Michael Stürzenberger on Islam and the Nazis

For more than ten years Michael Stürzenberger has been holding his popular presentations on Islam in downtown Munich. He is a tireless, fearless, and articulate speaker who provokes both Muslims and leftists with his well-informed expositions on the history and scripture of Islam. He has been prosecuted a number of times in Germany and Austria for saying doubleplus ungood things about the Religion of Peace.

The three videos below were recorded recently during one of Mr. Stürzenberger’s presentations in Munich. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

In the first video a Gutmensch in the audience complains about the speaker’s “aggression”. It’s clear that he fully subscribes to the sharia view of insults to Islam — that is, anyone whose truth-telling about Islam causes Muslims to become angry and violent is himself responsible for that violence:

The second video shows that to the average German leftist, as long as there is a single native German who admires Hitler, it doesn’t matter how many Muslims revere the Nazis and buy copies of Mein Kampf (in Arabic) — that single native Nazi supporter trumps them all:

In the third video Mr. Stürzenberger takes exception to being called a Nazi repeatedly by a smirking member of the audience, and at the end promises that he will bring a lawsuit against him in court. In the USA, of course, such insults would not be actionable, but evidently the laws are different in Germany:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Anton Hofreiter, now I have… —You’re the one practicing verbal assault here! You say that you
00:05   aren’t physically assaulting anyone, but what you are doing here the whole day is verbal assault.
00:10   You stir up and spread hate. The people of Munich won’t put up with that.
00:16   So, by explaining about the violence and hate that is in the Quran, we’re committing
00:23   verbal assault, is that right? —Yes, because you bring aggression here. So you don’t need to act
00:29   surprised when Muslims become aggressive too. You! You are cause of all the aggression here
00:35   at this event. —So, you think it is our fault that Muslims become violent? —That they are, here.
00:42   It’s our fault? —Yes. —Is it also our fault that Islam
00:46   has been violent on the planet since 632 A.D.?
00:49   That’s our fault? —No, I didn’t say that. —Islam has been doing that for the last 1,400 years, and
00:53   we want to avoid it continuing for another 1,400 years. Why are you waving your hand in front
00:57   of your face? Don’t you have any sympathy for the dead who have been victims of Islamic terror?
01:00   200 in Paris? 12 in Berlin? —Yes, because of you
01:04   the entire aggression is intensified. You’re pouring oil on
01:09   the fire. —Oh, so we should ignore it, right? —Yes! —Just look away and stay silent, right? (2X)
01:14   Yes. —Exactly, and we’ll just hope nothing else happens, right? —Yes.
01:18   Exactly, and when something else does happen, just forget it. —I didn’t say just forget it.
01:22   So, we are allowed to talk about it? Are we allowed to talk about the reason
01:26   behind the terror? Get to the bottom of things? —Not the way you are doing it.
01:29   It can be done in a more peaceful manner. It can be done in a peaceful manner with
01:32   democratic parties, but not with extremists like you.
01:36   Don’t you think it is important to inform people
01:39   about what is in the Quran? About the instructions and commands? —Yes, but it can be done
01:43   in a peaceful manner. —Are we doing it non-peacefully? —Yes. —We are just quoting what it
01:46   says. —You’re spreading hate and it’s not peaceful. —We’re telling people about the hate that is
01:50   preached in the Quran. —Yes, that’s right. You absorb it and are not any better than they are.
01:54   —Did you listen today? We’re friendly and show good will towards others. —You’re friendly?
02:00   You are spreading hate! You provoke people! That’s not friendly! —So who did I provoke?
02:06   Mr. Schwarz? —As one example, yes. —I only explained what he did to me. He sued me and
02:11   dragged me into court and couldn’t even pay his own court fees. —He’s here peacefully and
02:14   you provoke him. —I’m peaceful too. —You can’t tell, the way you act. That’s not peaceful.
02:20   —What is non-peaceful? Explaining the facts? —Your aggressive behavior is non-peaceful,
02:25   not necessarily the subject matter, but your aggressive manner, the way you present it,
02:29   is violent. —You feel that it’s aggressive? —Yes.
02:33   Maybe “dedicated” is the better word. Dedicated?
02:36   Dedicated and aggressive. Aggressive towards others who think differently. —Could it be that
02:41   the aggression that you’re feeling is coming from the fact that we quote what it says in the Quran?
02:46   Kill them, cut their heads off — it comes across
02:49   as being very hateful, right? Maybe you are projecting
02:52   that hate onto me because I’m presenting it? —Uh, well… no.
