Inevitably, seasons change…

The Baron has taken a well-deserved break to visit family and left his house to me. As your housekeeper, I am honored to introduce myself. My name is Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and I reside in a crazy place called Central Europe, a place that I often no longer recognize. It pains me to watch my country, along with so many other countries, transformed into a resemblance of a Third World country.

The following words were originally penned in German, but the anonymous blog owner “Nicht mehr mein Deutschland” (No longer my Germany) kindly provides an excellent translation. What you are about to read epitomizes what I, along with millions of other native Europeans, see and feel every single day. The author adeptly describes a heavy and aching heart witnessing Germany’s transformation, the breakdown of public infrastructure, of society, of losing of free speech, and the rise of incapable politicians that magnify their capabilities.

Summer is waning; fall is just around the corner, not only for Germany, but for all of us. The change of season is inevitable, a part of life. Germany need not be waning. But  Germany believes its fall is inevitable.


How Germany Is Changing

When I was a child in Germany, some things were ugly on the outside, but pleasant on the inside. The houses they had built after the war were ugly, as were the hairstyles, the furniture and the fashion.

But what was pleasant and plentiful were the old houses in the cities, the winding streets, the bridges and rivers, the fortresses and castles. The rich nature everywhere, the well-kept parks and the large forests, the fields and the vineyards, the sea and the mountains.

And people were content. Most had a job. And almost no-one had to fear for their future, or their security, or that of their children. There was the cold war, but it seemed remote and didn’t affect us directly. Most of all, people were more alike. Most spoke the same language. They felt at home in the same culture. And they enjoyed the same, principal values. Those who had come here to work and who spoke a different language were viewed as guests, and if they wanted, they could usually stay. They were treated with respect, and the same was expected in return.

Times are changing

Today Germany has become a different place, and it is continuing to change, permanently. The houses built today are nicer than those constructed after the war, even if not as pleasant as those from one or two centuries ago. The furniture is nicer, and the fashion and hairstyles are, too.

But the streets are in need of repair. The schools are slowly falling apart. And on the pavements, in the cities, the homeless sleep at night. Many people have worse jobs than before, and they can afford less things that have a permanent value, like houses or flats. The streets are crowded with large, heavy lorries with foreign license plates, bringing goods in and out of the country, to be processed cheaper elsewhere, with traffic jams everywhere. The parks of yesterday are barely being tended. And outside the cities, in some forests, wolves are howling like they last did centuries ago.

Most of all, people have changed, they feel more rushed and under pressure. Many fear for their future and their safety, and that of their children, if they still have any. People are worried that they soon will be owning less, and perhaps that is why some have the urge to show even more that they do own something. Cars are larger than before, and the people in them more aggressive and reckless. Those making the most money take it from others unchallenged, keep some of it and hand the rest upwards.

Politicians and lobbyism

In politics, those who have increasingly attained power overestimate themselves and are more and more removed from the needs and opinions of those who voted for them, and who in a democracy they should naturally be representing. Instead, these people are often driven by simple and overrated ideologies, more than ever wittingly or unwittingly adhering to the wishes of those who, with a mixture of coddling and manipulation, have enforced this to the disadvantage of all others. In these times of lobbyism and one-sided medial distortion, with little balance, ethics or humanist values, the richest of the rich reign once again.

Through the shifting of political responsibilities towards European agencies, German parliamentarian democracy has been weakened. Through the introduction of the Euro, the possibility of a devaluation of national debt has been taken. Through the shouldering of debt of other European countries and private banks, every German citizen has been made responsible for the mistakes and greed of others. And through the introduction of an anti-debt regulation in the constitution, the path for further privatisation has been paved.

A changing society

And last of all, and again as a consequence of political decisions, many people on the streets and in the cities don’t speak my language anymore. They don’t live my culture. They don’t know my country. And many of them don’t even seem to want that. Many of them have come here because they wanted to worry less, and the rich beckoned them in because they demanded cheap labour and uncritical consumers, and the ideologists because they like to dream. But where all these new people should live, and where they should work, and who should pay for everything, till and if they ever earn their own money, no-one has ever clarified.

