Tory Leaders in Full Submission to Islam

Our Hungarian correspondent László sent the link to the video below, which was almost unbearable to watch. It shows a BBC program from June 18 in which five contenders for the office of prime minister of the UK from the “Conservative” Party address accusations of Islamophobia within the party. All of them except for Sajid Javid exhibit a cringing submission towards Islam, and the only reason Mr. Javid doesn’t cringe is that he is already a Muslim, so he doesn’t need to:

Since this program aired, Boris “BoJo” Johnson won the leadership contest for the party and will thus succeed Theresa May as prime minister. Mr. Johnson may or may not deliver Brexit in a timely fashion, but it’s quite clear that he will do nothing to roll back the Islamization of his country. No major political leader in the UK is willing to say anything against the Religion of Peace. The only man who might have the grit and determination to do the job is currently serving his latest prison sentence in Belmarsh.

László adds:

It was hard to find this video; I could only manage it with a direct search on BitChute. Because they actually erased the video from the entirety of the web they could reach, especially from the BBC website.

The reason for hiding it was of course the shame after this scandal, in which the imam featured by the BBC was discovered to have lost his job due to his anti-Jewish tweets.

I just wanted to see what Anne Marie Waters was talking about in the video Vlad had posted.

24 thoughts on “Tory Leaders in Full Submission to Islam

  1. As of tomorrow, and by my interpretation of Sharia, the UK will have its first-ever Muslim PM, Boris Johnson.

    Per his own statement, he is of paternal Muslim descent. I verified this on the ever-so-trustworthy Wikipedia.

    I wonder how zealous Muslims will take this twist?

    (He does seem quite a bit better than that which he’s replacing, however!)

  2. Has anyone considered the reason for England’s fawning acquiescence towards Islam is that they are actually bowing to Mecca and Saudi Arabia in exchange for oil. England may have exhausted its coal reserves and its North Sea platform may actually be owned by Saudi Arabia, or a corporate front for the country. England may not have a choice. If they don’t bow they might very well freeze to death if a fatwa against dealing with reticent Kufarim (unbelievers) were issued.

    • Why don’t you give us UK oil imports from Saudi as a percentage of UK oil consumption? Big? Small? I checked: it appears to be 3%,

      And how do you explain the acquiescence of dhimmi governments in all other western EU countries bar Italy (currently at least)? Are they all on Saudi oil big-time?

      By the way, Russia is still selling natgas to Ukraine, never mind the killing of ethnic Russians in E. Ukraine since 2014.

      Riyadh does good business with Tel Aviv, given that the main common enemy is Iran, never mind what it says in the Koran about Jews.

      Islam in UK is mainly Pakistani, based on the history of the British Empire.
      Country-shopping welfarist Muslims keep the Ponzi scheme called economic growth going, all across the EU. In the USA, it has been Catholic S. American indigents in that role so far.

      • Thank you for the information. Yes, what is happening is a political sell-out. I thought that it was economically based. Instead it’s the same old, same old.
        As for the USA, the Catholic South American was imposed upon us. I lost my career in construction as a result of being forced to accept one-third of what I had previously been paid because of the competition that was sanctioned by presidential order in 1986 along with the de-regulation of Savings & Loans. Everybody went hungry and homeless and then rioted. Rodney King was a convenient excuse.

        • Acuara what you are writing above is a description of the way the working class has been destroyed and the trade union leadership bought off as they betrayed their members. I am unaware of this being written about. So is that not also the explanation for Britain? Big numbers of Muslims and refugees are brought in to beat down on the wages and militancy of the working class. The trade union and labour party leadership, along with various forms of traitorous lefts like Galloway and Livingstone are part of this betrayal. Thatcher was involved in this. She set out to defeat the Miners which was the heart of the British working class movement. She preached an ideology that all that mattered was the individual. She was a class warrior. As she defeated the leading class fighters she stated that there was no such thing as class. Into those miner areas big numbers of Pakistani Muslims took over and a demoralised working class offered only sullen resistance.

    • England or UK coal reserves are not “exhausted”. Quite the opposite in fact.
      And the UK’s concrete-filled, flooded & shuttered deep coal shafts are there for re-opening – if/when, to be determined.

