Civil War Comes to Neukölln

When the imminence of civil war in Europe is discussed, it’s important to remember that the coming conflict may involve enricher-on-enricher violence, and not just natives vs. immigrants or nationalists vs. antifas.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this report from Philosophia Perennis:

“Family dispute”: Civil war-like scenes in Berlin-Neukölln

by David Berger

Anyone who has seen the video recordings that have been spreading through the social networks since yesterday cannot help but think spontaneously of “civil war”. In Berlin-Neukölln, known for its no-go areas and Arab clans, about 50 people, mostly Syrians and Lebanese according to unconfirmed information, fought in a brutal mass brawl with machetes and knives in the street.

The police report says: “Yesterday afternoon there was a dispute between two groups in Neukölln. Shortly before 4 p.m., witnesses summoned the police to Weserstraße, because there had been a brawl.”

Mass brawl among 40 to 50 people

According to the investigation, a car with two men (22 and 36 years old) were on their way to a meeting when they were attacked and the car was damaged. After the attack the two men exited the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the brawl began, involving 40 to 50 people with mace and traffic signs being used. The two men who had come by car to Weserstraße were also among the persons involved. With the arrival of the police detachments, the situation calmed down.

Knives and machetes used

The 22-year-old suffered head, arm and torso injuries from the fight, and the 36-year-old had head and leg injuries. In addition, a 28-year-old man complained of eye irritation and a 13-year-old boy received a head injury during the brawl. The men and the boy were treated at the local emergency room.

Weserstraße was closed between Fuldastraße and Weichselstraße until about 7:20 P.M. Among other things, knives and a machete were found and confiscated at the scene. The investigation into the exact course of events and the background are ongoing. Criminal charges were filed for a serious breach of the peace, dangerous bodily harm and damage to cars.

Severe injuries suffered

Connections with another brawl that occurred on Monday, which also took place in Neukölln, are being examined. During that brawl two men suffered serious injuries. According to initial investigations, there was a dispute between 10 to 15 people on the sidewalk of Fuldastraße at about 2 pm. Later, a 22-year-old man suffered a stab wound and a 24-year-old man, among other things, a cut. Both were admitted to clinics, but did not want to remain. The criminal investigation department of Directorate 5 is now investigating the background to the dispute.

Deployment of 60 police officers in Neukölln at the scene

Two weeks earlier another mass brawl took place between the members of two large families of Arab origin on the Fuldastraße — that attracted 100 astounded onlookers. At that time the police also had to close the street temporarily to traffic.

News has spread over social networks that the red-green government of Berlin is now considering closing the Fuldastraße completely to traffic in order to create more space for the multicultural development is, however, malicious Fake News. After all, this government is doing everything in its power not to jeopardise harmony and public peace in the capital.

10 thoughts on “Civil War Comes to Neukölln

    • It will be allowed to continue as long as it does not affect those in power, just the little people.

  1. Street battles between Arab clans are not what I’d call civil war, that is internecine warfare.

    So far there has been no proper organised resistance against the Mohammedan insurgents, and the Merkel regime is doing everything in its power to stop anyone who tries.

    • How can the battles be internecine when the official narrative is that Germany is no longer a state?

      The next book on my reading list is Stefan Schubert’s “Sicherheitsrisiko Islam”, which I believe will support the Baron’s expectation of enricher-on-enricher, civil war violence.

  2. Including recent stabbings in France along with other crimes ongoing seems it will get worse as E.U. countries are taken down and conquered, because no one organizes and fights for their country. Break down of law and order, apathy prevails. It is too late now for these conquered countries that have allowed themselves to be conquered by doing nothing.

  3. import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world, its not rocket science, i believe these 3rd world breeders are being brought in because there women are baby factorys, the future of wealth is in the east, where populations are over billion, like china and india, to keep up europe needs people fast, my approach would be to make policys that enable white natives to have more children, instead white natives need to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet, this leads to lower birth rate and high immigration, it makes me sick the ruling elites can do this to ordinary people. i just pray a revolution of nationalism happens in my lifetime

    • Chris: Same in the U.S. many can’t afford to have kids, women work/want careers, plus high divorce rate, and the men sometimes take on second job like weekends in the trades (electric, auto repair, air cond, etc) like we both did when younger. This has been going on for decades now (both working) . Kids are super expensive and a luxury for the wealthier classes who can afford private schools, women who can stay home or can afford day care, etc. We are getting Mexicans and C. Amer. workers who do work hard here rooofing houses and construction, work in farming, etc.

    • do you really think it is alright for Europeans to import people to work to support the Europeans so they can go on the dole instead of working? do you blame the muslims for going on the dole themselves instead of being the European’s slaves. the Europeans bought the lies of their communist politicians that the colonists would work to support them and now they are faced with the prospect of them being the slaves, which was the intention of their communist politicians all along.

  4. This is the problem of the west:

    Anything goes for money. Which doctor will reject $4 m in favor of their principles?

    And what ethics?

    Ethics? Morals? The bible is rejected and koooooraaan ia embraced?

    So the west . . . where to get their principles?

    renaissance? The time of arrogance, “rerason”, scientific method. Rejection of myths and superstitions. Oh we don’t need religion!

    Then any idea goes. Usually erroneous ideas. Any behaviour is ok. Any fashion, esp. outrageous ones are daringly accepted. Then divorce, Then abortion.

    Then alien religion . . . not only is acceptable but should replace the bad one, which we are tired of. We need a new one. Novel is exciting.


    Then rights? Rights of any perverted. Rights of criminals but not victims. Rights of children/ students but not teachers.

    Rights of wymyn but …

    In this confusion of mushy brains come all types of mushy inverted morals.

    Christianity is terrible but islam is peace.

    Transgender is wonderful but natural and traditions based on natural traits are backward and stupid.

    Confused contradictory ideas are progressive.

    Trumps, Tommies, Geert Wilders of any country who try to fend off civil wars, and corpses, to which Europe is accustomed, are antifas.

    Good is bad and bad is.

    To make peace is to have a piercing intelligence and to see how the accumulation of today’s behaviours will lead to disasters in 20 years.

    • Adam: More child abuse on : forcing kids to sit thru LGBT story times with drag queens, etc.

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