A Big BOOM! In Landskrona

Landskrona is a city in southern Sweden, the fifth largest in the province of Skåne. Last Wednesday a powerful IED was detonated in front of City Hall in Landskrona, doing considerable damage to the building, and also to surrounding buildings.

Below are two TV news reports about the unfortunate incident. As you can see, nothing is known about the vile perpetrator(s) of this dastardly deed. But every right-thinking Swede is certain that “New Swedes” could not possibly be responsible for the blast. Nope, it’s not possible. Not at all. Don’t even think about it.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Report #1:

Report #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   On Wednesday [7 July 2019] at 11pm Landskrona police received several calls
00:05   regarding a powerful bang in Landskrona.
00:08   The police affirmed later that something exploded at City Hall.
00:14   Many window panes in the building, among other things, were smashed.
00:18   It is incredibly frustrating.
00:21   Currently, the ultimate priority for the community is that the police is, of course, ensure
00:27   the arrest and prosecution of the people involved in this.
00:31   No one was injured in this explosion.
00:34   At the moment, the police suspect a crime,
00:37   and classify it as Devastation Constituting A Public Danger.
00:42   Landskrona’s Municipal Council thinks that it’s time to apply harsher measures.
00:47   We can’t have people involved in this remain free wandering Swedish streets and squares.
00:54   Society must react powerfully, to make sure that those “kid-glove” lenient measures are put aside,
01:00   and to make sure that those who do such a thing face the consequences.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   This is difficult! Very scary!
00:04   The bang awoke Doris Andersson and she could tell exactly
00:08   that it was a bomb. —Yes, the entire building shook. It was just shaking
00:12   Bombs explode here quite frequently; this is tremendously hard.
00:17   Landskrona has recently suffered several violent crimes.
00:20   I don’t what to say! You might get sad and angry at the same time!
00:24   Landskrona is a very beautiful city, but if they continue doing this, the city will be demolished.
00:29   It is incredibly tough. We shouldn’t feel worried where we just live.
00:34   But I nevertheless live in a very calm neighborhood.
00:38   There are places that are worse, where a lot of things happen.
00:42   Doris Andersson lives next to the City Hall and describes the devastation.
00:46   All the windows and many other things were [smashed] outside.
00:50   That stone with the two round spheres is broken in half
00:54   And there are fragments of glass all over the place. This is tedious!
01:22   Cleanup activities are continuing. You probably can hear the construction workers
01:28   sweep and gather this massive amount of glass.
01:31   It is an ocean of glass spread across the entrance to City Hall .
01:39   This was a massive explosion heard all over the city last night at 11pm.
01:44   When the police located the place they, confirmed that this bomb attack targeted City Hall.
01:52   It is still unknown who or [which group] is behind this attack.
01:56   The police have been here all night.
01:59   A team of bomb disposal technicians searched the place first to detect any other possible objects
02:03   that could explode. Then the other normal criminal investigators came to the place
02:09   to find and track who or which [group] is behind the attack.
02:15   The damage is substantial, and the first floor is totally blown up.
02:21   We watched Mikael Nilsson, who also talked with
02:24   the Municipal Council Chairman, Torkild Strandberg (Liberal Party).
02:28   Landskrona has recently suffered several serious, violent crimes.
02:32   What is your comment as the Council Chairman?
02:35   This is unacceptable. Our society must show that this is unacceptable,
02:41   and to make sure to arrest and prosecute the [perpetrators].
02:46   We don’t know the reason why this happens.
02:50   It could be a coincidence, or they have made intentionally chosen this building
02:54   Do you really think this was a coincidence? It’s right at the City Hall entrance?
02:57   What I can comment on is, regardless what the background is, it is civil obligation
03:04   to ensure the arrest and prosecution the people involved in this.
03:24   How is the security for City Hall employees? Would you look into it?
03:32   We will look into it early tomorrow morning when people come to work.

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  1. The first stage of jihad, according to Malik’s “Quranic Art of War” is to undermine the confidence of the enemy population in the ability of their government to protect them. Eventually, they will withdraw support from their government and put their trust in an Islamic government. So, the best jihad doesn’t involve military action at all.

    So, the bombing in Landskrona is consistent with a conscious and well-thought out campaign by Muslim jihadists.

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