Qatar Kills Bin Laden’s Son

The following guest-article by Barry Webb was published at Vlad Tepes on Monday.

Qatar Kills Bin Laden’s Son

by Barry Webb

A Saudi guest on Sarah Damdhawi’s tafa’alkom program aired on al-Arabia TV on 04 August 2019 said that: “Qatar killed Hamza bin Usama bin Laden as a gift to the U.S.

A little background is in order here. Hamza, the son of Usama bin Laden, was the future of al-Qaeda. He was the sole figure on this planet whose pedigree and family background could have made it possible to unite all terrorist groups, Sunni and Shi’a, into one “terrorist superpower.”

As a result of Hamza’s potential as a terrorism Fuhrer (and Hamza’s personal threat to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the U.S.), the U.S. had placed a one million dollar reward on his head.

At this point one might ask, why would Qatar, one of the world’s top three state sponsors of terrorism, snuff out one of their key assets as a gift to the Trump administration?

The answer can be found in last week’s arms deal between Trump and the Emir of Qatar. That was part of the price that Trump asked for in exchange for modern weapons. The rest of the price was, of course, the billions of dollars that will go into U.S. companies and the payrolls of U.S. workers.

A nice pre-election package. Money, and the elimination of Hamza bin Usama bin Laden. A win-win for Trump and the U.S. Right?

Not so fast.

Qatar has been playing this game for decades. With one hand they pretend to be helping in the war on terror, while their other hand supports terrorism. This is a prime example because their execution of Hamza bin Laden and their acceptance of U.S. weapons will not whet their appetite for terrorist mischief elsewhere. Just ask Syria, Somalia, Libya, Mali, and the rest of North Africa.

But the real victory that Qatar won is much more profound. They were willing to eliminate an asset like Hamza bin Usama bin Laden not just as a door through which they could obtain U.S. weapons, but because performing such a sacrifice will continue to keep the U.S. and the rest of the West totally blind to Qatar’s long term goals.

These long term goals are much more dangerous and much more permanent that anything Hamza bin Usama Bin Laden and his rag a tag band of jihadis could ever muster.

Qatar is in this for the long haul. Taking a single rook off the chessboard while setting up a checkmate of your opponent’s king is a small price to pay.

This dangerous long-term game Qatar is playing will be revealed in tomorrow’s Mideast intel update.

Barry Webb had a 25-year career as an Arabist for the NSA, holds two MA degrees in related subject matter, and is the author of Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy: Why America and its Allies are Losing the War on Terror. His website is: He is currently a senior fellow with the DC-based Americans for Intelligence Reform at

7 thoughts on “Qatar Kills Bin Laden’s Son

  1. Qatar is, no doubt, under estimating the strategic acumen of our next President.
    Those Cherokee squaws are pretty savvy!


    You write: “…will not whet their appetite for terrorist mischief elsewhere.”

    You probably meant to use “dampen” instead of “whet?”

  3. Let’s take the two cases I know something about. Syria, Libya and Libya. The US played a major role in the overthrow of Qaddafi of Libya and the consequent instability of the country. Ditto for Syria, except that Russian and Iranian support kept Syrian President Assad in power. In both cases, there is no discernible benefit to the US from toppling relatively stable dictators, especially Qaddafi who performed an unappreciated service to Europe by stopping the flow of African migrants.

    So, how is Qatar more dangerous to the US than the US is to itself? Qatar is allied with Iran, which is part of the reason Saudi Arabia is trying to topple Qatar, although I’ve heard that Saudi Arabia is running short of funds and wants to take over Qatar’s money. In either case:

    How is Qatar more dangerous to the US than Iran?

    Seems to me if the US had left well enough alone, not toppling Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and not pushing Assad firmly to Russia and Iran, the region would have had enough checks and balances. Is the US going to sit and shiver because bin Laden’s son is plotting revenge? Do you really think he can bring Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia together?

    The huge vulnerability of the US is its exploding deficit and debt. The debt puts the US in position of mercenary to bond-holders like Saudi Arabia, who agree to fiscal policies that hide the consequences of the US national deficit. Most likely, Qatar owns some of that debt. Otherwise, Qatar sponsoring terrorists against the US in such a way that it could be tracked back to them would be very, very dangerous for them.

    • What do you think Wesley Clark is talking about here:

      – Why is Israel aligned with the alleged Jew-haters in Saudi Arabia? Is the goal to take out the slightly more intelligent Shias in Iran and then deal with the more stupid Sunnis in Saudi Barbaria?
      – What was exactly Epstein role? What was he doing for the Mossad?
      – I suspect the entire project is to create a greater Israel using American blood.

  4. Propaganda for a country that tries to uphold it’s dignity despite its many difficulties leaving in a neighborhood where your neighbour wants to remote controlled you

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