Some of these immigrated people seem less and less to respect my country, its people and its values, and they are changing the tone and the atmosphere in this society profoundly. They voice their demands loudly and take it as given that one supplies them with all of what other people in this country have worked hard for generations to attain. In their demands and ideas they are supported by some who are from Germany, but seemingly don’t like it very much.

Most of all, no one asks if all this change is actually deemed desirable by most of those who have been here longer. Instead, one has imposed a unified ideological mindset on the outside and an unrefrained neoliberalism on the inside. It is the worst of both worlds, and it destroys all that once made up our culture.

Freedom of opinion

At the same time, I have to worry about still being able to say or write something like this. Quickly and easily words like populism or agitation are used, and it supposedly always is about equality and tolerance. But curiously enough, it’s never about the tolerance towards those who adhere to the common rules and laws of this society and consistently demand that from others, too. Freedom of opinion has become a foreign word. Instead, those who make and impose the new moral rules are increasingly resorting to any means.

One has learned very little from the past in Germany. Under the fascists and in communist Eastern Germany, one neighbour denounced the other, some people their own partners, and sometimes even children their parents, because the children didn’t know better and one had told them in school that it was right that way. And always, afterwards, one shook ones head and allegedly asked how all this could have happened.

Prescribed intolerance

And now, in this country, once again generations of people are being raised, in schools, in universities, and by politics I don’t understand, and through media that either is owned by the state or again by the very rich. And the people today learn that intolerance against those who think differently, who voice criticism, and therefore are portrayed as intolerant, is totally alright. Denunciation, too. Defamation. Isolation. Or hate and violence. In fact, much is just like it was those times before. But today, people seem less educated, less informed and more manipulated than they have for a long time.

That scares me. Because again, most people are just learning off by heart what supposedly is right and what is wrong, instead of learning to think on their own. Is it in our genes? Is it our culture? Are we, on the whole, just too stupid? It may be of advantage to adapt and go with the crowd. But it can be really sad. And it makes life difficult for those who aren’t fooled by bread and circuses, who still have some education and the ability to think for themselves, who can hear the nuances and perhaps have a better feeling for the essence of things.

What I am sure of, is that the only people who really profit from all this madness are very few, very rich people, somewhere, in a very different world from mine and that of most others.

I love this country. But it is not my Germany anymore.

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  1. I would offer these three observations: (1) From the point that the wall came down, and West Germany no longer existed….an evolution has been in place on numerous levels. But to say that East and West Germany has combined….that it maneuvers ahead, would be the wrong phrase to use. It simply is stumbling ahead and it is remarkably (30 years later)….still a divided land. (2) As each screw-up occurs in Germany today, there is really no one to fire. Politically, no one is held responsible. As the news media tells some sad and woeful tale that is mostly faked-up news….no one is held responsible. You screw up on constructing BER (the airport construction project), no one is held responsible. You go and manufacture a diesel vehicle that is loaded with ‘issues’….no one (even the CEO) is held responsible. (3) Finally, the general public is left with no real vehicle to rectify problems politically. Neither the CDU or SPD parties are worth bragging about. If you did want to send a message via the AfD Party….it’s still probably 20 years away from maturity. And the political options are pretty much null and void.

    • I do not think that “maturity” is a useful concept with respect to political parties. In fact, the erstwhile “mature” parties such as the CDU, SPD and CSU are nothing less than mentally deranged to have engineered or acquiesced in this unbelievable tragedy that is playing out in Germany (and everywhere else in the West).

      The Brexit Party in the UK appeared from nowhere and was exceptionally successful. In German, Pegida and AfD were desperately needed 20 years ago. It’s not “maturity” of a party that’s an issue but the astonishing feebleness and cowardice of the electorate. Le Pen would square France away in six months but the fools ganged up on her in time-honored French fashion and sent her think of a new name for her party and to remove weeds from her garden.

  2. You could be speaking about England because the same forces are in play here too, the destroyers and the haters, the iconoclasts, liars, dissemblers, opponents of free speech, persecutors of normal indigenous citizens who voice concerns.

    Things change, they always do but I doubt I’ll live to see the changes to my country that I want and what I believe it needs if we are to survive as a relatively free, happy and prosperous nation.