      The above (2019) document gives ‘official’ EU figures showing UK billions of tons in reserve. Why were the mines shut, you could ask – given the much bigger Germany’s previous and continued use of fossil fuels – and not one nuclear power station in sight, as per Mrs Merkel’s decision to steer clear. While China is busily coal chuffing, ignoring the ‘climate’ change own-foot-shooters in the West.

      The UK govt says that the UK is to be CO2-free by 2050. That future reliance will be on (taxpayer funded) greening, solar & windpower – and nuclear power. The brand new atomic station to be built by the Chinese, with Chinese steel. As will the new HS2 vanity railway between London & the North (not Scotland), ripping up communities and irreplaceable green space – to shave a whole 20 mins journey time between London & Birmingham. (Currently running at 1hr 20 / 1hr 50). In a small island. The steel coming from China.
      HS2’s budget ballooned from £30bn to £55bn and that forecast is said to be unachievable. £86bn is being mooted. And calls for fraud investigation on the billions spent thus far, that could have more sensibly been used to upgrade the existing rail network, and to subsidise extortionate commuter ticket prices that profit overseas shareholders … including the Japanese and Germans govts whose own rail passengers comfortably benefit from said UK money-spinner.
      Hourly passenger numbers are forecast to increase from 11,000 to 34,000 in each direction. In a small island. Which will helpfully facilitate capacity for the “thousands of refugees (aka migrants)” the Home Secretary told us very quietly in June will be arriving “for many more years to come”. Courtesy of the UN/EU migration compact 2018. The line cam be joined up with the extension that runs to Calais, and all compatible with the EU intra-state railway.
      Brexit or no Brexit.

      Yes, we really don’t deserve the sort of govts we really don’t need.

      All deep coal mines were closed from the early 80s under Mrs Thatcher. To “save costs”, and for environmental purposes, allegedly. In breach of a national coal production agreement between the (too powerful, strike-ready trade union) and the govt coal board agency … UK mines were on record as being the most cost efficient, cleanest in production/environment, and safety-proofed in the world at the time. So why fix what wasn’t broken – and switch to ‘cheaper’ Polish imported coal.
      A political decision with the EEC (later EU), and a Poland under communist deconstruction in 1980, and opening its economy to the West and the financiers. Poland became a full EU member in 2004.
      Poland, as with pretty much all the easterly states, has done very well within the EU. Freedom of movement into the wealthy west, and a raise in living standards at home. But those eastern EU members, including Hungary, will have difficulty cherry picking EU rules as the Lisbon Treaty gathers pace under the new and hardline Ursula von der Leyen. Refusal to accept migrants will bring EU financial sanctions – at first.

      Politics and profit.

      But certainly no shortage of clean UK coal in the future.

      • Number one and you must know Thatcher stockpiled the coal and prepared for the strike

        And my memory is that Australian coal was also a factor, mined above ground, cheaply transported

        Finally you oppose the concept of global warming. That is another issue. I disagree with you on what I read and see.

    • Coal reserves have not been exhausted, British governments have chosen to abandon the coal nibes.

  3. England needs to re-institute the public (private) boarding schools and make attendance a covert requirement for advancement in political or military circles. The schools may have screwed up their students in many ways, but at least they graduated men. The sniveling covey of craven lickspittles contending for leadership are simply not worth watching.

    • RonaldB
      The choice of private schools thrive yet in the UK. And families scrimp and go without in order to afford the fees.

      Those confident, ambitious former students have historically occupied many senior positions in business, military and the govt. What we will see over the next 10 years occupying senior positions and controlling our lives – if education is not re-channelled – will bear no similarity to today, certainly neither in upbringing nor education.

      The new PM, Boris Johnson – is of his generation – and on-trend, fully embraces the western-only diversity quotient.
      He is acceptably scorned by the media as white-privileged (in historically white Europe) for his elite private education and toff-ness. But the (usually privately educated) media people rarely admit that he earned a scholarship to historical Eton, and similarly to Oxford. Intelligence enabled and earned both educations. That he does not mention either. And that he endured childhood isolating hearing deafness & surgery, that, if anything, probably helped to harden his resolve and ambition.
      The hearing issue alone today would qualify for a lower grade entrance to fill the diversity quota 🙃

      Private schools, like the State funded academic grade grammar schools, have long been in the cross hairs of those elevated and drawbridge-lifting leftists (such as privately schooled Mr Corbyn), intent on a plunge to the bottom: ‘equality’ for all. Where no one with a spark of wit or purpose could possibly want to willingly remain … those ambitious ethnic minorities with specially entitled govt disadvantaged school £funding for Non-English speakers certainly do not – while natives are discriminately excluded from govt funding for their failing education grades.

