C’mon Baby, Light my Fire

An angry husband in Quebec doused his ex-wife with gasoline and set her on fire. The unfortunate woman survived the attack, but the extent of her injuries is unclear.

Despite the fact that the alleged perpetrator is a culture-enricher, the incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 0%.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The man you see on your screen is Fred Hadj Messaoud, 39 years old.
00:04   He’s the suspect who allegedly sprayed gasoline on his ex-wife
00:07   and set her on fire in the Saint-Sauveur district last Friday.
00:10   He appeared this morning at the Victoria park police station
00:14   by telephone for attempted murder and aggravated assault.
00:18   He was arrested Saturday morning in Drummondville. This afternoon he headed to the Quebec detention
00:23   centre where he will stay until his return to court. He may face life imprisonment in this case.
00:30   Considering that gasoline was used to set someone on fire,
00:33   it seems certain that he will be charged with attempted murder.
00:36   In this area the maximum sentence is life in very severe
00:41   aggravated circumstances. This will be considered, because
00:47   if it is done it would be done in the context of domestic violence,
00:51   and the courts will take that into account by imposing
00:54   a more severe sentence. —The 39-year-old man was a taxi driver.
00:57   He worked as a member of Taxi Co-op Quebec.
01:00   The establishment’s management reacted to the news
01:03   this afternoon by stating that a person with a criminal record
01:06   cannot be a taxi driver. A conviction would mean suspension.
01:10   Fred Hadj Messaoud should be back in court tomorrow
01:13   at the Quebec City courthouse. Pascal Robitaille for TVA news in Quebec City.

One thought on “C’mon Baby, Light my Fire

  1. Mohammed Coefficient of 0%.

    Hadj seems like going to Mecca.

    Messaoud pretty much near the middle of Algeria.

    Could still be an “all faith” righteous man? or just an occasional attendee.
    Now is it a synagogue? church? or mosque?
    Nothing definite, mind you.
    Culture enriching delicacies.

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