So Do You Have to Be Crazy to Convert to Islam?

Over and over again we learn that Muslims who commit atrocities in the name of their faith suffer from psychological problems. But what about converts to Islam? Are they also lunatics?

So do you have to be crazy to convert to Islam?

by SF

Historically, before Muhammad, the countries of Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco were 100% Christian, while Iran was 100% Zoroastrian. Now, after Muhammad, they are all nearly 100% Muslim. So what happened?

If you ask a Muslim (or a Muslim-enabler in the EU or the Democrat Party), he will gladly tell you that this is “proof” of how Islam is “superior and preferable” to Christianity.

But how does history itself answer that question?

Well, clearly, if Islam conquers your non-Muslim country, then you are inevitably (sooner or later) totally screwed. Islam is a supremacist “religion”. Only Muslims, as the beloved of Allah, are true human beings, while all non-Muslims are less than fully human. When Muslims conquer your non-Muslim country, you lose all your wealth, property, and possessions to the Muslims (unless they first choose to enslave you or kill you outright). You and your children then become permanent second-class people, despised, degraded, humiliated, impoverished, and marginalized. Islam is like a boa constrictor: it starts squeezing you and never stops.

But there is a way out: convert! Islam is indeed supremacist, but it welcomes all comers, and by converting, you regain your rights and status.

Clearly, this “carrot and stick” method was incredibly successful in the countries that Islam conquered. One technique they used was to first approach the non-Muslim peasants, and tell them that they could become the new masters if they converted. Then they approached the defeated ruling class, and told them that if they did not convert, then their former slaves would become their new masters. This was quite effective. It is hypothesized that most Hindu converts to Islam came from the “untouchable” caste.

But, as they say, that was then and this is now. Who converts to Islam nowadays in a Western country, where Muslims cannot force you? Hardly anyone. The men who do so are all unsuccessful, resentful losers, many with a prison background. They convert because they believe that they can acquire a new sense of self-worth; and that even better, they now become justified by Allah in seeking revenge on their non-Muslim former oppressors. (So if someone proudly tells you that he just converted to Islam, then run away, because otherwise the next thing you know he might be holding your severed head in his hand, while recording it for the internet!)

It is more surprising that even some women convert to Islam. They turn out to be ones who feel lost, have little self-respect and self-worth, and want to be “owned” (like when they were children living with their parents), so that Islam (like any good cult) provides them with meaning, importance, identity, community, and a rigid, secure social structure.

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6 thoughts on “So Do You Have to Be Crazy to Convert to Islam?

  1. “So Do You Have to Be Crazy to Convert to Islam?”

    I suspect that it is not mandatory.
    But I believe that it helps a lot.

    Sorry. I wasn’t able to resist the temptation. 😀

  2. I think the convertion of native europeans to Islam has been rarely addressed by the media, I live in Sweden and I’ve witnessed an alarming increase in the number of young swedish men who embrace Islam, I’ve talked with some of these blue eyed blond new muslims and they generally say that they are simply countering the hyper-toxic, radioactive levels of feminism and female arrogance that asphyxiate swedish society, they seemingly feel that Islam trumps feminism in the PC game and Islam allows them to tame the feminist beast, we rarely – if ever – see Islamists and feminists directly challenging each other in public here despite the countless crimes muslims commit against women. One of the new muslims I met was a 23 year old good looking tall man sporting a long beard without moustache who told me with that between living in a subjectively lunatic feminazi misandrist left wing polity wherein heterosexuality and the family are constantly under assault by sociopaths, perverts and sexual deviants, and living in an Islamic state wherein the social issues of abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and feminist supremacy are effectively dealt with he’d choose the latter, he said swedish men should get used to having their pipe, coffee, and slippers fetched for them once again.

  3. the muslim’s totalitarian ideology is the same as the communist’s. in islam you can convert, be a dhimmi or be killed. in Marxism you can be come a party member, be sent to a labor camp or be killed.

  4. Hitler admired Islam as a faith suitable for men.

    I daresay, though with no expertise in the subject, that this may be a factor in the conversion of black American men to Islam; they must be unaware of, or choose to ignore, Islam’s part in the enslavement of many millions of black Africans, including the sale of the majority of those who were transported to the Americas in European ships.

    • Yes, exactly.

      In his book, “On The History of Slavery in the Caliphate from 7th Century to 10th Century”, Dr. Petroshovsky, explains tens of examples of Islamic conquests. The author is very successful in portraying the savagery of the early Muslims. He also gives several examples of slave rebels, whose scales were much larger than Spartacus revolt. When I read Dr. Petroshovsky, I see a world of gore, rape, thievery, sins, and muahahaha laughter. The most wicked part of human history. I recommend his books.

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