02:57   The hate isn’t being projected onto you.
03:02   You are reflecting the hate from… —Do you know what happens to me? When I quote all these
03:07   verses from the Quran, dozen of Muslims come to me,
03:11   telling me they’ll cut off my head and that they’ll
03:14   kill me. Can you understand that? It happens at almost every presentation we make, every one.
03:22   Not just abhorrent insults, but death threats.
03:25   On a regular basis. Where do you think it comes from?
03:29   Where does this willingness to kill come from? —You know exactly which buttons to push to
03:33   set them off and you do it on purpose to provoke them to prove your point, to show how
03:38   aggressive Islam is, allegedly, but these are just individual people that you provoke and then they
03:46   lose control of themselves. That’s exactly what you want. You push all the buttons and say:
03:53   “Look, you see, Islam is so bad”, although they’re
03:56   just individuals that you insult and provoke.
03:59   Ok, look, we’ve been doing our public awareness campaign since 2010. —That’s what you do.
04:04   Buttons were already pushed in 2001 when 3,000 Americans were pulverised in New York.
04:09   In 2003, trains were blown up in Madrid — 180 dead. In 2005, buses in London with 60 dead.
04:17   Then there’s Brussels and Paris. You know all this happened and that’s way before we started
04:24   our awareness campaign. Why were all of them provoked? —Why, why, why, why do you
04:29   provoke in the same way? —We want the terror to stop! We want to explore in depth the reasons
04:35   for the terror. Do you understand that? The politicians and media want to conceal it.
04:41   Just like you said before, that we just need to keep quiet about it. Appeasement. Stay calm.
04:47   That’s exactly why we started the awareness campaign, because we need to talk about it.
04:51   We have to remove the cause of terror and killing.
04:54   Otherwise it will continue for another 1,400 years.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   This is really important. Even today Hitler is still adored in Islamic countries.
00:05   Even in Turkey. Up until 2008, “Mein Kampf” was on the bestseller list there.
00:12   It was third place on the bestseller list.
00:16   Here at a demonstration in Pakistan, there’s a sign that says “God Bless Hitler”.
00:21   Hitler is adored in Islamic countries. What did you say?
00:25   In Germany too, right? —Yes, by Nazis, by Nazis. —By these types as well.
00:30   By Nazis, which we also fight against empathically. Anyone today who is for
00:34   Hitler is an intellectual criminal. We are against them like every other upstanding democrat is.
00:41   Please understand that. OK, but no one talks about
00:45   how Hitler is adored in Islam. They’re all silent.
00:49   That’s why we’re here today and calling it out. The adoration for Hitler and Nazism.
00:55   The hatred of Jews. It must be stopped. Actively. Without using relativism and the Old Testament.
01:00   It is irrelevant. People: my God, open your eyes! Think straight. Look at this, Hezbollah, Hamas,
01:10   they’re doing the Hitler salute. They adore Hitler. —It is the same in Germany. There are
01:15   right-wing extremists doing the same thing in Germany. —We just talked about that. I agreed
01:20   there are some of them in Germany. There are national socialists. —I’m more worried about that.
01:24   You’re more worried about that? Wait until the Islamic Terror really gets started, then you’ll be
01:29   more worried about the Islamic Terror groups. There will be hundreds, thousands of deaths
01:34   on German streets. Go ahead and laugh while you can. —Oh, we’ll see if that actually happens.
01:38   So, Berlin wasn’t enough for you. —How many? —12. The 200 in Paris aren’t enough for you?
01:45   The 190 dead in trains in Madrid aren’t enough either? The 60 in London? The 3,000 in New York
01:50   aren’t enough for you either? And he smiles. I don’t know what is going on in your head.
01:54   How many more need to die? —I think what happened in Berlin had nothing to do with religion.
02:01   Oh, it didn’t have anything to do with religion? —It had nothing to do with religion.
02:05   Anis Amri was a faithful Muslim who fulfilled the commands.
02:09   We will present all of that here today.
02:13   You don’t even know what’s in the Quran. Have you read the Quran? (2x) —I have read parts of it.
02:20   Parts of it? You have to read the whole thing. We’re going to explain to you today what
02:24   kinds of inflammatory commands are contained in the Quran. Here’s a small sample:
02:28   “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them!” Surah 2:191
02:32   “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them, sitting in wait
02:36   for them at every place of ambush.” Surah 9:5 “So when you meet those who disbelieve,
02:41   strike [their] necks until you have inflicted slaughter upon them” Surah 47:4
02:45   And the most dangerous verse in the Quran: “And you did not kill them, but it was Allah
