A Culture-Enriching Riot in Regensburg

A group of culture-enrichers went on a rampage in the German city of Regensburg, attacking police and throwing paving stones. The motive for the riot is not stated — perhaps the supply of Nutella at the asylum center had been interrupted, or their phone chargers were substandard.

The news report below refers to the rioters as “German and Iraqi”. It’s not clear whether the “Germans” involved were in fact native Germans of European stock, or “people who have arrived here more recently” who have been issued German passports. My bet is on the latter.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   A group of ten to fifteen people rioted in the cathedral square in Regensburg last night.
00:07   During the police check, the officers were insulted
00:10   by some of the rioters and then paving stones were even thrown.
00:13   The rioters also damaged several emergency vehicles and parked cars.
00:18   The police had to use pepper spray on the German and Iraqi attackers
00:21   to get the situation under control.
00:24   Two men and one woman were arrested. Regensburg’s mayor Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer is shocked by
00:32   the willingness of these young men to use violence:
00:35   “The unacceptable actions of individual rioters last night must not be
00:38   conflated with the many innocent refugees from Iraq
00:41   and other crisis areas who are seeking protection,
00:44   who have finally found a safe new home in Regensburg, and
00:48   who also strongly condemn the riots that occurred on Monday evening.”
00:53   A policeman was hit in the upper body by a paving stone,
00:57   but was not injured, due to a protective vest.
01:00   The damage to more than twelve vehicles is estimated at several thousand euros.
01:04   The criminal police are investigating eleven people.
01:07   The video footage from the officers’ body cameras will be evaluated within the next few days.
01:13   F*** you!
01:17   Then the events shifted from the Cathedral square and moved to the Kornmarkt square.
01:24   Cobblestones were thrown at the police officers, and hit parked cars.
01:27   The officers used pepper spray to get a grip on the rioting.
01:32   Two of the rioters were taken into custody.

5 thoughts on “A Culture-Enriching Riot in Regensburg

  1. If Germany is to survive as Germany, the police need to go all Texas on those rioters.

    The politicians stopping the police are traitors to Western Civilization.

  2. What do people expect after welcoming a Jew-hating, torture and genocide and murder teaching, genocidal death cult founded by a child rapist, wife stealer, killer, wife beater, torture , lying, and beheading teaching, black slave owning psychopath?

  3. Notice how Muslims always move to non Muslim countries, founded on non Islamic values after they ruin Islamic countries with Islam?

    • It is not ruining countries, it is just taking over land for Allah. All rewards – mostly endless debauchery – will be enjoyed in Islamic heaven.

  4. I feel sorry for our children and grandchildren to have to battle this Muslim invasion,
    If we don’t get writ of this tread, we will be doomed to this invading Cockroaches that will destroy our western culture.
    Merkel and her cohorts should be hung upside down till this crooked bastard understands reality

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