Welcome to Belmarsh, Tommy

(Note: The above is an image version of Matt’s poem. See this post for a text version.)

Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned in Her Majesty’s Prison at Belmarsh. According to Seneca III, “As far as Tommy’s safety goes everything will depend on which unit he is assigned to and to which regime. As he will be serving a sentence of circa ten weeks, it is unlikely that he will be moved to another prison within that time frame and may spend it in the local prison or within the security of the main unit.” Later today I’ll be posting a longer report by Seneca III on this and other aspects of Tommy’s incarceration.

The Middle East Forum, under the leadership of Daniel Pipes, funded Tommy’s legal defense. Here’s what the MEF wrote about the case today:

MEF Funds Tommy Robinson Defense… To No Avail

Philadelphia — July 12, 2019 — The Middle East Forum again helped citizen-journalist Tommy Robinson defend himself from charges arising from his reporting in March 2018 outside a courthouse where a Muslim rape gang was on trial.

Mr. Robinson has been sentenced to nine months in jail, the culmination of the UK Establishment’s dogged pursuit of an individual with the audacity to report on the UK’s epidemic of Muslim rape grooming gangs. Although found guilty of a civil infraction he has been placed in HMP Belmarsh, a notoriously violent prison sometimes known as the “jihadi training camp.”

In this latest round, Mr. Robinson is sentenced to jail for a technical violation of the UK’s Contempt of Court Act of 1981 that allows judges to postpone the reporting of trials. However, “Worse than being selectively enforced, the Contempt Act appears to be exclusively enforced against Tommy Robinson when it comes to reporting outside courthouses,” notes Marc Fink, the Forum’s Legal Project director. Indeed, according a UK media guide:

Filming parties to proceedings as they arrive and leave the court house is also technically forbidden but in practice this rule is not enforced e.g. pictures of defendants and witnesses arriving and leaving the Royal Courts of Justice or the ‘Old Bailey’ are commonly shown.

In May 2018, Mr. Robinson was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to 13 months prison, and jailed — all in the course of five hours. On August 1, Mr. Robinson won his appeal, with the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales denouncing “a fundamentally flawed process.” But the UK’s attorney general was undeterred, re-trying the case last week, this time putting on a better show trial.

The Forum most recently assisted Mr. Robinson by funding his legal team in an attempt to have the charges dismissed. In 2018, it funded, organized and staffed three “Free Tommy” London rallies and spurring Sam Brownback, the U.S. ambassador for International Religious Freedom, to raise the issue with UK officials, as well as other steps.

Mr. Robinson has acknowledged this assistance: “The political establishment here in the UK is doing everything possible to silence me solely for my views on political Islam. The Middle East Forum has been instrumental in assisting with my reoccurring legal challenges.”

“The Middle East Forum continues to stand behind Mr. Robinson, in word and deed,” notes Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum. “Right now, his life is in danger. The British authorities repeatedly have placed Mr. Robinson in the prisons most dangerous to his well-being.”

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  1. I had never heard of this story but this article was just published a few days ago. Seems as if it will be tv movie. It is about repeated investigations shut down. The last case in the article is about the police woman’s experience in befriending the family to get testimony and gaining trust, getting the girl to cooperate, (The police had the aborted fetus from the girl and the alledged rapist), to get the girls DNA. A solid case. The quote at the bottom is utterly disgusting but at least you have someone telling the truth about how they feel when they shut down the case. I am paraphrasing but basically the police officer says the rape victims are of no value to society and should have been killed at birth.


    I would have sworn it was in the article but I don’t see it there now. I thought I had read that these investigations got shut down after 9/11 to focus resources on terrorism.
    They started back up but the cases get dropped. I have to wonder if this was not allowed in some cases so that the Muslim community will inform on terrorists or is a sick form of honey trap for the same purpose. You can let everyone rape the little girls waiting for that one person of value.

    • To stay on topic of Tommy Robinson – He may be short but he stands a few feet above everyone else there.

    • The Daily Mail extract of the former police woman’s book did include the line quoted from her boss as saying “the girls would have been better off if they’d been drowned at birth”.

      If the sentence isn’t in the article now, it certainly was late on Wed night, 10th July, only hours before Tommy’s court sentencing. The timing of the online published extract, appearing hours before the court session, did seem to coincidentally chime with the imminent result of the govt & judicial cock-up that’s been justice-denied to Tommy. And media-denied to the public.
      And it was perhaps someone at the DM’s way of showing solidarity with common sense and sod the consequences.

