A Palestinian Becomes a Syrian

According to the latest news from Stuttgart, the “Syrian” who killed his estranged roommate with a sword has been determined to be a “Palestinian” who was using a false identity. I put “Palestinian” in quotes because that’s not a real ethnicity or nationality. The perpetrator’s ID is still fake, in my opinion.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the Stuttgarter Zeitung:

Bloody act in Stuttgart-Fasanenhof

Did the murder suspect from Fasanenhof have a false identity?

August 1, 2019

One day after a horrible murder of a 36-year-old in the middle of the street in Stuttgart-Fasanenhof the police are trying to discover the motive. But who is the suspect, really?

Stuttgart — The alleged perpetrator, who brutally killed a 36-year-old with a sword on Wednesday evening, was supposed to be brought before a magistrate late on Thursday afternoon. According to the information obtained by our newspaper, he had allegedly been living in Germany for the last four years under a false name. Issa M. is registered by the government as 28-year-old Syrian citizen. Now, however, it is being investigated whether he may in reality be someone else: a 30-year-old Palestinian.

Witnesses watched helplessly

The bloody act caused a great shock in Stuttgart. The suspect allegedly had a fight with a 36-year-old former roommate on Wednesday evening in an apartment house in Fasanenhof. On the street, the attacker — who allegedly moved out recently— drew a sword and killed his victim with several blows and stabs. Numerous witnesses on the street and in the apartment building had to watch the horrific scene helplessly. The suspect was arrested two and a half hours later after a major manhunt.

Also, more details about the gruesome crime have emerged. MissPiggy has translated this article from the Austrian daily Österreich:

“Why did you do that?”

The 11-year-old daughter of the victim had to watch her father’s slaughter

Now more and more details about the brutal murder come to light. The perpetrator was already lurking in front of the victim’s front door in the late afternoon. When the victim came home shortly after 6 p.m. together with his 11-year-old daughter, a loud argument began between the two men. Finally, the dispute escalates. Issa Mohammed pulls out a sword and stabs the 36-year-old Deutsch-Kasachen [ethnic German from Kazakhstan] Wilhelm L. His daughter had to watch the attack and escaped under shock.

The victim tried with his last strength to save himself in a car. The 28-year-old Syrian pulled him out of the car, threw him on the pavement and stabbed him in the stomach. As one witness reports to the German Bild, he is said to have shouted: “Why did you do that?

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  1. So they all “Syrian Refugees “!!, probably half of them or more which Merkel &CO allow to the country ( 2 million or more) lie about age , country, to get the status , how crazy and naive can you be to let this parasites, scums live under false documents, collecting welfare, reape , murders, and on and on .., Germany is done , finished, you don’t even know anymore who is living next door to you , frightening like hell ..

    • As you know, many Germans think that this lunacy atones for the actions of other Germans almost 80 years ago. They’ve been thoroughly brainwashed.

    • Funny thing people with proper documentation and an education would have a much harder time getting into Germany compared to these rascals.

      • very much so, Berserker! A politician from a neighboring country once said – often quoted- “that a country where you get fined for fishing without a permit, but into which you can enter without any ID is ruled by idiots”.
        And without a proper ID, I don’t even get out of this country via airports….or into a public swimming pool of your hometown.

      • Reminds me of Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (aka Ronaldinho), the best footballer of all time. “In 2001, Arsenal expressed interest in signing Ronaldinho, but the move collapsed after he could not obtain a work permit because he was a non-EU player who had not played enough international matches.” (excerpt from wikipedia). Ronaldiho was rejected while everyone in the world knew there was something special about the boy since he was 12.

        Abu Hamza al-Masri, the one-eyed hook-handed terrorist, gets a UK passport around the same time the best footballer of history was denied a work permit in UK. Well, UK likes people like this:

  2. So he actually was an ethnic German. Yes, Wilhelm, they often have such old fashioned names which have become very rare in Germany.

    My God, the poor child. I hope she still has got a mother.

    • Yes. But in the media for some reason they write “Kazakh”. Although most ethnic Germans left Kazakhstan two decades ago.
      But Turkish and other migrants committing crimes, the media called the Germans.

      I have several examples of ethnic Germans who left for Germany but then returned to Russia. They did not like it there.

  3. I forget where I read this but I thought it so insane that I actually wrote it down.
    Q: What is multiculturalism?
    A: Multiculturalism is when a Palestinian man living in Jordan comes, via Croatia, to Germany and murders a Kazakh with a Japanese sword!

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