      Labour last week declared they would ban all private schools if elected. One system for all. Grammar schools would also get the inclusive equality chop.

      The public perception is not generally aware that minorities and BME candidates are offered more ivy league places than ever before, and take govt priority in the artificial push for diversity.
      Historically, any State school in the country would be jubilant to send just one student to Oxford/Cambridge. Such were the rigours and standard of excellence required

      For example:

      In 2017, Oxford university excelled further than before:

      Students’ IQ has not elevated in the last 40 years. Indeed standards are generally lamented as having dropped, with the final year of school (pre-university) grade ‘A*’ affixed to the customary ‘A’ grade, in 1994, to identify attainment above & beyond. The system of school examination having been replaced in 1988.
      The phenomenon has affected the entire West of course, and isn’t unique to the UK.

      Oxford did not place at the top of the international list this year. There is a price to pay. Along with the special taxpayer funded levy for individual one:one tutorials that all Oxbridge undergraduates enjoy. To enable all those ‘elite’ future captains to industry and govt – regardless of their ethnic background.

      The removal of choice for private schooling would burden the taxpayer with building thousands of additional publicly funded schools, a desperate scrum for the ‘best’ ones – and effectively throw all children into an ever equal programmed straitjacket to bump off the walls ever downwards. To churn out what the State requires. It would not be a vote winner for the current national majority.
      Boris will doubtless respond to Labour’s pipedream with a few well chosen bon mots from the classics.

      For now, those left sided heads need feeling for bumps, for all our sakes.

      • Mark Twain once quipped “Reports of my death are premature.” So, my assumption that public schools had been abolished already was quite premature.

        As far as your comments on Boris Johnson, they make me wonder if that is the same Johnson on the video, who praised Britain for its open and welcoming culture, and who stated how proud his Muslim grandfather would be if the grandfather could see him now. I hope he’s not like Trump: populist on the campaign, thoroughly establishment in his political appointees.

        I’m not surprised Labor wants to get rid of private schools altogether. Presidential candidate Cory Booker in the US had an elite Yale education and Rhodes scholarship, but wants to scrub the US from any trace of quality of life, freedom, or fiscal responsibility. About the only Democrat Presidential candidate you could imagine having a civilized conversation with would be Tulsi Gabbard.

        Anyway, as in the US, the British political candidates don’t really campaign on the basis of facts and consequences; they appeal to ethnic and religious identity. Immigration wins.

    • Your wish is counterfactual, as public school education continues to figure large in UK politics. Not that any public school needs “re-instituting”, whatever that means: from what I gather, they do very well out of the fees paid by Russian oligarch children, etc.

      That was the May Cabinet: I have not seen figures yet for Johnson’s new Cabinet.
      But Johnson has 2 South Asians of your Ayn Rand-type politics in Cabinet, so what’s not for you to like?

      By the way, since when is being a craven lickspittle restricted to those having attended a government school?

      • “By the way, since when is being a craven lickspittle restricted to those having attended a government school?”

        True. My head must have been in the clouds.

        When will public officials learn the objective of government appointments is to fill diversity goals, not simply provide decent services?

        There is a paradox, however. The result of increasing the Deep State (all-powerful, unaccountable bureaucracies as rulers) is to increase the power of oligarchs and demolish any independent channels of information. This gives us approximately what we have now in the US Congress: a gaggle of highly-ethnic, fabulously-wealthy, ostentatious minority politicians who provide ethnic pride in lieu of actual economic and quality-of-life improvements for the ethnic masses.

        You might live in a hovel, but at least your politicians are not only the same color as you, but they periodically spit in whitey’s eye.

  4. These people are clearly chasing the muslim vote and trying to prise it away from Labour who let them into the UK originally. They will do/say anything to achieve this. Politicians will always sell us out to achieve power.

    • More to it. Number one they are afraid of Islam. Number two they are politically correct. Number three they naturally side with Islam against revolutionary type working class figures like Tommy Robinson.