    • I enjoy the videos of British army units parading through the streets. Such and such a regiment back from service in Iraq or the far side of the moon. Stout lads all and I say that without sarcasm but the nation needs a firmness of purpose normally found in military units that cannot and will never be found in the ranks of the servile, grasping, scheming members of all political parties.

      There’s an amusing scene in the movie “Top Secret” where the hero is standing before a firing squad. Higher authorities have decided to spare him and telephone the firing squad venue. As the leader of the firing squad proceeds resolutely with the well-known commands and procedures, the phone rings and the person whose task it is to answer the phone — an old lady using one of those aluminum walkers — barely creeps toward the ringing phone.

      This is the response of the wisest, the most ardently supported, the most educated, and the most experienced of the West’s leaders to the unmistakable evidence of invasion and surrender.

  3. I support this article fully.
    I do remember the old times when I grew up in the 1970. I visited someone and could leave my bicycle on the frontlawn not locked and it was still there when I came back 4 hours later.
    I remember fighting in school and it ended when one was on the ground.
    I remember people being polite to each other, stepping aside for the elderly.

    I wish for a return to those times.
    And I know why it happened.
    After WWII the allied leaders said: “Everybody goes home!” All Germans in Germany, all poles in Poland etc and we had PEACE.
    Our leaders forgot one of the reasons for the rise of the moustache man. He looked around and said: “Oh, look, there are some Germans living in Country xy. Get them Heim ins Reich (Home back into the empire)”. Yes, we had a multicultural world back then.

    And now our leaders are hellbent on returning to those times.

    A very strange internetsite once said that “Heim ins Reich” (Back home into the empire) would today be called R2P. Responsibility to protect.
    And now compare the numbers of Sudetengermans living on Czech territory in the 1930 to the numbers of Turks living on german soil today. (Yes, I know that many of those Turks have german passports but ask them and the majority if not all of them will say they are proud Turks and not cowardly Germans.)
    So, Erdogan could easily say many times “Heim ins..”, sorry, R2P, and annex some parts of Germany.

    And why are our politicians doing it?
    Because they only meet their sophisticated, University educated, Taqiyya making muslim Counterparts.
    So, I hope that Mama Merkel and the others face justice. You know something like Escape from New York.
    Aircraft accident, surviving and stranded somewhere in Islamistan. And the rescueforces are kept at bay by a storm and / or no clear data where they are. But we, who have the eyes opened see it as a livestream like Big Brother.
    Now that would be fun and justice.

    • The Turks perhaps illustrate the start of the problem. When it became clear that most would not return permanently, they should have been made to choose one citizenship; if German, they should not be allowed to vote in Turkish elections; if Turkish, they should have no permanent right of residency in Germany.

      Welcome, Elisabeth! In 2013 I travelled by train from Koln to Dresden; from around Weimar, there were abandoned business premises by the trackside, especially on the approach to Leipzig. I guess these were firms which couldn’t withstand the competition from more efficient West German ones, but it must have been a shock to the “Ossis”.

      I liked your country a lot (also visited Munchen); wonderful cathedrals, churches, castles and art galleries, friendly people, and great beer!

      • From what I understand if you are born of Turkish blood, you are Turkish and can/should vote in Turkish elections. So, it doesn’t matter what Western countries say, you may vote in Turkish elections.
        The other thing this does is prevent Turks from assimilating. Fore most they are Turks. Secondarily they are citizens of which ever country they happen to reside.

  4. This articule, sums it up perfectly for me!!! I live portugal algarve, portugal is a quasi communist marxist state, they even have the communist statues littering roundabouts and street squares.

    Portugal algarve is becoming choc full of ex pat leftist commie marxist preaching thugs, many from uk, holland, germany, who have destroyed their own european countries, and now they are in portugal sitting in the sun, peddaling their utopian communist nazi lies here.

    In portugal denounciation of neighbours, or individuals is rife, communists target people with opposing world views, they form collectively to defame, slander, and harm anyone who is different,mor holds a djfferent point of view.

    They ostracise, ban, slander and defame.

    Portugal full of ex pat pc thought police, trying to silence freedom of opinion,

    The contents of this articule sound earilly like portugal in 2019.

