A Letter From Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson’s latest letter from Belmarsh Prison has been made available by TR.News (hat tip JJ).

TR.News has obtained another letter from Tommy Robinson with further updates. Tommy addresses the reasons behind the cancellation of the demonstration planned for the 24th August and all the unbelievable support he has received while incarcerated in solitary confinement…

Click here to view the handwritten version.

My name is Tommy Robinson, and I am 2 inches taller than Avi Yemini.

Hello people, a quick letter to explain my thinking on cancelling the demo planned for the 24th as I know some people won’t be happy. But before I get started on that Ill give a quick update, I got a DAB radio a few days ago, I’m so f***ing happy. MELLOW MAGIC is back, the days will now fly, I have 3 1/2 weeks left and I’ll be singing along to mellow magic, all I’m missing is Kev Carroll to sing along with.

I sat and thought the other day as I was missing my kids that I was offered twice the opportunity to plead guilty and escape aprisonsentence, if I could turn back time I’d do exactly the same again, NOT GUILTY. I believe the establishment imprisoning me again tells the public more about them than it does about me, yeah, it’s s*** in here, I hate it I should be with my family but people can now see the way our judiciary is used to silence people, to anyone with half a brain this sentence is a total abuse of their power, the public wants the government to get tough on criminals, murders, rapists, terrorists etc not to imprison journalists for reporting, civil offence = solitary in Belmarsh Ha Ha, speaks for itself. I’ve included in here my receipts for canteen so you can see what I spend my weekly money on, pork scratchings ha ha.

Thank you to all those who have wrote to me and sent me books, my cell has more books in it than the prison library. I’m now receiving all the snail mail it’s unreal the support I have, I’ll be honest, reading your letters make such a difference, I laugh out loud, I get angry, I cry, I love reading the difference my story has had on you, I love reading what moment was your awakening. I love reading about your struggles and the courage you personally show, I’ve had some absolutely beautiful letters, I’ve had 1000’s of cards from all over the world, I sit and read from 11-4 each day.

One lady who has wrote to me, she said a prayer for me in her church, they have kicked her out and banned her from the church because of it. I’m outraged, she has sent me the email correspondence from the church over it. I’m also upset as I can see by her emails that the church was an important part of her life. I generally believe that many of our churches are used by people for their politics, I doubt many in charge even believe in Jesus, but use the church to push their own political agenda. I hope that church leader is ready for Tommy Robinson and his camera being released from prison soon.

I’m also reading more clearly how far our message has gone and the fact it’s reaching all classes, the amount of support letters I’ve received from classical liberals, so many on the left outraged by my treatment, so many middle class, and so many mums and grannies. I’d say now my average supporter is a 60-year-old lady ha ha, so much for Nigel Farage’s tattooed thugs. To read the letters I’ve read of how many people care and the love they show me is unreal love it, makes me feel so positive about continuing my work. In reading these letters I’ve read from women who were scared in London on the 3rd of August, many of these have come to our events because we have proved we are peaceful and we have family events where people bring children.

Every demonstration we plan working with the police, we work out where our opposition will be so we can minimise any risk to our supporters. I’m already furious reading of elderly women attacked by London police on August 3rd. Neither Danny Tommo or Richard were available for the 24th. I’ve read lots of people saying we shouldn’t liaise with the police on future demo’s, that’s actually what they want, we have worked hard over the years to move away from confrontations, we already know the system is stacked against us, without a key organiser/stewards and no idea of any plans I wouldn’t want people young and old turning out in London for me and risking getting hurt or getting in trouble, I know people are angry, I’m angry.

10 years ago I put on a balaclava and charged through the streets of Luton as an angry young Englishman, we need to win the hearts and minds of the public. Not to give the police the excuse they need for more heavy hand tactics. I’ll be free 3 weeks from the demo date. I think we would be better planning a celebration event. We want to be in control of the narrative that goes out, I want family events that all feel safe attending. This isn’t me backing down to police brutality I just cant put my name to an event without any key organiser or any safety plans, especially after reading all of the letters from women who were intimidated and scared. It’s a different story if I am there but I don’t want the worry I’d have for my supporters. I don’t want my supporters being arrested. When you refuse to liaise with the police they are they are given all sorts of powers in order to control the crowd. I’ve been organising these demonstrations for 10 years. I’m sorry to anyone who has made travel arrangements etc, you can still go and bond and form relationships with others in our movement.

Thank you to Danny and Richard for the work they have put in, thank you to everyone all over the world for raising awareness of my case, and thank you to everyone who supports me at TR.News. I also understand there’s been the usual division attempts by some, I’m disappointed people chose when I’m locked away to slander me or my team, that’s all I’ll say on that now, just I’m disappointed, I’ll clear it all up when I’m home.


As previously stated, you can get in touch with Tommy to send any messages of support you may wish to at:

A2084CG — Stephen Yaxley Lennon
HMP Belmarsh
Western Way
SE28 0EB

Alternatively, you can use the this link to email him, quoting his name/prison/number.

4 thoughts on “A Letter From Tommy Robinson

  1. I wish he could be persuaded that if he continues to pursue his journalism, he has to get himself accredited by some recognised outlet, whether it’s the Rebel Media or some other. Otherwise he’s going to be arrested every time he bothers somebody who doesn’t want to talk to him. I love the man but he doesn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain.

  2. Good idea if a large corporation does it, but most likely it would be a very small outfit which were they to give credentials to Tommy, then that press org would lose any access to anything in the UK. They would be summarily blacklisted.

  3. Strange isn’t it? Tommy Robinson doesn’t need any “recognized outlet” or to be accredited by any of them because they are the reason why people no longer get the truth. If you read the letter he wrote there’s nothing about Tommy Robinson wanting to “come in out of the rain”. Anyone awoke knows the minute you come out of the rain and come under the wing of some recognized media outlet you will no longer be trusted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy and Gavin McInnes all forced out by Rebel Media is why Tommy Robinson won’t ever be apart of Ezra Levant’s business.

    Tommy Robinson is doing the right thing and follows the correct path in doing so. We all applaud him in doing what only a brave man would do. The moment he sells out he’s finished, washed up and he knows this too. Or as some may say when he gets some sense and comes in out of the rain. If you don’t understand this then you can’t really give him much in the way of support either. So I find it a bit strange how some people will never be able to get the importance of what this one man is doing.

    • Yes Tommy, come to your senses and come in from the rain. Just join one of those “recognized” outlets of mine and you and your family will suddenly be okay.

      Isn’t this the standard offer that the Adversary of all mankind makes to everyone? Why yes, yes it is the more important you are the more you’ll be offered if you but just submit yourselves…

      “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him I will give you all their authority and splendor. It has been given to me and I can give it to anyone I please. If you but worship me then it will all be yours.” (Luke 4:5-7)

      …so then. No.

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