Setting the Example — Not

We recently encountered Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema (GroenLinks, which used to be the Communists) in one of the videos about the culture-enriching rape and murder in Buitenveldert. Today she’s back in another context: as H. Numan reports, her dear son has got himself into a spot of bother.

Setting the example — not

by H. Numan

Quite a stir in the Dutch news today. The 15-year-old son of the mayor of Amsterdam, comrade Femke Halsema, was arrested for an armed robbery on the 14th of July. He burgled a houseboat (plenty of those in Amsterdam) with a friend, was pursued by the police and arrested. The boys left two knives and an alarm pistol (a pistol that can only fire blanks — legal in The Netherlands) in the boat, which the police retrieved.

As you can see, the date of the burglary was on the glorious quatorze julliet. We don’t celebrate that day in The Netherlands, but it took well over a month for the news to leak out to the press. We all know that all pigs are equal. But some pigs are a bit more equal than others, right? The media criticize comrade mommy for keeping the affair under the rug for so long.

The police (comrade Femke is head of the militsiya in Amsterdam) made a statement that this arrest was not kept under any rug. “It’s just a sensitive case that need to be handled with care.” Our lovely burkamaster said no special privileges are given to her son, and he wasn’t burgling. He was just a rebellious teenager vandalizing. Armed. We all do that when we are young, don’t we? The police — who shouldn’t give special attention to the son of the mayor — give some special attention to the brat ‘because the high office of his mother makes him very vulnerable and can hound him for years to come’.

It’s extra embarrassing for comrade mayor, as she said on Tuesday extra measures are required for the wave of extreme violence raging in Amsterdam. Several shootings happened the last few weeks. Even a few hand grenades were found. That violence — you won’t read that in any Dutch paper — is almost exclusively Moroccan. And Turkish. Yes, us Dutch have replaced our own homegrown hoodlums with far more violent criminals who have a phobia of pork.

The time you could walk most streets of Amsterdam in peace any time day or night are long gone. But this is rather different. Walking in a dangerous alley at night is one thing; risking being machine-gunned in a busy street in broad daylight is another. Several gang murders have been committed with AK-47s and hand grenades, with innocent bystanders as victims. Sometimes the murderers even apologize. It was a mistake; they wanted to hit a family member. Or he really looked like the guy they wanted to waste. More often than not no arrests are made. Seems it is something we have to learn to live with.

After all, we can’t do racial profiling, can we? Imagine that! The police would have to fire most of the officers of the mohammedan persuasion. Remember the mohammedan bodyguard, a couple of years ago? He was prosecuted — in itself a rarity — for leaking sensitive information about Geert Wilders. Several — dare I say many? — officers with a phobia for pork have been prosecuted for similar offenses. They leaked sensitive information to criminal organizations.

I remember well when my parents got a visit from two marechaussee [Dutch armed forces] officers, just after I signed up. My folks were highly surprised by that visit. Not to worry, ma’am one of them said. He’s not in trouble. We always visit the family of our new recruits to see where they come from. We’ve already done a background check, otherwise we wouldn’t be here to visit you.

That is now impossible. Racial profiling! Several (mohammedan) police officers have family members with serious criminal records, even. Going back 40 years — I’m getting old — supposing my sis or my dad had a criminal record, I wouldn’t have made it through the background check. But today multiculturalism rules. That automatically means common sense goes down the drain. Oh, do mind that no criminal record for family members still stands. If you happen to be real Dutch, that is.

I’ve never ever heard a good reason why a multicultural society is so desirable. The only reasons given are completely subjective and actually nonsensical: “you can eat so many different cuisines now” or “it’s so colorful”. There are plenty of reasons why that multicultural society is an abject failure. It’s a horror story that won’t end well.

