More on the Vehicular Jihad in Östersund

Last Friday I posted about a thwarted episode of vehicular jihad in the Swedish city of Östersund. The two TV news reports below contain additional details about that culture-enriching incident.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:50   Michael Toll, you have also visited the residential area
00:55   where the 32-year-old lives, and talked to some people at the location.
01:01   Could you describe the atmosphere?
01:05   It would seem dramatic if I were to say, “It’s a shocked society”; people are frightened.
01:11   Many said, “Oh, it could actually happen here!”
01:14   Also, “This can’t be real,” and many felt a sick feeling.
01:19   People describe the man and his family as nice, calm and gentle.
01:27   It’s indeed terrifying.
01:30   We will listen to some witnesses who were at the site where this man
01:34   was arrested in Östersund; Michael interviewed them.
01:42   Let’s listen to what they have to say.
01:45   A car was being chased by the police. Eventually he crashed into a planter of flowers.
01:55   Police officers ran outside with drawn weapons and pulled the driver
01:59   out of the car and took him into custody.
02:02   They searched the car; it seemed that they didn’t find anything.
02:07   Then they transported the driver and the car.
02:11   When you knew today that he was arrested on suspicion of a terrorist attack, what do you think?
02:18   It’s more serious, of course, and it’s really unpleasant to experience such things.
02:23   So I think they should have been a bit more careful when they were handling the situation.
02:30   Did you see anything in the car?
02:33   Yes, there were some sort of red jerrycans.
02:36   I didn’t know what they were, I thought they might be junk.
02:40   What do you think now? —Really sick that it happened!
02:46   The Östersund court will start the arrest session soon at 01:00 pm [on 16 Aug 2019].
02:53   The case is about the man in his 30s who has been arrested
02:56   on charges of preparing a terrorist attack.

Video transcript #2 (based on the times in the original clip):

00:31   Aftonbladet’s correspondent, Mikael Toll, is in Östersund.
00:36   Tell us what this is all about.
00:40   We are at the main square. Everything started yesterday [14 Aug 2019]
00:45   when a car drove into the square you see behind me
00:50   He drove slowly in circles around the square. Finally, he turned around.
00:54   Right at that moment police cars came with their sirens.
00:57   And they had to forcibly run the car off to stop and apprehend him [the driver].
01:02   Do we know why the police decided to apprehend the man?
01:07   No, it’s a little bit unclear why they decided to apprehend him.
01:14   The situation was dramatic, filled with handguns.
01:18   The people were nearby at an ice cream stand heard people scream and run.
01:24   Yes, it was dramatic.
02:23   Mikael Toll, you are at the main square. Tell us about the atmosphere there.
02:31   Is it noticeable what took place there yesterday?
02:35   Nothing is currently noticeable, but earlier today when I talked with people who experienced it,
02:40   they said it wasn’t a big thing at that time.
02:43   But when people knew it was a suspected terrorist attack, then it felt uncomfortable.
02:49   A young girl said she ran there and checked it out immediately,
02:52   She said, “Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. There were small children running around screaming.
02:57   But when they knew what it was about, then they felt very uncomfortable,
03:01   and couldn’t believe what could happen here.
03:04   This crime was reclassified yesterday [as preparation for a terrorist attack].
03:10   As understand it, the police have been very reticent with journalists regarding their work.
03:17   What is the recent news you could get?
03:22   New information is very restrained. We haven’t heard anything
03:25   specific from Säpo [the Security Service]…

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  1. .

    Police station in Linköping destroyed in explosion

    3000 people affected.

    120 bomb blasts so far this year
    By: Christian Skaug

    A Linköping police building was completely damaged last night and nearby windows were shattered as police detonated a suspicious object inside the authority’s premises for seized goods. No people were injured and no one was arrested. According to Aftonbladet sources , it was a plastic explosive and nail that someone had hidden under the seat of a stolen moped.

    The bomb squad was immediately called in when it was all discovered at 13am on Monday, and just before midnight the detonation was triggered by the bomb squad – after a large area was blocked off, the hospital put in emergency response and several people evacuated from their homes to a nearby church . The explosion became more powerful than the police seem to expect:
    Was it a controlled blast?

    It was the bombers who fired it, but it was not quite planned for it to be such a powerful detonation.However, we had taken this into account, which we can now see was good that we did, says press spokesman Erik Terneborn.
    The explosion could be heard and smoke seen at a long distance.
    – I had just come home and wanted to go to bed when it melted. One wonders what it is going on, a witness told Aftonbladet at night.

    Expressen writes:
    The detonation was felt by many in Linköping, several woke up to it. A person living nearby tells Expressen how he heard a deep bang and that the whole house shook.
    – It felt like a powerful earthquake. The whole room was moving and vibrating vigorously, the person says.
    He describes the smoke from the square as a “heavy cover” over the nearby houses. Pictures from the square also show thick smoke above buildings in Linköping. One person says that the detonation was experienced as a pressure wall.

    According to Expressen, 170 people were evacuated and a total of 3,000, including people in a care home, were affected in connection with the detonation. At 2 o’clock at night, the evacuees could return home.

    Linköping was also the site of an explosion in June, that time in a residential area that damaged both people and property. Before and after the explosion at the police house in Linköping. The number of explosions in Sweden is increasing – 120 so far this year .

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