      • I wouldn’t describe Tommy Robinson as revolutionary, since the term “revolutionary” is generally and credibly, associated with those wishing to institute a progressively more totalitarian government. The revolutionaries are more likely to be in the government and plotting the expansion of their power. Robinson is more like a populist-nationalist. Someone pointed out that the Revolutionary War in the US was really a war of secession; the Americans were not looking to change the form of government they had so much as to make their own states completely independent from British authority.

        The real revolutionary was Abraham Lincoln, who completely changed the form of government from a voluntary federation of more-or-less independent states, to an all-powerful, national government willing and able to suppress any state government at will.

  5. Boris Johnson knows what the problem is but these days is afraid to speak the truth. This is what he wrote in The Spectator in 2005 –

    “To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia — fear of Islam — seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture — to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques — it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers. As the killer of Theo Van Gogh told his victim’s mother this week in a Dutch courtroom, he could not care for her, could not sympathise, because she was not a Muslim.

    The trouble with this disgusting arrogance and condescension is that it is widely supported in Koranic texts…”

    I hope now he’s got the top job he’ll once again start to tell the truth. I would actually like a Muslim to attack him for “Islamophobia” over this 2005 article and see if he caves in or defends what he said.

    • Not a chance that PM BOJO will take up a fight to block the Islamisation of Britain, nor will Farage.

      These two creatures are going to be the death of Britain as it joins France in becoming Islamic.

      They represent British capitalism. And the alternative is what? there can only be the one alternative and that is the working class taking power in a revolution.

      Those on this or other sites who oppose that struggle should now join up with BoJo and with Farage and openly join in with the Islamisation of Britain.

      Or spell out your working alternative.

      Farage is a traitor to the British who did not lift a finger to defend Tommy Robinson. If BoJo was going to fight Islam he had a perfect opportunity in the BBC now banned video.

      On this evidence the Brexit idea can be seen as hastening the Islamisation of Britain.

      • Brexit is neither here nor there. Change will come when Europeans realise that they are Europeans and that they must act in consort to repel the Islamic menace.

  6. Everyone on this panel was in agreement with the moderator’s assertion, “Words have consequences.”

    Given that agreeement, what consequences would they think are predicatable, expected, and justified by some of the placards we’ve seen in UK Muslim demonstrations?

    We’ve all seen images of these signs held high in crowds of Muslim protesters:

    “Slay thse who insult Islam.”

    “Butcher those who mock Islam.”

    “Massacre those who insult Islam.”

    “Behead those who insult Islam.”

    “Islam will dominate the world.”

    I could go on.

    These placard-inscribed words calling for violence (although they didn’t draw any negative police attention) do indeed have consequences. I’m sure that those Brits who are not totally sleeping have not forgotten them. Words do indeed have consequences.

    Compare the non-existent police response to those “words” with the recent case of a poor Scot arrested and jailed for five weeks while awaiting trial for painting these words on the outside of his house: “Islam is questionable.”

    Obviously, some words have more consequences than others.

    • Yes, if Muslims don’t like our words they kill us. Actually they kill us anyway, so there are consequences even without any provocative words.

      btw the Scottish guy wrote “Islamophobia is questionable”.

  7. Oh my … and my bitter, unfair and rude comment encore: I have lost all respect for you, Britons.

  8. At some point, Islam’s fate will be decided by the Koran’s perverted relationship with the Bible. When this happens, no politician, cleric or businessman will be able to save Islam. An honest evaluation shows the Bible is better than the Koran. For example, the parables of Jesus are better than the parables in the Koran because He is a better teacher than the author of the Koran. The Bible also took its readers much more seriously when it provided several detailed accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus, while the Koran glorifies a vague statement on this major event by somebody who was not there. The Bible did a much better job on this crucial issue of evidence of the resurrection of the body. The passion of Jesus for Jews, which is evident by His advice in the New Testament for the Jews on how to avoid being killed by the Romans is concealed by the Koran. The Koran replaced His act of passion for Jews with an exaggeration against them when it said most Jews are treacherous, and there are only a few good ones. I don’t think there are enough serious and honest people in the world who even care to proclaim these favorable facts for the Bible over the Koran. But, the remaining words of the Bible prophets show they created a well coordinated effort among themselves to try to induce God to intervene against murder, an effort which of course is not contained in the Koran. This substantial edge for the Bible over the Koran is sure to be noticed and acted upon by Someone Who wants to be known for replying to the Jewish prophets leap of faith against murder.

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