Back to comrade brat. What’s going to happen to him? Nothing. At best he has to do a few hours of community service. I doubt if it even goes that far. More likely everything will be hushed up. Comrade mom will be praised for insisting on no preferential treatment for her son. Which he will get anyway. It won’t have political consequences for her career. Mayors aren’t elected in The Netherlands, but appointed. The powers-that-be don’t want her gone. She’s doing a marvelous job. Oh, by the way. Comrade brat could theoretically get six months in jail or €20,500 for his offense. Wanna bet he doesn’t get any?

Now to finish off with a little bit of unusual news. Remember the murder of Pim Fortuyn back in 2002? His assassin was Volkert van der Graaf. There were lots of people in high places who dreaded Pim Fortuyn becoming prime minister. He would have been that, with a landslide majority, had he not been killed. One of the people with a strong motive to get him out of the way was Queen Beatrix. Fortuyn was a republican, and a vocal one at that. Had he been elected, rest assured her royal powers would at the very least been severely restricted. He also wanted to organize a referendum to abolish the monarchy.

Fortuyn is nicely out of the way. His murderer got a very light sentence and enjoys his freedom once again. And (now) princess Beatrix? She just bought a new horse. She named him… Volkert. I wonder if she also owns a horse named Balthasar. As the great bard said: what’s in a name? It’s just a funny coincidence, naming your horse after the guy who saved your crown. Perhaps we can all raise money to buy her a nice old nag to round off her stable. I suggest calling that nag Iskariot or even better: Buraq.

— H. Numan

5 thoughts on “Setting the Example — Not

  1. So … I educated myself about Mr. Volkert:

    “He was released on parole in May 2014 after serving two thirds of his sentence.”

    So for a murder of a political opponent in Holland one serves 11 years and then roams free.

    … and thanks for a very good incisive essay full of “inconvenient truths” (to use Guggenheim’s verbiage).

  2. “I’ve never ever heard a good reason why a multicultural society is so desirable.”

    We are living inside a multiculti for almost 2800 years. 18 distinctive ethnic groups who speak 7 major languages unintelligible for others. I excluded Jews, because they are everywhere. A multiculti heaven, or more accurately: doomsday of thieves. Multiculti, before anything means a society of distrust and thievery. This concept has been researched in the place I live, it’s nothing new. Some researchers believe it’s the major source of all the poverty and chaos. Even a minstrel commented on that a bit over 1000 years ago. Maybe it’s not bad to give a brief translation, especially when the poet clearly gives hints of politically correct language that follows multiculti:

    “There will be a race from Turks, Ires and Tazis (Arabs and Semites)
    That will speak a language of playing verbal games (political correctness)
    They will all hide their money from each other
    And they rather die than to be helpful to others

    No ceremony, no leisure, no endeavour, no success
    All chaos, laziness and making traps for each other
    They will seek misfortune of others
    And will find reasons within a new religion” (he clearly meant Islam, religion of charlatans)

    The minstrel was very correct and his prophecy has come true. No wonder this place is
    one the most famous hellholes on earth. You will be the next.

    Hope I am the first person to give you a good reason to accept the multiculti with love.

  3. Multiculturalism can’t be the biological way to go for our species, at least for the next few thousand years: 1. We have a linear decrease in our fertility rates if our mating genomes are too different, although we need a little variation to avoid homozygous recessive genes. 2. Our evolution has been to make tribalism work. For two hundred thousand years we have lived in small tribal groups, of @50-150 people. We were terrified at night of strange noises and raiding and looting and pillaging. We were food for carnivores. Our terror was that our children would be killed or taken and our wives made slaves. We nearly died off. See the “founder effect”. Then, suddenly, ten thousand years ago we were required to live in larger groups and cities because hunter and gathering lands were not adequate for our increasing population and the new discoveries in agriculture could support us. But our genes logically have to be still ancient and congruous to the tribal life. Ten thousand years is not long enough to show that there are survival advantages to multiculturalism…if there are any. For sure, there was only fierce anti-multiculturalism for most of our existence on this planet. Tribes do not espouse multiculturalism unless they are suicidal.

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