      If that sentence is indeed absent from later editions, then it’s clearly been pulled – and wasn’t vetted sufficiently by the paper’s lawyers who bullet-proof every feature before final print/online … Someone may have received a rap on the knuckles for injudicious embarrassment to the police. 😉

      And yes, the abandonment of the case around the time of the July 2005 London bombings would seem to serve as yet another useful opportunity not to do their job – and to waste the hundreds of hours and hundreds of suspects and witness statements and tax payers’ money and trust that Maggie Oliver’s hard work had gathered. Another opportunity to kick the political can down the road – and allow for more little girls and their families to endure wrecked lives. And a higher cost in broken public trust.
      It sounds like a plan.

  2. https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/1614

    We now know where Tommy’s being sent and his prison number. You need these to send email or physical mail.

    A2084CG – Stephen Yaxley Lennon
    HMP Belmarsh
    Western Way
    SE28 0EB

    or you can use quoting his name/prison/number.


    It is of course the London area prison for violent Jihadis. One (news)paper called it “Jihadi University”. The area surrounding it is home top a large Somali Muslim contingent, including the mosque that taught “The True Islam” to the converts who killed Lee Rigby.

  3. Here is a link to the High Court Judgment about Tommy’s case:


    It is 30 pages long and so far I’ve only just skimmed over it. The reason I went looking for it is because of this revealing video, “Tommy Robinson case: proof the reporting restrictions verdict is bogus”:


    This is from “Politico” who seems to know what he’s talking about, but I’m not familiar with his work. One shocking point he shows is that in this judgment the judges added a phrase to an already existing law (a Section 4(2) order) which states that there can be no reporting restrictions on material already in the public domain. This law is clearly stated yet these judges added to it with a qualifying phrase which fundamentally changes the meaning.

    In section 52 of the judgment we find the judges saying: “We believe the point the Judicial College was striving to make was that a s 4(2) Order cannot prevent the publication of information in the public domain which is not or does not purport to be a report of the relevant proceedings. That has no bearing on the issues arising in this part of the case.”

    The double (triple?) negative makes for difficult understanding but their opinion is that the Section 4(2) order which was used by Tommy’s defense indeed CAN prevent the publication of information in the public domain if it is relevant to the case at hand. This added spin is of their own creation and is not how the law reads.

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    Also, thank you Matt Bracken for the poem which encapsulates Britain’s downward spiral. Yes, of course, Churchill would say, “Patriots must be supported” but that would land him in jail today alongside Tommy.

  4. There is in UK a cultural marxist based secret society known as ‘Common Purpose’ which hides behind a trust of the same name. This secret society is a gangrenous effusion which makes civil and public service in Britain stink to high heaven.

    CP is the tool of the global elites, and the judiciary can be trusted to deliver the required verdict, and the media to mis-report it, to sweep the marsupial droppings under the carpet of credibility.

    To support TR is to die socially, and few have the guts to speak out…..

    • Common Purpose runs through the institutions, public bodies and academia like the print on a stick of Brighton rock (candy). First year away from home teenage university undergraduates are included, encouraged to enrol on CP sponsored educational exchanges and summer programmes.
      Working its way down the age grades to kindergarten won’t be a surprise. Shocking but not surprising.

  5. Following his story. I am in the USA (across the pond) and keep informed about your countries plight with the ever growing Muslim population. We tweet our Potus about Tommys legal battles and if it were up to all our good Patriots we would give him political asylum without question or fail!! God Bless Tommy!! 💯

  6. I have been following Tommy’s travails and unimaginable bravery for many years. He is one of my all time heroes and shall always be so.

    I had zero hope that this trial would end any other way than it did. It was so obvious that the miserable bastards who run the UK want Tommy dead and that’s all there is to it. I am sorry to say, but I feel today like we’re on a death watch.

    Thousands of people, many influential and powerful, from all over the world have stood up for Tommy and tried to defend him, but it was no use. Now he is in their evil clutches and all we can do is hope and pray. I still say that if he makes it out alive, he should get out of that benighted country, somehow, some way. Go ANYWHERE he can live with his family without fear of getting killed for his work and politics. By the way, I am very upset that President Trump did not get on the bandwagon and invite Tommy in someone who’s most eligible for political asylum. Pretty disgusting, sorry to say.

    Meanwhile, talk show host Michael Savage, who is also banned in Britain, did an excellent podcast with my other heroine, Katie Hopkins on the Tommy story. I have copied the link and it is most enjoyable and informative.

    Katie claims that many of the prison guards are secretly Tommy supporters. From her lips to God’s ear.


    • By the way, I am very upset that President Trump did not get on the bandwagon and invite Tommy in someone who’s most eligible for political asylum. Pretty disgusting, sorry to say.

      You are not alone in that regard. If the Special Relationship is to have any meaning, it is to be found in the sheltering of true patriots.

      Britain’s flagrant abandonment* of that tradition makes a mockery of our (however limited) common legal roots.

      * – Not that 0bama’s return of Churchill’s bust wasn’t a bit of pharisaism all on its own. –

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