he contacted her on Snapchat. She said that he “comes from another country,” but did not know which one. She described how, after the abuse, she had a lot of pain in her abdomen (which was essentially ripped open) and that she had difficulty walking.

However, the girl did not dare to tell her parents what happened. A few days later, however, the incident came to her brother’s notice after he heard Mikael and his friends talk and laugh about the rape. The mother was informed and reported the matter to the police.

The girl also stated that Mikael Shaba knew very well that she was only twelve years old. He himself stated that he thought she was over fifteen years old, but at the same time denied that he had had intercourse with her. He said that the abdominal injuries were self-inflicted.

Denies crime

The girl and her friend had pictures from when they were at Mikael Shaba’s gate at the relevant time. But according to Mikael, these could have been taken at any gate, and if they were from his gate then they got in there without his help, which he claimed is simple, because the lock is broken.

Mikael Shaba also denied bragging and joking about the incident. Instead, he claimed that it is the 12-year-old girl who spread the rumour and that he felt defamed, something he claimed to have reported to the police. Even the girlfriend who was with the girl at the event, according to Mikael Shaba, was lying.

At the same time, the friend said she did not see the rape herself because she was sitting in another room in the basement when it was committed. However, she claimed to have heard screams of pain from the girl from the room next door, and other strange noises.

The friend also stated that she saw that the girl was very hurt when she squatted down to pee in a grove after they both ran from the scene of the rape. She also said that the girl somehow seemed to be in a state of shock.

For reasons that are not clear, but which the District Court is concerned about, the police investigation took more than a year to complete. It also appeared that the girl was mentally traumatized after the rape, partly by the abuse itself but also by being called a “whore” by Mikael Shaba’s friends and being accused of lying.

Psychological trauma

The girl is said to have had psychosomatic symptoms as a result the event; she has lost so much hair that she now has large bare patches on her head, among other things. According to testimony, the girl has also had at least 40 conversations with a psychiatrist.

The district court writes in its verdict that it is considered beyond all reasonable doubt that Mikael Shaba raped the 12-year-old girl, and that he knew of her age or at least should have realized that she was a minor. The court therefore says that Mikael Shaba should be convicted of the rape of a child and not of the less serious charge of sexual exploitation of children.

No prison time due to young age

The court finds that the crime carries a penalty of two years in prison, which is the minimum penalty for the rape of children, where the sentence scale runs from two to six years in prison. However, because of Mikael Shaba’s young age, the court is of the opinion that he should not be sentenced to prison at all, nor to confined youth care.

The court also reasoned that Mikael Shaba should be given a 50 percent discount on the number of hours of youth service he is to be sentenced to, and has therefore decided on 50 hours instead of 100. The reason for the reduction of the sentence is that it should be considered part of the penalty that Mikael Shaba had to participate in a counselling program according to an established “youth contract”. Specifically, according to the annex to the judgment, this consisted of his having to talk to a social assistant 15 times for 45 minutes each session about violence.

Mikael Shaba has previously been convicted of illegally driving a vehicle.

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  1. I read the cited authors and even more. When I was 17 years old, I first saw Bergman’s film “Fanny and Alexander” – then the iron curtain was just starting to rise. It seemed to me that the films that I saw before were black and white, and this first one is color.

    You will lose because you are running instead of fighting for your country. You have no will.

    To the question of Sweden. New IKEA catalog
    And an article dedicated to this catalog.

    …On the yellow couch the global diversity family. He is an attractive man, half-black, she knows, child three quarters white. People of Color in all variations, patchwork families, sometimes a white person may be present. Inclusion is also worn like a neon sign in front of you: A trisomy 21 girl is also present. Why not?

      • Elena, do you seriously expect an elderly couple “to fight for their country”? This is a job for younger and stronger people.

        • Especially! Old people have nothing to lose! Remember the old Ulric from Aivengo.
          In Russia, there is a folk genre of poems in the style of “Noir”
          Grandfather found a grenade in the field.
          He took it, went to the village council.
          He pulled the ring, threw it out the window.
          Grandpa is old – he doesn’t care

          Now I take advantage of the fact that no one will think badly of me. I am a culturally looking middle-aged woman. But I can set fire to some imam’s car! No one knows what is in my head.

    • “Fanny and Alexander”- Bergman’s only film which is not consistently gloomy (?), unlike, say, “The Seventh Seal”, also mentioned here.

      They still have some kind of appeal, maybe because they’re so well made, and the characters are credible; our nearest equivalent here in the UK would perhaps be the plays of Harold Pinter, whose people are uniformly unpleasant, which just doesn’t ring true. As they say “up North”, ie the North of England, where I come from, I can’t be doing with it.

      • Yes, there used to be films like bitter healing pills.
        And not sweet stories for infantile sissies.
        Everyone will have to grow up.

  2. “Abdomen” is a mistranslation. The Swedish word “underliv” (literally meaning “below the belly”) is a euphemism for “vagina”.

    “she has lost so much hair that she now has large bare patches on her head, among other things.”

    Mohammad’s child bride Aisha reported:

    “The Prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six (years). We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Bani-al-Harith bin Khazraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down.” (Bukhari 5.58.234).

    One still feels the pain of that concise report after 1400 years.

    Because of the girl’s young age, Michael Shaba should be locked up for the rest of his life.

  3. .
    Some headlines Aug. 31 2019

    Woman raped in Nyköping – one arrest

    Five police cars vandalized in Stockholm tonight

    Woman raped in central Kiruna

    Outdoor rape in the night – man arrested

    Syrians arrested in Kristianstad – threw large stones at cars

    Kristersson, leader of Moderates: Åkesson is right – our proposal is ten years late

    Government condemns Moderate’s gambit:
    Immigration “must” continue

    The message: Continued immigration regardless of world situation. “The Syrian war is coming to an end, but other unrest may arise”

    Migration Board’s plan: Give asylum despite peace in Syria

    Tthose in power have lost their minds!

    • May I humbly suggest you have lost your mind.


        • Yes–this is the new way in which the curse of the ever-mutating curses known as Socialism/Communism have been allowed to destroy what’s left of the Free World. Luckily for the USA President Trump is strong & determined & will ensure that it will be “America First”–all the way, which will be good for the rest of the free world, & even the enslaved peoples in the West & the benighted hell-holes of the world.

    • We have almost the same news reports.
      For some reason, most of the rape is in St. Petersburg. Tver – drugs, Krasnodar – shooting, fights.

  4. I can understand the first article fully.

    To the second: I want to vomit, but that would require for me eating so much that I cant.

    If I would have a choice: Take a certain substance and turn into Superman / Homelander, but life expectancy drops to 5 years, I would do it in the same second.

  5. Let me guess: this Shaba fellow is a …. Muslim? (Shaba is a Muslim name and surname).

    Muslims are a cancer where-ever they go. And Kafir girls are always their first victim.

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