02:49   who killed them with your hands.” Surah 8:17 Now he’s not even listening, because he doesn’t
02:54   want to hear it. That guy there. So here, this completely covered Muslima woman in London
03:00   has a sign that says, “Get ready for the REAL Holocaust” So, they want to carry out
03:06   a true Holocaust. They want a redo of mass murder on Jews and us — the unbelievers.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   Did you just say something? Did anyone understand what she just shouted? No, no? No comments?
00:05   I don’t know what there is to shout about. We were talking about Raif Badawi, a young Saudi,
00:09   a modern Saudi, who is in a Saudi Arabian jail. In Islam’s motherland, and there he was whipped.
00:15   By the way: that “Munich Remains Nazi-free” sign, we agree, but you made a mistake in your topic,
00:20   because there are no Nazis here. OK? You know, she couldn’t have known because she’s
00:25   turned around. She has been staring at the shop window the entire time and doesn’t know about
00:29   all the anti-Nazi posters here. Have you seen them yet? Certainly, she’s mute. All she can do is
00:34   hold up her sign. No arguments, no facts, but that’s what we’ve known for ten years, friends.
00:38   Here are all facts and arguments. There are only insults. Rude, disgusting insults here.
00:44   Servus. Do have something to say? —You are Nazis.
00:48   We are Nazis? I’m a Nazi? —Yes.—Why you think so?
00:52   Did you look at the posters? —The whole speech is, the whole speech is maybe Nazi. —It’s Nazi?
01:00   The whole speech is Nazi? —Yes. —What’s Nazi? —What is Nazi about it? Yes, just tell me.
01:07   Explain it to me. I would like to know why what we’re saying is Nazi. So if we put up posters of
01:12   the resistance movement The White Rose, of Stauffenberg, of Sophie Scholl, that’s all Nazi.
01:17   I’ve never seen so much incoherent s*** in my life. —Incoherent s***? —Yes. —Look at it.
01:22   There are the Resistance fighters against the Nazis. —Exactly. —That’s the re-establishment
01:26   of the White Rose. There’s the Nazi-Islam pact. Everything has a connection.
01:30   There’s the worship of Nazis in the Islamic world. Let’s get right to it. Do you see that?
01:36   Yes, but then vote for the AfD? That makes sense, right? Choose AfD and be against Nazis?
01:41   That makes sense? —What does that have to do with it now? Are the AfD Nazis? —Yes.
01:46   The AfD are Nazis? —Ever heard what Björn Höcke said? —What did you say? —Have you
01:50   ever heard what Björn Höcke said? —Björn Höcke said that in Berlin, the Holocaust memorial
01:55   is a monument of shame. By the way, that’s right, he’s right. It’s a monument of shame,
02:01   what the Nazis brought to Germany with the Holocaust. It was written the very same way
02:06   by the Spiegel editor Rudolf Augstein in 1998. Only if Augstein writes it, it’s all right.
02:13   If Höcke writes that, then it is maliciously turned around and put down as if he had said
02:17   the monument was shameful; think about it. Know what? That’s malicious leftist slander
02:23   and war propaganda. Björn Höcke never glorified National Socialism, and now I’ll say again,
02:28   I advise you, I advise you, not to use the word Nazi to describe us again? —Nazi.
02:35   OK, record his personal details. I feel insulted by the label of Nazi. Can you please record
02:40   his personal details. We will now pursue this to the last instance. OK? I will also, if possible
02:46   sue you in civil court. If somebody calls us Nazi, or even Jew destroyers, OK, or as totalitarian
02:55   racists, when we have several posters here and again I’m a founding member of
02:59   the White Rose. Please take this man’s personal information, I’m pressing charges against him
03:03   for the insult of “Nazi”. I feel deeply insulted by this left insinuation, slander and smear.
03:12   Let’s do that, please. We will pursue this until the last instance.
03:16   If the prosecution should refuse
03:19   to go to trial, then there will be a trial by civil proceeding. We won’t put up with anything
03:25   anymore from these vicious leftists. How can you be so idiotic when it’s all right there?
03:33   Here’s the one who’s at the microphone right now, that one, the one who’s there, that’s me.
03:38   That’s the re-established White Rose, that’s Sophie Scholl’s best friend. Here are all the
03:42   posters warning against National Socialism. And he has nothing better to do than defame me
03:48   as a Nazi. We’re getting this done, aren’t we? With his personal details? Will you do that?
03:53   —Yes, yes! —I’m pressing charges here. So I mean it seriously, I mean it seriously.
03:57   Please write down his information. —You put the microphone down and come with me to the police.
04:00   —No, no, first of all your information will be recorded and afterwards we will lodge every single
04:05   criminal complaint after the end of the demonstration and I will take the time for it. OK.