  5. It is a great honor to communicate with you.
    Here is recent news: Stockholm Syndrome in Dresden.
    German protesters march against racism in Dresden ahead of key elections

    I don’t know why these people took to the streets. They decided it themselves or someone forced them to do it.
    (For example, in Russia, I know for sure, they would have come out on an administrative order).

    If they came out of their own free will, are they really against racism, or do they want to delay the onset of the collapse that their subconscious is talking about?

  6. Women prefer “socialist” governments across the West for preferences and pay outs of one sort or another. So whom does this largest voting block generally elect, led by a Karl Marx University student activist?

  7. I was very glad to read that Elisabeth is house sitting for the Baron while he is away. I didn’t know they were such good friends and that she will be writing for the blog as well.

    The story told is very sad, even though I’m a second generation American and have never been to Germany. One would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to have ideas about what’s happening to our friends and allies in Europe and the devastation that’s been wrought thanks mostly to Herr Merkel, the childless Witch of Germany, who decided to destroy forever the heritage and the future of her own people by importing the barbarian hordes into this beautiful country.

    Just a couple of years ago there were the most incredible videos of thousands and thousands of the invaders, mostly young men with expensive sneakers and cell phones, trudging through the fields and small towns of Europe, on their way to Germany. We heard in the interviews with the ones who spoke English, that that’s where they all wanted to go. And no wonder- a virtual Paradise that had been constructed by generations of hard working Germans.

    As Elisabeth says, all of that seems to almost gone as Merkel and her fascist Elites impose their collective will on a subdued populace. I don’t know what it will take, but at this point there is only one answer: these good people at some point will have to rise up and (metaphorically) spit in the face of the Wicked Witch and tell her to go back to the hell where she came from. I don’t know enough about the native Germans to determine whether or not they are willing to fight for all that they hold dear.

    Only time will tell.

  8. Bless you, Ms. Sabaditsch-Wolff–you are on the side of the angels. Admire your work greatly.

  9. Germany used to be a well organized and regulated country. That had some disadvantages, but generally you could work around them and relax within the system and society. There were shared social norms and protocols, which meant comfortably little, social “friction”. You could assume things would be taken care of and just work, and not give them another thought.

    You can no longer assume that. Now, you must be wary of how someone might act or that something might not happen. It is sad.

  10. BTW, I have been reading that it appears that Turkey has followed through on it’s threat to open the migration flood gates. Three times as many migrants in the last few weeks. How do you think this will effect the situation in Germany? are the people brain washed enough to again head to the train station with Refugees Welcome signs?

    • It is really astonishing. The attitude of the German government is that if another nations state, say, Tanzania, decides to encourage and facilitate the emigration of 200,000 Zanzibaris, then Germany simply has NOT OTHER option than to allow them to enter Germany, take up residence, take German jobs and housing, and help themselves to German welfare benefits.

      This makes no sense if one assumes that the German political class have the interests of Germans in mind but are simply a trifle misguided or overly influenced by some vague humanitarian impulses. One cannot be that oblivious for more than two days, if that.

      If, however, one assumes that the German political class is motivate by unadulterated malevolence then German policies make perfect sense.

  11. Come on, Germany, snap-out of your funk. “The Sorrows of Young Werther” was a novel, not an instruction manual.

    • Interesting comment, billrla. Haven’t read Goethe’s “Werther”, but in Massenet’s opera, he comes across as a (typically?) self-obsessed young man, oblivious to his beloved’s status as a married woman.

      Perhaps you were thinking of the comment that I, and others (including here) have made to socialists, that Orwell’s “1984” was written as a warning, not a manual?

  12. Welcome, Elisabeth. We’re glad you’re filling in for the Baron.
    It’s a sad state of affairs in Germany, as it is throughout western Europe. I firmly believe the onslaught of self-destructive socialism is a globalist plot. I also think China’s leadership believed they would dominate the world once the west was dissolved into chaos.

    But the fight is far from over, and I think there is hope yet for us. The US has Trump; the UK has Johnson; Italy has Salvini; Hungary has Orban; Poland has Duda… you get the point. The tide is slowly turning and globalism is being beaten back. You may one day find that Germany will reconnect with her past and throw off that socialist bag of bricks that’s been dragging her down.

