Cops in Montreal Receive a Culture-Enriching Beating

Two policemen were beaten up by a group of attackers, at least some of whom were immigrants. The incident occurred right next to a police station in Montreal. The news story below says the motive for the attack is still unknown, but the two cops definitely had a culture-enriching experience. The article also neglects to mention that the “group of people” consisted of foreigners, but that information is available from other news sources.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from TVA Nouvelles:

Two plainclothes police officers attacked in Montreal

by Amélie St-Yves, Journal de Montréal
August 25, 2019

[Photo caption (not shown): The two police officers who were beaten had just finished their shift at the police station in quarter 21 in Montreal. Witnesses recorded the scene and shared it on the internet.]

Two police officers were beaten by a group of people during the night between Friday and Saturday, near Émilie-Gamelin Square, Le Journal has learned.

They were in plainclothes and had just finished their shift at the police station in quarter 21, just next door, according to our information.

In the video that Le Journal was able to watch, you can see one of the police officers exchange blows with three people before being brutally thrown to the ground, at Sainte-Catherine Est Street, while his colleague was approaching the group.

The two agents were then kicked and beaten by at least six individuals.


One of them was kicked four times while lying on the ground on his side.

Insults were shouted [at them] during the attack.

“Plainclothes police. You have been cracked.[…] You f***ing bitch! You’re not tough now,” yells the man who is recording the attack.

You can then hear him yell, “Put him to sleep!” after one of the men threw a right hook to the chest of the police officer, who [then] fell to the ground.

The video ends with one of the officers standing over his colleague, who is still on the ground, at the entrance to an apartment building.

“F*** da police” appears in the video, accompanied by big smiles.

Two suspects

According to our sources the officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries and have been discharged from the hospital.

Two suspects have allegedly already been apprehended, but there are additional arrests to be made.

For now, it’s impossible to know what provoked the incident.

The Police Department of the City of Montreal will not confirm the incident and the Brotherhood of Police Officers of Montreal refused to comment.

6 thoughts on “Cops in Montreal Receive a Culture-Enriching Beating

  1. “Brotherhood of Police Officers of Montreal refused to comment.”

    Bureaucratic cowards. See Robert Conquest’s second Law of Politics. *spit*

  2. How much of the news and police spinelessness and stupidity is rational self-protection?

    The terrorism tactic requires that those who oppose the scum are to be targeted in particular. Any area where the police and journalists are afraid to do their jobs is in need of mass deportations, As well as loading the ruling class onto garbage barges and dump them in Africa.

  3. The rot in Canada and other Western countries, including my country England, must have been gestating for decades, two or three generations. It doesn’t just happen. For us, Brexit has exposed the filthy abyss into which we are falling. And the danger isn’t yet over.

    What is the event that will awaken Canada and restore its national sanity? The path back to civilisation will be harder, the longer they put off doing what must be done.

  4. If this happen right outside of the police station every cop in there and every cop in a car in the area should have return to the station to give a wooden shampoo (clubs a swinging) to that crowd of cultural enrichers. How did the cultural enrichers known the uncover officers identities ?Is there an informer in the police department that ratted them out? “The Brotherhood of Police Officers of Montreal refuses comment” the Brotherhood not condemning publicly a mob attack on two of its members off or on duty the main reason for the attack was because they were police officers shows they are political appease cowards in other words BMA (Brotherhood My [tushie]).

  5. Since the police union refuses to comment, that would be the first place (and fairly high up in it) to look for the mole.

  6. Look for the if there is a “cultural enricher ” in the upper ranks of the “the Brotherhood of Police of Montreal” or a very PC appeaser of any racial back ground white black, or Asian appeasers could in all colors races and religions would be the first place to look. Someone on the political fast track to run for elected public office after his stay as an elected union official comes to an end. Someone who sides with the violent “cultural enricher community” over the protecting life and wellbeing of paying union due member!

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