Death by Knife in Dortmund

Another day, another culture-enriching stabbing death in Germany. Actually, there may be dozens of incidents like this one every day in Germany. There’s no way to tell: very little makes its way into English-language media, and in Germany itself the national media want to avoid inciting “discrimination” and “hate”, so they deliberately refrain from publishing most of the stories. Alert German readers have to monitor local media outlets to discover the full extent of migrant-inflicted violence in their country.

The murder in Dortmund occurred on Sunday, three days before yesterday’s murder-by-sword in Stuttgart. So before we get to the earlier atrocity, here’s an update on the atrocity in Stuttgart, from a police press release translated by MissPiggy:

Investigators have now provided further insights into the bloody crime. The 28-year-old man, who has been arrested after an investigation as prime suspect, is registered as a Syrian citizen in Germany, according to a joint statement by the police and the public prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, the man had apparently lived with the later 36-year-old victim in a flat-sharing community on Fasanenhofstraße. However, information to a possible motive is still unclear.

The suspect will be brought before the responsible magistrate in the course of Thursday.

Witnesses, with tips, are asked to contact the Kriminalpolizei at the call number 0711/8990-5778.

MissPiggy also translated the news video below about Sunday’s grisly murder in Dortmund. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The local news story fails to indicate the ethnicity of the suspected murderer, but Sputnik News includes the cultural enrichment in its report:

German police have arrested a 24-year-old Afghan man, who is suspected of murdering his wife, WR newspaper reports.

The man is alleged to have killed the 21-year-old woman, who is also an Afghan, in the western part of Dortmund on Sunday. The victim’s friend told the police that she discovered the children and “a lot of blood” in the apartment later on Sunday, and saw that a suitcase went missing.

Video transcript:

00:00   Welcome to your local news. In Dortmund-Lütgendortmund a barbarous crime
00:06   has occurred. A young woman has been brutally killed with several knife wounds.
00:11   Her husband is under suspicion. The two lived separately and saw each other this past weekend.
00:17   That is when the woman lost her life. The crime was just discovered today.
00:21   It happened in this apartment building on Westricherstraße early Sunday morning, according to the
00:26   spokesman for the prosecutor’s office. —An autopsy was carried out and the results showed
00:31   that the victim had 70 stab wounds and was strangled. —The 21-year-old woman lived separated
00:41   from her husband in Sweden. She was in Dortmund only to visit a girlfriend.
00:46   On Friday, her husband also came to Dortmund from the state of Saxony where he lives and also fled to
00:52   after the crime. —The accused was in contact with police officers and the police command in Zwickau
00:59   where he made statements about the location of the corpse, which led to the corpse of the victim
01:05   being found. —Packed in a suitcase, the 24-year-old dragged the corpse to a nearby garage.
01:13   That is where the victim was discovered. —The accused has been a resident of Zwickau for
01:19   several years and that is where he was arrested. He was then transferred by helicopter to Dortmund
01:24   and presented to the responsible magistrate. —Who charged him with manslaughter at
01:30   the request of the prosecution. The man is now in custody.