  13. There are 2 kinds of jihad going on in Europe right now, so its states in the koran. The first is the emigration part. Second is making babies and sponsoring other family members and also fake family members and having multiple wives to make the babies. They know how to do the math on the population grown, when they reach a certain number that then you will see civil unrest leading to civil war . And the cunning part is they are going to get the governments of Europe to pay for all this with your tax dollars. The weak politicians will let this happen thinking that this will appease the immigrants but it will not. Remember that people that want to kill you will never tell you the truth about anything.

  14. As a person who was born in San Francisco and has lived in California all of my life I can tell you that it is the same thing happening here as over there. California is a catastrophe, it’s worse than the stories about it. And the political system is so corrupt and one sided and rigged that there is absolutely no chance of saving the state. Maybe when everyone here dies of cholera and bubonic plague you guys can disinfect and fumigate the place and start over.

  15. In fact, it will be logical to transfer the “Vienna Gate” under the control of an Austrian citizen.

  16. That is so sad , makes me want to cry , Germany – best and organized country in Europe and maybe in the world, always clean , beautiful quality of everything including lifestyle I just can’t believe what happened since 2015 it’s very disturbing, is changing terrible in the speedway, is braking my heart for generations to come , to not knowing this beautiful strong culture they used to have for thousands of years ( Beethoven, Wagner, Bach )and on and on , everything just disappearing of front of your eyes, how this people allow to happen never understand their minds, ( I lived in Germany ( Berlin) between 1986- 1994) best time in my life , very happy, safe , right now I’m living in Vancouver, My daughter moved back to Germany in 2012 , and this 2015 happened, since then I’m worry about Her all the time and my little granddaughter, this violent , reap by fake “refugees” stabbing with the knifes , push people to upcoming trains , wakes up every night, it’s frightening, no words to describe what happened to this country..

  17. The real figures for Frau Merkel’s treason invitees is actually 5,000,000 freebooter “Syrians” not 1,000.000, UK Home Office source. Merkel facilitated a Moslem hijra. She has destroyed Germany. These imported savages are incapable of employment unless one is good at rape, murder, theft etc. They are locust come to feed off Western and German success. Islam is a bandit’s materialist ideology- banditry-scavenging.

    Moslems are rather pathetic in fact. Allah and Mohammedan materialism is all they have. My fellow Bishop is an Arab Lebanese Marionite and he says the migrant accents he heard on German streets from Merkel’s “guests” were those of the “lowest peasants” from the Near and Middle East.

  18. Welcome Elizabeth, glad to have such an illustrious visitor!

    Perhaps you’ll even get a taste of American Freedom of Speech while “here”.
    The problem isn’t unique to Austria. I wish we had that in Canada, too.

  19. Elisabeth,

    Thank you for filling in for Baron and for this important piece on Germany. I spent my military service years in Germany as a US Army military police at Erlangen in the 1960s and later wrote a book on the history of that city. I developed an attachment to Germany that lasts to this day, but I am saddened at what is happening there thanks to the insane policies of Angela Merkel. Germany had worked hard to transform itself into a decent country after WW II, but it is all coming unraveled now. In addition, Germany is now abdicating its special responsibility to the Jewish people and allowing them to be terrorized in a manner not seen since the 3rd Reich. Sadly, this is true in other European countries thanks to the Muslim wave.

    I am sorry I missed your recent appearance in Mission Viejo, California, where I have also spoken. Unfortunately, I was out of town. At any rate, I would like to crosspost this piece in my own blog.

  20. Homeless on the streets in numbers in Germany, of all places – I can barely imagine it. And this part about the traffic jams is strange, too. I know it was only a passing remark in the context of the larger essay, but it clearly had some significance to the writer. I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

  21. There was a video made in Sweden some years ago in a lift with 2 actors pretending to have a threatening argument .A man threatening a woman.About 30 swedes , one after the other, were filmed getting into the lift, none of them tried to help the abused woman.In the end an American woman said she would call the police, the actors thanked her.
    This film tells us why the invasion has happened, nobody wants to stand up and say that something is wrong.The rot set in years ago.Can the people resolve to change the situation or will they have to suffer badly first?

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