For links to previous posts about Michael Stürzenberger and Die Freiheit in Munich, see the Michael Stürzenberger Archives.

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  1. Stuerzenberger in Germany, Le Pen in FRance, Salvini in ITaly, Wilders and Baudet in the Netherlands, Akesson in Sweden, Farage in the UK, Sabatisch-Wolff in Austria, Orban in Hungary….

    They are the hope for the salvation of Europe.

    • It is encouraging to see AfD get representation in the german government, but discouraging that they have only 14% support across the entire country; that means that something like 86% of germans oppose them and are happy to see their country overrun by invaders and socialists.

      In the long run, Eastern Europe might have a chance of extricating themselves from this mess that is the EU, and of avoiding the destruction of their cultures and countries at the hands of socialist globalist weasels, but I am pretty sure Western Europe is (fornicated).

      • 14% of the German population is what, 20%+ of the German people? Maybe more. And then of course there is the corruption of those that run polls and elections.

  2. I can’t believe it how people are do stupid and brainwashed by , DDR propaganda, speechless, that’s why this situation is like it is in Germany..

  3. I lost family in Hitler’s camps. The last Leftist to call me a “Nazi” I belted. HE ran away squealing like a pig. They dish it out but cannot stand it when people respond. I will do this every time I am called a “Nazi” now on any protest march. His companions were too shocked to respond. These morons have no idea. My family were bombed out twice.

  4. Stürzi seems indefatigable and I admire his tenacity, but I really can’t see what he hopes to achieve. He’s called Nazi practically all the time during his public speeches (there was even an absolutely grotesque scene last year with a woman of his age, speaking almost the same Bavarian dialect as he does, following him around with a megaphone, shouting: “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!” in his ear), but does he actually reach anyone? I mean, apart from those people who share his opinion anyway?

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