Political Correctness Will be the Death of the Rule of Law

In the following television appearance, Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, discusses what happens when Islam gains a foothold in a Western country. Political correctness demands that Islam be accommodated and nurtured under the rule of law. However, Islam does not respect Western rules, refuses to follow them, and simply exploits Western institutions in order to destroy them and implement sharia:

4 thoughts on “Political Correctness Will be the Death of the Rule of Law

    • PC is the cultural Marxist super-weapon, deployed against all who dare to question their agenda. Right-wing conservatives, if they still exist, would do well to attack PC directly and call for unfettered free speech without mentioning the secondary (but still major) issues such as immigration, Islam & LGBTXYZ. That way they cannot be accused of racism or anything else.

  1. A very brave, straight forward, phlegmatic politician who is
    Stating the truth.

    However I fear that unfortunately he is a lone voice in the

  2. If Western Civilization survives the present crisis in some recognizable form, history will record that Geert Wilders – the heroic visionary and member of Dutch parliament – was one of its most-stalwart defenders. He is on the short list of 21st-century heirs to Sir Winston Churchill, along with Hungarian President Viktor Orban, British activist Tommy Robinson, and a very few others.

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